Name - EDMUND DORE T9/1 page 786

Admitted - 27th October 1848

District - Cork

Ship - Berwick Castle

Pension - Chelsea Hospital Pension 1/- per day commenced 1st April 1853

Rank - Private

Unit - 39th Regiment of Foot

Born - Six Mile Bridge, County Clare circa 1808

Abode - Onehunga

Parents - James Dore & Mary ....... [ƒ]

Status - Married circa 1850 at Limerick [ƒ]

Wife - MARY CLOHESSY/CLAHERCY who = (2) WILLIAM KEW 21st May 1882 [ƒ]

Description - 5' 8½", brown hair, grey eyes, sallow complexion, 48 in 1856, good and industrious character, labourer. Served 21 years with 39th Foot, 3 months with 98th Foot including 6 years 6 months in New South Wales and 10 years in India. Discharged with rheumatism.

MARY born circa 1851 = ANTONIO O'BUGLIEN 22nd April 1868
JOHN EDWARD born 04. 01. 1854 = SUSAN ROBBIE 1881 & died 29th September 1930 [ƒ]
EDWARD born 23. 07. 1856 = MARGARET SHIELY 10th February 1878
JAMES born 18. 07. 1858 died 7th February 1864 aged 5½ years, of dysentery
CATHERINE born 04. 08. 1860 = JOHN OATES 29th January 1880
ELLEN bapt 27. 07. 1862 died 16th February 1864 aged 19 months
ANNE bapt 10. 07. 1864 = GEORGE WHITFORD GEACH 1885/1073
EDWARD DORE died 8th July 1877 according to the Treasury Pension Register. RG 1877/780
Buried Roman Catholic Cemetery, Onehunga - aged 71 years.
MARY DORE, widow, full age, daughter of John Clohessy and Winifred Griffin, born Limerick circa 1830 = (2) WILLIAM KEW, widower, full age, 1st May 1882.

WILLIAM KEW of Onehunga applied on January 4th, 1859 for passage to New Zealand for George Kew, a gardener, his wife and eight children. Their address was listed as Hall Cottage, Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire. They arrived 31st August 1859 by the ship Spray of the Ocean, their passage costing £100. George Kew may have been William's brother/nephew or William's son by his first marriage. George Kew, possibly a son of the above George Kew, was buried in the Onehunga Catholic Cemetery 25th October 1866, aged 22 years. William Kew, the above petitioner and husband of Mary Dore, was buried Onehunga 3rd July 1892, aged 84 years. According to the Early Settlers Roll of 1940, there was a Thomas Kew and his wife, Helen née Sharp, first known at Auckland 1850.

MARY KEW formerly DORE née CLOHESSY died 28th August 1899. RG 1899/1616

[ƒ] All information so marked is courtesy New Zealand Fencible Society.

ANTONIO O'BUGLIEN, bachelor, miner, full age = MARY DORE, spinster, minor, eldest daughter of Edmund Dore and Mary Clohessy, 22nd April 1868 at the Catholic Church, Onehunga. RG 1868/289

Their issue:-
MARY born circa 1869 = DAVID EAGLESON 1896/24
MINNIE born circa 1871 = ARNALDA THOMAS HENRY LUKS 1898/3763
AMELIA FRANCES born 08. 11. 1873 = JOSEPH YOUNG 1897/3781
ALINA THERESA born 13. 12. 1878 = JOHN MORRIS DIXON 1914/1 as Helena Theresa
ANTONINA VERONICA born 06. 12. 1881 = ROBERT GRAHAM 1900/1555
LEO CHRISTOPHER born 19. 07. 1882 = ETHEL MAY DYE 1913/2722 as Christopher Leo
ELSIE JOSEPHINE born 25. 04. 1886 = DARCY ERNEST ANDREWS 1908/16
FRANCIS JOSEPH born 15. 08. 1888 alive January 1898
DAPHNE MAY born 14. 11. 1890 = HARRY BRIGHTY STOCKWELL 1914/7168
ALBERT LEWIS born 06. 07. 1893 buried 14th March 1894 aged 10 months
EDWIN born 1894/1219 killed in action WWI folio no. 4657
MARY JANE ELIZABETH born 1898/3511 in Thames Hospital 1909 ‡

‡ MARY JANE ELIZABETH O'BUGLIEN would appear to have been born posthumously as her father died very early in 1898. She was listed as a patient in the Thames Hospital in 1909 so the family were probably still living in Thames then.

