List of Persons qualified to Vote
Electoral District of Pensioners Auckland
For the year 1865 - 66

Name Place of Abode Qualification Place
Anderson John Howick Household Dwelling House
Arthurs John Otahuhu Freehold Lot 33 adjoining Goodwill
Atkins George Panmure Household Dwelling
Atkins William Howick Freehold Cottage and acre in his occupation
Baird James Thomson Panmure Household Dwelling
Baker Mansfield Otahuhu Household Dwelling. Star Hotel
Bartley Robert Nelson St Auckland Freehold Allotment 131, Howick
Baskwal Walter Panmure Freehold Lot 49, section 3
Boggs John Otahuhu Leasehold Cottage and allotment
Bolous John Shortland St, Auck Freehold Part of Fairburns claim 269a
Bond William Otahuhu Household Dwelling, Lot 7 section 1
Bowden Charles Augustus Otahuhu Freehold Part of Section 5 on which he resides
Braithwaite Frederick Howick
Brady James Otahuhu Freehold Lot 13, Pre-emption land
Breen William Otahuhu Freehold Cottage and acre in his occupation
Brennan Joseph Panmure Freehold Lot 36, section 3
Braidy John Panmure Freehold Lot 11, section 1
Brindle Henry Howick Freehold Lot 212
Brophy Michael Howick Freehold Lot and dwelling in his occupation
Brown James Panmure Freehold Lot 16, section 1
Brown Charles Gordon Panmure Leasehold Allotment no's 11,12,13, and 14, section 2
Browne William Panmure Freehold Lot 57, section 1. Pre-emption land
Bryan Patrick Howick Leasehold Lot 3
Buckland Alfred Newmarket Freehold Panmure Lots 62, 63, 64 and 65, section 3
Burke Richard Panmure Household Dwelling
Butler William Howick Freehold Lot in his occupation
Cadogan Cornelius Howick Freehold House and 2 acres in his occupation
Cadman Jerome Albert St, Auckland Freehold Panmure Lot 51, section 3
Callaher Francis Otahuhu Freehold Lot 6, section 5
Campbell John Logan Jermyn St, Auckland Freehold Panmure Lot 9, section 2
Campbell William East Tamaki Freehold Section 5, no's 16 17 acres
Section 1, no's 35, 6a, 2r,25p
Section 4, no 5, 6 acres near Howick
Cherry William Howick Freehold Small farm, No 14, section 5 Near Howick
Cleary James Panmure Freehold Lot 34, section 3
Coffey Dennis Howick Freehold Lot 20
Coffey James Onehunga Freehold Lot 4, section 1. 5 acres near Howick
Cogan Philip Otahuhu Freehold Lot 6, section 6
Collins John Howick Freehold Lots 124 and 125
Condon Laurence Howick Freehold Lot 179
Condron Benjamin Panmure Freehold Lot 14, section 1
Conlon Anthony Howick Freehold Lot 68
Conroy Patrick Panmure Freehold Cottage and acre. Lot 94
Connor Thomas Panmure Freehold Lot's 65  66, section 1. Pre-emption land
Cook John Otahuhu Household Dwelling House
Cook Joseph Panmure Freehold Lots 40 and 41, section 3
Coolahan Hugh St George's Bay Freehold Lot 51, section 3
Corrigan John Panmure Freehold Lot 9
Corrigan Patrick Panmure Freehold House and acre. Lot 75, section 2
Coyle Anthony Panmure Freehold Lot 17, section 1
Coyle Peter Manurewa Freehold Lot 5, section 6. Village of Otahuhu
Crawford John Howick Freehold 2 acres in his occupation
Crawshaw John East Tamaki Freehold Lot 11, section 3. Small farms near Howick
Crew Joseph Ralph Howick Freehold Lots 172, 173, 174 and 175
Culbert Jacob Howick Freehold Lot 63
Cullen Michael Panmure Freehold Lot 19, section 1
Cunningham William Howick Freehold Lots 17 and 18
Curley Michael Howick Freehold Lot 70. Nelson St, Howick
Dean Frederick Clarence Rama Rama Freehold On the main Rd from Panmure to Howick
8 acres with a 4 roomed cottage adjoining
Money's stream
Delany James Howick Freehold Lot 206
Denis George Otahuhu Leasehold Lot 6, section 5
Dickson Elwin Broodie Grafton Rd Leasehold Panmure Rd, Otahuhu. Occupied by Morris McGuire Jnr
Donnelly James Panmure Freehold Lot 3, section 3
Donelly John Panmure Freehold Lot 6, section 2
Doyne John Howick Freehold Lot 199
Driscoll Timothy Howick Household Dwelling house, Howe St
Dunn James Howick Freehold Lot 195
