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Commissioner of Crown Lands' Office

8th January 1852

In conformity with the provisions of the twenty-third clause of the Crown Lands Ordinance (No.1, Session 10), I hereby notify that the following persons have duly taken out, from this office, Depastering Licences for the present year, within the undermentioned Hundreds respectively, viz:-

Hundred of Auckland

Austin Robert Matson Henry
Barr Jane May George
Barriball Charles May Joseph
Berry Edward McElwain George
Berrey Percival McGrath John
Bray Thomas McNair Peter
Burn David McNaughten Donald
Clark Joseph McQuoyd John
Clarke William H. Mears Abraham
Cochrane Archibald Middleton James
Codlin John Osborne Thomas
Coldicutt William Outhwaite Thomas
Cook Alexander Paice James
Crisp Joseph Parr Thomas
Dilworth J. Paton Thomas
Donnelly T. Pell Walton
Easton George Powditch William
Eliott G.Eliot Rooney Andrew
Ely Thomas H. Runciman Thomas
Farmer James Russell John
Finlay Thomas Sadgrove William
Gillingham Robert Senior Joseph
Grahame W. S. Sharp William
Greenwood J. Smith Hibernia
Hallamore T. C. Somerville Thomas
Hamilton Francis Stokes John
Hawkins J. Shore Taylor Allan Kerr
Hayr Henry Trevarthan William
Henry Thomas Turner Benjamin
Johnson Robert Turner William
Justine Henry Tye William
Kelly John Tye Daniel
Kelly Robert Viall Samuel
Kemp Thomas Walker William
Kempthorne Sampson Walmesley John
Koughan Patrick Waters John
Low and Motion Williamson and Crummer
Macdonald Bernard Young Joseph
Macdonald James and Alex.

Hundred of Onehunga

Alexander John Magee James
Beswick Charles May Joseph
Beveridge James May Martin
Blackburn William McCutcheon William
Brown James McGee John
Cassin William McMahon Andrew
Daulton Thomas McPike John
Douglas John Mooney James
Farmer James Moore Charles
Filmore William Northwood Francis
George Edward O'Brien Thomas
Gillespie Hamilton Ormsby G. O.
Greenwood J. Shale Simeon
Hayr Henry Somerville Thomas
Henry Thomas Turner Robert
Hill J. Carlton Turner William
Kelly Edward Warrington W. A.
Kelly Patrick Williams John
Lavery Henry Williamson & Crummer
Lusk R. B.

Hundred of Panmure

Anderson Patrick Kilkenny James
Bell John Leonard James
Brennan Joseph Lockwood James
Brown James Long Robert
Condron Benjamin Malone Peter
Currigan John McCarthy John
Devany Martin McDaniel Edward
Donnelly James McGlone Patrick
Durbridge Charles McManus Lawrence
Fahey Michael McNamara John
Farmer James Murphy Michael
Garvey Thomas Porter James
Gill Michael Quinlan Patrick
Haultain T. Smith Benjamin
Hogan John Taylor James
Holt James Williams William
Jones John Young John
Kelly Thomas
Hundred of Otahuhu
Arthurs John Martin John
Callagher Francis McAnulty John
Coyle Peter McQuire Patrick
Dixon William McOnaghy John
Fallas Thomas Milgrew Arthur
Gallagher Edward Miller William
Gilmore James Patterson William
Hickson J. A. Smith Henry
Leslie W. Trimble John
Little Cornelius Wood William
Hundred of Howick
Baber Richard K. Lush Rev. Vicesimus
Barry Richard Lynch Owen
Burrell Charles Macdonald Alexander
Byran Patrick Maclean Every
Cadogan Cornelius Marsh George
Casey John McCaulay William
Casey Margaret McInnes Lachlan
Chandler William McKay Daniel
Cooper William Merrill William
Coffey Denis Murphy Michael
Culbert Jacob Nicholas John
Cunningham William O'Hara Bryan
Curly John Paton John
Dempsey Peter Pritchard John
Devarine Bridget Quigley John
Dineen Michael Rice Michael
Doyne John Robinson James
Elwood John Robinson Robert
Evers Patrick Scott John
Farrell Bryan Searles Peter
Fraser William Sherry John
Gamble Thomas Smith C. M. Montressor
Gavin James Smyth Thomas
Goss Michael Stone C. J.
Grimes John Walsh Patrick
Hare Charles Watson Charles
Healy Michael White James
Heath Thomas Wilson Thomas
Lewis Benjamin Winepress James
Hundred of Pupuke
Burgess Isaac James Menary W. & Benjamin
Duder Thomas Nicholas William
Hammond James Parker William
Kelly James Poynton Thomas
Melavin Patrick

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Auckland Provincial Gazette 1852