Private EDWARD RAYMOND O'BUGLIEN, No. 14313 1st Battalion Auckland Regiment, killed in action Thursday 7th June 1917, aged 23 years. Buried La Plus Douve Farm Cemetery, Belgium.

Possibly relevant marriages -

In the birth registrations of Christina and Alina, Antonio is described as being born Austria circa 1837, and a storekeeper. According to Thames historian, Mr A. Isdale, Antonio and Mary O'Buglien returned to his homeland for a trip after their marriage. It is highly likely that the first children of this union would have been born outside New Zealand thus not showing in the RG's records of this country. Albert Lewis is the way their youngest son was written in the registers at Thames but compiler feels it would more likely have been Louis.

Died 22nd January 1898 at Edward Street, Block 27, Thames, ANTONIO FRANCIS O'BUGLIEN, male, miner, of chronic Phthisis 2 years. Last seen by Dr J. H. Bond December 1897, buried Shortland Cemetery 24th January 1898. Born Austria, son of Christopher O'Buglien, Vintner, and Marie Mendofia (Mendosia?). In New Zealand 35 years, married to Mary Dore at Onehunga at age 31 years. Male issue living - aged 14, 8. Female issue living - aged 25, 23, 22, 20, 19, 16, 12, 10, 5.
Informant - Robert Twentyman, undertaker, Thames.


Mrs O'Buglien and Family desire to return their HEARTFELT THANKS to their many friends for the Kindness and Sympathy shown them in their recent sad bereavement.
Thames Star 27th January 1898.

O'BUGLIEN - On August 7, 1932, at her late residence, 2 Tole Street, Ponsonby, MARY, dearly beloved wife of the late Anthony O'Buglien, late of Thames, in her 82nd year. R.I.P. Funeral will leave the Sacred Heart Church, Ponsonby, tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10.30 a.m. for Waikumete Cemetery
New Zealand Herald Monday 8th August 1932.

URSULA MAY DONALD, wife, died 6th July 1923 at about 25 Arcadia Road, Epsom, aged 35 years. Born Auckland, daughter of Antonio O'Buglien, miner, and Mary Dore, married at Auckland at 32 to William Alexander Donald, no issue living. Buried at Waikumete with two brothers in law. No issue.
C. Little's Undertakers Records, Auckland Public Library.

DAVID EAGLESON = MARY O'BUGLIEN, spinster, full age, eldest daughter of Antonio O'Buglein and Mary Dore, RG 1896/.......

Their issue?:-
MARY born 1898/74
MARGARET born 1899/1175
ARNOLD THOMAS HENRY LUKS = (1) MINNIE O'BUGLIEN, spinster, full age, second daughter of Antonio O"Buglien and Mary Dore, RG 1898/3763

It is presumed that Minnie must have died soon after her marriage but no proof has been found to substantiate this. The marriage indexes list the second marriage as being to Winnie or Minnie but compiler's fiche is not very good quality so it hard to be sure. However, the baptism of Leo Frederick (sic) at St Benedict's Church 1904 list his parents as Arnold Thomas Henry and Winifred Catherine Luks


Their issue?:-
ERNEST ALBERT born 1903/3946
FREDERICK LEO born 1904/4058
GRETCHEN born 1911/775
ROLLO HEINRICH born 1913/5936
EILEEN PATRICIA born 1914/3501 also listed RG's index as 3538/24
WILLIAM HARDEN born 1915/2676
PHILIP born 1917/2794
HARRY BRIGHTY STOCKWELL = DAPHNE MAY O'BUGLIEN, spinster, full age, eleventh daughter of Antonio O'Buglien and Mary Dore, RG 1914/

Their issue?:-
INA MARY born 1915/2261
AILSA MARY born 1917/3664 or
WINIFRED MIRIAM born 1917/6000 or
WYN MUIRSON born 1917/6000 or
JOAN ANNETTE born 1917/6402 or
LIONEL BRIGHTY born 1919/293
NOEL BRIGHTY born 1920/5991
CHRISTOPHER LEO O'BUGLIEN, bachelor, full age, eldest son of Antonio O'Buglien and Mary Dore = ETHEL MAY DYE, RG 1913/2722

Their issue?:-
IRENE MARY MAUD born 1914/5667
LEO ROSE born 1916/2175
JOHN EDWARD DORE, bachelor, full age, eldest son of Edmund Dore and Mary Clohessy = SUSAN ROBBIE, spinster, RG 1882/1778

Their issue?:-
ESTHER ROSE born 1886/3067 or
JOHN MATHEW born 1886/235 = LETITIA JANE ..... ..