Dunn Joseph Panmure Freehold No 10, section 3
Durbridge charles Panmure Freehold Lot 48, section 3
Durbridge Henry Panmure Leasehold Allotments 57 and 58,section 8
East Aaron Howick Freehold Lot 204
Egan John Howick Freehold Lot in his occupation
Elmsly Joseph Otahuhu Freehold Part of lot 2 and lot 4, section 4
English Joseph Howick Freehold Lot 99
Eustace Richard Howick Freehold Lot 99a
Evans Robert Victoria St Freehold Lots 69, 70 and 71, section 3
Ewen Charles Otahuhu Freehold Dwelling house and part of W. T. Fairburns estate, contains 20 acres in his occupation
Fahy Michael Panmure Freehold Lot 26, section 3
Finlay Matthew East Tamaki Freehold Lot 187 Gibraltar St
Finch Thomass Howick Freehold Lot 75
Fitzpatrick Patrick Howick Freehold Farm near Howick. Lot 5, section 7
Fitzpatrick James Howick Freehold Five acres. Lot 57, section 10
Fitzgerald Charles Elliott St, Howick Freehold Elliott's and Nelson St. 2 acres
Flemming Alexandra Grey St Freehold Lots 43 and 44, section 3
Foukles Robert Howick Household Lot 219, Moore St. Dwelling
Fraser William Howick Freehold Lots in his occupation
Frost Thomas Howick Freehold Lot 210
Gallagher Thomas Panmure Freehold Lot 10, section 10
Garrett Thomas Howick Freehold Lot 171
Gatland James Brown Newton Freehold No 13, section 1
Gavin James Panmure Householder Dwelling
Gaze Charles Otahuhu Freehold Part of allotment no 5, section 4
Gill John Howick Freehold Lots 110 and 111
Gill Bartholomy Howick Freehold East Tamaki, part of Lot 56 small farms
Gill Michael Near Panmure Freehold House and 5 acres near Panmure in his own occupation
Gollauher Edward Otahuhu Freehold Premises on which he resides
Goodwill Charles Otahuhu Freehold Lot 7, section 3
Goonan John Howick Freehold Small farm near Howick. Lot 30, section 10
Gordon John Otahuhu Freehold Dwelling house and 3 acres. Part of W. T. Fairbains estate in his occupation
Grace Peter Wyndham St Freehold Allotment 4, section 12. Small farms
Grimes John Howick Freehold Lots 61 and 62
Hall John Otahuhu Freehold Part of allotment 7, section 8
Hare Charles Howick Freehold Lots 108 and 109
Hataway Robert Howick Freehold Lots 156 and 157
Haultain Theodore Minet Mangarei Freehold Farm at Panmure. Lots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, section 4 at the Basin containing 61 acres
Head William Panmure Freehold Lot 5, section 1
Hawksley John Panmure Freehold Lot 21, section 1
Healy Thomas Howick Freehold Lot 67 Ridge Rd. Lot 1, section 2. Small farms near Howick
Heath Thomas Howick Freehold 5 acres near Howick. Lot 13, section 5
Heywood Edward Howard North Shore Freehold Otahuhu, house and acre. Lot 61, sect 2
Higgins Daniel Panmure Freehold Cottage and acre in his occupation
Hills Edward Howick Household Dwelling on lot 149 Moore St
Hogan James Panmure Freehold Cottage and acre. Lot 61, section 2
Hogan John Panmure Freehold Lot 60, section 2
Holdsworth John Torr Otahuhu Freehold Allotment with 3 cottages created thereon fronting the Great South Rd on which he resides
Holt Charles Panmure Freehold Lot 29, section 3
Holt James Panmure Freehold Lot 37, section 1
Hoop John Queen St Freehold Lot 2, section 1
Hovell Charles Howick Leasehold "The Willows"
Hughes James Otahuhu Freehold Lot4, section 7
Hutton Howard Otahuhu Freehold Lot 46
Jamieson William East Tamaki Freehold Farm in his occupation
Jones James Panmure Freehold Part of no 7, section 3. Small lots
Jones Charles Howick Freehold Lots 214 and 215. Drake St, Howick
Kane Hugh Howick Freehold Lot 200
Keenan James Howick Freehold Lot 5
Kelly James Howick Freehold Lot 199
Kerr John Panmure Freehold Lots 17, 18 and 19 section 2
Household Dwelling house
Kerr James Howick Household Dwelling. Picton Pl
Kerr William Howick Freehold Lot in his occupation
Kilkenny Matthew Panmure Freehold Lot 18, section 1
