Admitted -

District -

Ship - Berwick Castle

Pension - Chelsea Hospital Pension 6d per day

Rank - Private

Unit - East India Company No. 520

Born -

Abode - Onehunga

Parents -

Status - Not known

Wife -

Description - None found to date at National Archives of New Zealand - this man may possibly have died too early to be found in the extant Treasury Pension Registers. Any Fencible who died prior to 1864 had their military service details entered in an early treasury pension register which has been lost over the years.
Public Record Office, Kew, London - courtesy of Miss Colleen Palmer WO 4/288 125592, 3/NZ/949, pages 280-281

Staff Officer 11 May 1852
East London (Immediate)


As it will probably be several months before an opportunity offers for sending pensioners to Australia in the capacity of Convict Guards, and as a vessel will shortly sail to New Zealand in which accommodation can be provided for a limited number of pensioners [probably three or four] to join the Local Battalion in that Colony. I am directed by the Secretary at War to request that you will immediately report whether any of the men named in the margin are desirous of proceeding to that Colony instead of Australia, on the Conditions referred to in the War Office Circular of 30th August 1851, and which you will communicate to them in order that the may be aware of the nature of the Service for which they engage.

East India Company No. 279 Pension 1/- HENRY CHARTERS

" " " No. 305 Pension 9d JOSEPH HAYES

" " " No. 248 Pension 9d THOMAS HICKEY

" " " No. 520 Pension 6d DANIEL MURRAY

" " " No. 167 Pension 9d JAMES FLOOD

" " " No. 102 Pension 9d EDWARD PERIN

" " " No. 235 Pension 9d JOHN DAVIS

" " " No. 299 Pension 9d JOHN HEAPHY

" " " No. 280 Pension 9d CHARLES HALL

" " " No. 157 Pension 9d HENRY GIVERNIN

" " " No. 273 Pension 9d JEREMIAH BUCKLEY

I have the honour to be etc