Name - EDWARD WALL T9/1 page 793 T9/3 page 466 & T9/7 page 95

Admitted - 23rd August 1848

District - Cork

Ship - Berwick Castle

Pension - Chelsea Hospital Pension 1/- per day commenced 1st April 1853

Rank - Private

Unit - 46th Regiment of Foot

Born - Cork, Ireland circa 1804

Abode - Onehunga, labourer, householder, 1857 Electoral Roll

Parents - Patrick Wall, chemist, and Julia Twomey

Status - Married, probably had two children

Wife - ELIZABETH MONAGH born circa 1823 - died 15th April 1896 aged 72 years

Description - 5' 7½", grey hair, grey eyes, sallow complexion, 48, good character, labourer. Served 21 years 6 months with 46th Regiment and 153 days with 7th Regiment including 6 years 7 months in India, 4 years 3 months in Mediterranean, 10 years in West Indies and 3 years in Canada. Discharged worn out with two good conduct badges, gratuity and a campaign medal. Married at Cork September 1848 according to the Treasury Pension Register.

EDWARD born 13. 12. 1850 buried 10th April 1856 aged 6 years
WALTER CECIL born circa 1852 = LILIAN BEE 26th November 1893
ALEXANDER born 09. 10. 1854 alive 1885
EDWARD PATRICK born 06.08. 1857 died 1st May 1863 aged 5 years 8 months
RICHARD JOHN THOMAS born 14.04. 1859 alive 1935 #

Died 8th April 1856 at Onehunga, EDWARD WALL, of an abscess on the arm, son of Edward and Elizabeth Wall, aged 6 years.
Informant - Elizabeth Wall, mother, wife of a Pensioner, Onehunga.

Died 1st May 1863 at Onehunga, EDWARD PATRICK WALL, son of a Pensioner, of dysentery, aged 5 years 8 months.
Informant - John Mullampy, schoolmaster, Onehunga.

Died 28th March 1885 at Onehunga, EDWARD WALL, Pensioner, of general decay, aged 78 years. Born Cork, Ireland, son of Patrick Wall, chemist, and Julia Twomey, in New Zealand 32 years. Married at Cork to Elizabeth Monagh at age 42 years. Male issue living - aged 32, 29, 27. No female issue living. Buried Onehunga Catholic Cemetery 29th March 1885. RG 1885/544
Informant - Alexander Wall, son, Onehunga.

Special thanks to Ralph Wall and Jack Forward for their help with the later information.

Died 16th April 1896, ELIZABETH WALL, widow, of cancer of the stomach, aged 72 years. Born Cork, Ireland, daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth Monagh, Pensioner, in New Zealand 45 years. Buried Roman Catholic ceremony, Onehunga, by the Rev Father James Paul 17th April 1896. Married at age 29 at Cork to Edward Wall. Male issue living - aged 42, 41, 39. No female issue living.
Informant - Alexander Robb, undertaker, Onehunga.. RG 1896/695

New Zealand Herald 19th December 1885

At about half-past two o'clock on Thursday a fire broke out in a six-room cottage in Victoria Street, the property of Mr Matthew Brennan. The building has for some time past been unoccupied.

The fire was first observed by Mr Charles Horsecroft, who was working near at hand and he at once, together with a Mr Wall and other neighbours, did all that was possible under the circumstances.

There was no water supply or other means of arresting the flames and by their energy they succeeded in saving the stable adjoining which is the property of Mr John Denize. As it was the cottage, stable and outbuildings were totally consumed in a very few minutes.

It is supposed the fire was caused by a man called Pennell, better known as "King Phillip," who was found by Mr Horsecroft asleep in the stable. This man is a "loafer" and is in the habit of making use of the premises for his temporary accommodation at times. Constable Haslett, who was early on the spot, arrested Pennell and he will be brought up tomorrow morning. It is not known whether the premises were insured or not as the owner is away from home at present, but it is believed that a policy which was in existence some time since has been allowed to lapse. Should this prove to be correct the loss to Mr Brennan will be a very heavy one.

WALTER CECIL WALL, bachelor = LILIAN (Lily) BEE, spinster, 26th November 1893 at Stratford.