These births may be incorrectly placed within the family - needs family input.

JOHN EDWARD DORE died 29th September 1930. [ƒ]
EDWARD DORE, bachelor, full age, second son of Edmund Dore and Mary Clohessy = MARGARET SHIELY 10th February 1878 at St Patrick's Cathedral, Auckland.

Their issue?:- These births may be incorrectly placed within the family. Not proven.
EDWARD THOMAS born 1879/2074
SARAH ISABELLA born 1881/1125
ARTHUR born 1883/2297
ESTHER ROSE born 1886/3067 or
JOHN MATHEW born 1886/235 = LETITIA JANE .....
JOHN MATHEW DORE, bachelor, full age, son of Dore and = LETITIA JANE .... born 1891

Their issue?:-
GWEN born = ............. DEVINE & died 24th July 1980
JOHN MATHEW DORE died 21st November 1954, aged 68 years.
LETITIA JANE DORE died 4th October 1959, aged 68 years.
Their daughter, GWEN DEVINE, died 24th July 1980.

JOHN OATES, bachelor, 28, bootmaker = KATE DORE, spinster, 19, second daughter of Edmund Dore and Mary Clohessy, at the Roman Catholic Church, Onehunga 29th January 1880.
Their issue:-
JOHN EDMUND born 02. 05. 1881
FRANCIS born 16. 06. 1883
LEO DOMINICK born 01. 06. 1885
WINIFRED MARY born 0 8. 05. 1888 = JOHN W. JEFFS 24th December 1922 [ƒ]
KATHERINE born 19. 08. 1890 died circa 1975 [ƒ]
CYRIL JOSEPH born 1896/1235 buried 15th January 1897 aged 10 months
FREDERICK AUGUSTUS born 1896/1235 buried 20th December 1896 aged 9 months
ERNEST born 22. 11. 1899 = DOREEN ...... [ƒ]

CATHERINE OATES, wife, died 27th April 1916 at Costley Infirmary, Auckland of cancer, aged 55 years. Usually of Upper Queen Street, Onehunga, born Onehunga, daughter of Edmund Dore, Imperial Pensioner, and Mary Cloughesy. Married at age 19 to John Oates. Male issue living - aged 33, 31, 29, 23, 17. Female issue living - aged 27, 25. Buried Waikaraka Cemetery, Onehunga.
Untertakers Records of C. Little, Auckland Public Library. RG 1916/878

EDWIN JAMES OATES died August 1966.

WINIFRED MARY JEFFS, née OATES, died 15th January 1978.
From the NZSG Transcript of the Waikaraka Park Cemetery -

No. 3626 - PORTEOUS - In loving memory of EDITH, beloved wife of Frederick Headley Porteous, loved mother of Maisie and Laura, died 7th August 1958, aged 77 years.

Also DAISY MAY OATES, loved sister of the above, died 3rd November 1958, aged 73 years.

Also FREDERICK HEADLEY PORTEOUS, beloved husband of Edith, died 15th January 1961, aged 79 years.

GEORGE WHITFORD GEACH, blacksmith, of Epsom = ANNIE DORE, spinster, 21, youngest daughter of Edmund Dore and Mary Clohessy, RG 1885/1073

Their issue?:-
GEORGE WHITFORD born 1886/1196
HAROLD GEORGE born 1887/3438 buried 15th September 1887 aged 11 days
GEORGINA ANNIE born 1888/3457
HILDA MAY born 1889/3408 buried 25th December 1889 aged 11 weeks
WILLIAM LEWIS born 1891/141 buried 9th June 1894 aged 3 years
ELEMOW (ELMO?) born 1894/174
ANNIE GEACH née DORE, died 26th September 1919, aged 54 years.