King James Polyblank Otahuhu Freehold No 35, allotment of 5 acres with cottages and outhouses thereon
Kingsborrow Henry Otahuhu Freehold Lot in his occupation
Knox Thomas Howick Freehold Lot 199 adjoining Gibraltar Tce
Kyle Robert Otahuhu Household Dwelling Section 1, lot 4
Leach George Panmure Freehold Lot 37, section 3
Leaning George East Tamaki Freehold 10 acres East Tamaki in his occupation
Leighton James Francis Shortland St Freehold 5 acres lot 83
Leonard James Panmure Freehold Lot 10, section 3
Leslie William Otahuhu Freehold Cottage and acre in his occupation
Little Cornelius Otahuhu Freehold Lot 6, section 5
Lord Michael Howick Freehold Lot 127
Maclean Every Howick Freehold Lot 23 and 24, section 10 and lots 12 and 63 of section1, small farms near Howick
Maclean Robert Howick Freehold Lots 20, 21 and 22, section 10. Small farm near Howick
Macky Daniel Panmure Freehold Lot 9, section 1
Maher Bartholomew Panmure Freehold Lot 9, section1
Maitland Robert Panmure Freehold Lot 6, section 1
Malone Peter Panmure Freehold Lot 11, section 3
Marshall George Otahuhu Freehold Part of W. T. Fairburns claim on 290a
Martin John Otahuhu Freehold Lot 6, section 1
May James Panmure Freehold Lot 3, section 4
McAnulty John Otahuhu freehold Lot 1, section 9
McCallan John Panmure Freehold Lot 28, section 3. Cottage and acre
McCrory Patrick Otahuhu Freehold Cottage and acre in his occupation
McEwan Robert High St, Auckland Freehold Lots 37 and 38
McGlone Patrick Panmure Freehold Lot 2, section 3
McGonagle William Otahuhu Household Dwelling Section 2, lot 10
McGrath Patrick Panmure Freehold Lot 14, section 1
McGrath Patrick Panmure Freehold Lot 20, section 1
McGuire Patrick Otahuhu Freehold Seven acres near Otahuhu No 14 of small lots
McInnerney John Howick Freehold Lot 6, Picton St
McIntyre Colin Otahuhu Freehold Dwelling
McKay Angus Panmure Household Dwelling
McKearney John East Tamaki Freehold Lot 10, section 2
McKenna Edward Howick freehold 21 Acres. Lot 10, section 6
McKenzie hector Panmure Household Dwelling
McLarren James Howick Freehold Lot in his occupation
McLean John Otahuhu Household Dwelling
McManus Laurence Panmure Freehold Lot 69, section 2
McManus William
McNamara John Panmure Household Lot 14, section 3
McNeil Henry Panmure Household Dwelling
McNeil John Howick freehold Lot 31
Mellon William Howick Freehold Lot 19, section 9. Small farms near Howick
Melrose Geog Howick Household Dwelling. Drake St
Merrill William Howick Freehold Lots 216, 217 and 218
Miller William Otahuhu Freehold Sergeants cottage and acre in his occupation
Milgrew Arthur Otahuhu Freehold 8 acres. No 84 of small lots
Minchin Michael Panmure Freehold Lot 27, section 3
Mitchell Henry Otahuhu Freehold Lot 2, section 8
Murphy Austin Howick Freehold Lot 184
Murphy Michael Panmure Freehold Lot 30, section 3
Murphy Patrick Panmure Freehold Lot 1, section 1
Murphy William Otahuhu Household No 5, section 7
Newton Sampson Elliott St, Howick Household Cottage and acre in Elliott St
O'Brien Laurence Howick Freehold Lot in his own occupation
O'Hallaran Michael East Tamaki Freehold 8 acres East Tamaki in his occupation
O'Rouke Hugh Otahuhu Freehold Dwelling and shop. Lot 21, section 4
Owen Thomas Elliott St, Howick Household Dwelling
Page Michael East Tamaki Freehold Lot 237. Moore St
Palmer James Otara, East Tamaki Freehold Allotment 181. Gibraltar St, Howick
Paton John Howick Freehold Lots 52 and 63
Peacocke Stephen Ponsonby Freehold Allotments 238 and 239 within the Circular Rd, Howick
Peacocke Ponsonby J. R. Upper Waipa Freehold Lots 11 and 12, section 9 containing 12 acres
Peek Thomas Otahuhu Leasehold Lot 5, section 10
Peek William John Otahuhu Freehold Lot 5, section 4
Plews William Howick Freehold Lot 49. Wellington St
Plumley Edward Otahuhu Household Dwelling on part 1, section 5
Powell James Panmure Household Dwelling