Their issue:-##
WALTER born circa 1894 died young
CATHARINE ELIZABETH born 23. 06.1895 = FRANK FORWARD 15th March 1917
NELLIE EVELYN born circa 1897 = DUNCAN McKAY
RICHARD ALEXANDER born 25. 01.1899 = HANNAH MARY RUTH HARDY 10 June 1919

## With the exception of Richard Alexander, the order of the above children is uncertain and several children may have died in infancy. Walter Cecil was killed in a road works explosion at Te Kuiti 1913. According to Mr Ralph Wall, a family of three brothers went to Ireland from France centuries ago. Their surname had been 'du Val' but was changed a number of times until it settled as Wall. Richard John Thomas Wall, was a very imposing figure of a man. He had been invalided out of military camp with pneumonia and became a plumber on his return to New Plymouth. Ralph went to Auckland with his mother circa 1935 and they visited Richard at the Costley Home when Richard would have been about 76 of age.

LILY WALL née BEE was born in Great Grimsby, England 1871. She suffered greatly throughout her life with arthritis and died 23rd February 1912 at New Plymouth, aged 41 years. Walter was probably buried at Te Kuiti and Lily was buried in the Te Henui Cemetery at New Plymouth. ##

FRANK FORWARD, born England 2nd October 1880, came to New Zealand 1908 = CATHARINE ELIZABETH WALL, born 23rd June 1895, spinster, 15th March 1917. ##

Their issue:- ## Courtesy Mr Jack Forward
KATHLEEN JOAN born 19. 02. 1918 = (1) PATRICK MOLLOY December 1936
= (2) ALBERT FABIAN 1968
JACK CAREY born 06. 10. 1920 = (1) FLORENCE ROSE KATE HOCKING 30 Sept 1944
PATRICK MOLLOY died 14th February 1958.

This data courtesy Mr Jack Forward who tells me that his grandmother, Lily Bee, came to New Zealand with a couple called Charles and Elizabeth Smith from Binbrook, a village just outside Nottingham. The Smiths, a hard-working, Christian family expected certain standards from the Wall children and almost adopted Kate. Nell, however, rebelled against the rather narrow religious régime and left home early. Kate and Frank Forward lived with the Smiths, understanding that when they died Kate would inherit the house. Unfortunately, when the Smiths did die in the 1920's, the house was left to the Methodist church and the Forwards had to find somewhere else to live. Kate remembered her father, Walter, as a big man with a black beard and her mother, Lily, as a small, frail lady in a wheel chair. Two continuing traits of the Wall family is their height and longevity. Even the original Fencible, Edward Wall, was 5'7½" which was above average last century.

DUNCAN McKAY = NELLIE EVELYN WALL, spinster, circa 1918/2589.

Their issue:-
WALTER JOHN HENRY born 1919/531 died 1919/1192 ##
ASHLEY born circa 1921? died young ##
CYRIL born circa 1923? died 1997 ##
DARCY RONALD born circa 1925? called RONALD ##
DESMOND born circa 1927? ## RAYMOND born circa 1929? ##

All these men married and had families of their own according to Mr Ralph Wall, of New Plymouth. There should be more information to come from Mr Ron McKay about this branch of the family.

RICHARD ALEXANDER WALL, bachelor, 21 = HANNAH MARY RUTH HARDY, spinster, 19, at New Plymouth 10th June 1919.

Their issue:-
RALPH MALCOLM born 16. 06. 1920 = MARIE ANNA LUCY PEICK 9th May 1959

Their issue -
JULIA FRANCES born 12. 02. 1960 = HAMISH CHARLES DAVIDSON 9th January 1982
SARAH LEE born 28. 02. 1961
RALPH MALCOLM WALL died at New Plymouth June 1999.

Vale, Ralph - a humble, gentle man who has helped compiler with this family tree. He was a schoolteacher with a love of descriptive language which was wonderful. His turn of phrase and descriptive words i.e. inclement weather etc, which is not much heard from the younger generation today were pleasing to the ear and eye. My only regret was that I could not persuade him to send me a photograph of himself and his wife.

There is more work to be done on these families as Mr Jack Forward has told me there is an error in his section but until I am in contact with Mr Forward, it will have te remain as is. Any corrections would be gratefully received and alterations made to the document.