1850 to 1852

Reel No. 119: 39/46

The following information has been collected by Mrs Gail Young on behalf of the compiler and other researchers interested in the ship Berwick Castle. Upon being armed with the necessary directions as to what to look for and easy ways to identify that the entries actually refer to the ship above, Gail has done some excellent work reading fiche and film at the Brisbane State Library. We must all be indebted to her for her stirling efforts and can now regard this compilation as being quite a detailed study of the families aboard. The births are listed as consecutive entries on that film i.e. Jackson is 1827, Brophy is 1828, Carroll is 1829, Fitzgerald is 1830, Farrell is 1831, Renshaw is 1832 and Stuart is 1833. These entries were made to the Hobart authorities 15th November 1852 by Captain Latto as the master of the Berwick Castle

JACKSON, Edward Laffolley, son of James Jackson, Surgeon, born 13th October 1852
BROPHY, Male, son of Michael Brophy, pensioner, and Ann Buckley, born 2nd September 1852
CARROLL, Male, son of Timothy Carroll, pensioner, and Ann Gill, born 19th September 1852
FITZGERALD, Male, son of William Fitzgerald, pensioner, and Mary Buckley, born 8th October 1852
FARRELL, Male, son of Michael Farrell, pensioner, and Isabella Boyd, born 24th October 1852
RENSHAW, Mary Ann, daughter of Richard Renshaw, pensioner, and Jemima Jones, born 14th October 1852
STUART, Male, son of James Stuart, pensioner, and Ann McBain, born 11th November 1852