Powell Whiston Woodfall Howick Freehold Lots 175 and 176 Rodney St and lot 181 Gibraltar St
Quinlan Patrick Panmure Freehold Lot 76, section 2
Read George Abercrombie St Freehold Lots 133, 134 and 135
Ready William Otahuhu Household Dwelling Section 8, lot 5
Reilly Joseph Mongonui Freehold Lot 7, section 2. Lot 3, section 7
Riely Peter Otahuhu Freehold Lot 10, section 8
Ripley George Otahuhu Freehold Allotment no 2 of subdivision of Fairburns grant. Village of Otahuhu in his occupation. Shop and dwelling
Roberts Edwin Wairoa Freehold Small lots at Pigeon Tree Hill near Howick. Nos 15 and 16, section 5
Roberts Joseph No. 1 Farm Freehold No's 12, 13 and 14, section 8. Small lots near Howick
Roberts Thomas Martin Panmure Leasehold Allotments 11, 12, 13, and 14, section 2
Robinson Thomas Howick Freehold Lot 116
Rogers Thomas Otahuhu Leasehold House known as Commercial Hotel
Roonan James Howick Freehold Lot 7
Routty William Otahuhu Freehold Subdivisions 3, 4, 6, and 7 of Fairburns grant in his occupation. Shop and dwelling house
Ryburn Robert N. Greenbank Freehold Lots 1 - 17, section 4. Pensioners pre-emption land
Rowe Henry Howick Household Dwelling. Angelsea St
Salmon John Grafton Rd Freehold Allotment 242
Sanders Jeremiah Howick Freehold Lot 55
Sattelday Richard Panmure Freehold Lot 61, section 2
Seddon Samuel Thomas Glenfern, Howick Freehold Suburban lot, section9
Sherry John Howick Freehold Lot 176
Sherry John Jnr Howick Freehold Lot 170. Radney St, Howick
Shine Patrick Otahuhu Freehold Cottage and acre in his occupation
Smith Benjamin Panmure Freehold Lot 24, section 1
Smith Henry Otahuhu Freehold Lot 10, section 4
Smyth Thomas Howick Freehold Lot 195
Snelgar Henry Otahuhu Freehold Lot 3, section 2
Somerville Mark Wakefield Lots 22 and 22?
Speer Richard Howick Freehold Lots 118 and 119
Stewart David Howick Freehold Lot 41
Stitchbury Charles Eden Cres, Auckland Freehold Village lots 9 and 10
Sutherland William Otahuhu Freehold Part of lot 5, section4
Syms Joseph Albert St Freehold Allotment 57
Taylor James Panmure Freehold Lot 35, section 1
Thompson John Otahuhu Freehold Cottage and acre. Allotment 8, section 6
Trice George Maraetai Freehold Lots 20, 21, 22 and 23, section 2 small lots
Trice William Maraetai Freehold Lots 20, 21, 22 and 23, section 2 small lots
Tutter George Howick Freehold Lots in his occupation
Vaile George Wellesley St Freehold Lot 23, section 4
Wagstaff George Howick Freehold Lot 46
Wait James Panmure Household Dwelling
Walsh James Panmure Freehold Allotment 41, section 3
Walsh James Jnr Otahuhu Freehold 6 acres. No 41 of small lots
Wallace James Jnr Otahuhu Household Dwelling
Washington George East Tamaki Freehold House and 16 acres
Whaley John Otahuhu Household Dwelling Lot 2, section 1
White David Near Panmure Freehold Farm in his peculation
White James Howick Freehold Lot 19
White George Edwards Howick Freehold Lots 234 and 235
White John William Howick Freehold Lots 232 and 233
Willis James Otahuhu Leasehold Fronting Great South Rd, property on which he resides
Wilson William Shortland St Freehold House and Garden. Rodney St, Howick Lot 165
Wilson Thomas Howick Freehold Lot 121
Winepress James Howick Freehold Lot 186
Woodlands John Panmure Lot 22, section 1
Woods John Howick Freehold Lot 196, 2 acres, 1 rood
Wynn Robert William Howick Freehold Dwelling house and premises situated in Church St in the Pensioner settlement of Howick called the Grange
Yonge Frederick Duke Otahuhu Household House and 14 acres
Added at the end of the role and hand written
Galnfield James Parnell Freehold Cottage and half acre. Allotment 70, Section ?
Cottage and allotment4, part of allotment 7, section4
Gose Michael Howick Freehold Lot 69 containing cottage and acre
Vernon Henry Hobson St, Auck Freehold Lots 17 and 18 Cracroft? St. 1 of a subdivision of part of Fairburns Grant of Manurewa