Enlisted - 28th January 1817 at age 16 #

District -

Ship - Recruited in Australia or New Zealand

Pension - Chelsea Pension

Rank - Colour Sergeant

Unit - 51st Regiment of Foot

Born - Carlow circa 1801

Abode - Howick

Parents - Michael Pearce, Parish of St Thomas, Dublin #

Status - Married, 5 children

Wife - MARY ANNE ALLEN born 17th August 1813 at Brampton Barracks, Kent #

Description - This man was by trade a labourer. It is understood that he married at Belfast 6th February 1837 and was discharged at his own request 31st January 1842 but where this information originated has not been recorded. Patrick Pearce was stationed at Hobart circa 1847 when his daughter, Mary Margaret, wife of John Dowd, was born according to the notice published on the occasion of that lady's Golden Wedding notice. He was also variously stationed at Sydney, Newcastle and Lancaster, Van Dieman's Land. The Early Settlers' Roll states Patrick Pearce arrived on the ship "Lady Franklin" 1848 but no ship of that name came to New Zealand according to the Comber Index. The "Sir John Franklin" came from Fiji on 3 occasions during the 1847-48 period. Patrick Pearce seems to have been a good and steady man, well-thought of by the military authorities and attuned to harmony and the well-being of the Howick Village. Mary Anne Pearce would appear to be the daughter of a serving soldier because she was born at Brampton Barracks.


RHODA PRISCILLA born 14. 12.1837 = WILLIAM JOHN WHITE 3rd September 1855

FRANCIS THOMAS born 24. 01. 1840

MARK born 13. 01. 1842 = SARAH PULLMAN 1870/141

JAMES PATRICK born 03. 01. 1844 died pre 1849 apparently

EDWARD born 20. 06. 1845 = MARGARET MARY O'BRIEN 25th January 1865

MARY MARGARET born 05. 10. 1847 = JOHN DOWD 10th October 1866

ELEANOR ANNE born 05. 08. 1850

PATRICK JAMES born 04. 11. 1852 = EMMA ........ born 1862

1849 Census of Howick - Captain Smith's Division -

Sergeant PATRICK PEARCE, Pension 1/8d, aged 48, MARY ANN, aged 30, RODA (sic), aged 12, FRANCIS, aged 10, MARK, aged 8, EDWARD, aged 4, MARY, aged 1, all Church of England.

The church school was run for a short time by Sergeant Pearce during the Rev Lush's first months at Howick, and at frequent intervals between schoolmasters thereafter. At first encounter the Vicar made the unpleasing discovery that the children were being taught in the nave of the church as there was no schoolhouse "From their manner, I fear familiarity with the Sanctuary had almost engendered a feeling of contempt for it." A schoolhouse was built in 1851 but found to be too small by the end of that year, though the number of children attending fluctuated according to the popularity or otherwise of the schoolmaster. Sergeant Pearce, the current schoolmaster, also accompanied the singing in church on his flute.

From the Auckland Journal of the Rev Vicesimus Lush transcribed by the late Alison Drummond -

29.10.1850 - I entered the Church, a neat wooden building, which was framed at St John's College and carried to its present site by the Bishop's schooner "Undine". In the nave I found a small school assembled under the charge of one of the Sergeants of the company, some 20 neat intelligent-looking children, though I could not but regret that they were not in a school house. From the Sergant (Pearce) I learnt a deplorable account of the village, schism, rivalry and divisions were rife; and I could not but lament that go where you would, sin, Satan and the world do their best to hinder us from "Godly union and concord."

10.11.1850 - The tide was running strong and the wind blew and the rain fell in a frighful manner, and thus it continued to Howick, which place I reached shortly before 11, wet to the skin notwithstanding my waterproof coat.

11.11.1850 - I put up my horse at the only Hotel (the Royal Hotel, publican B. Lewis) in the place and walked to the Church, where the Sergeant (Pearce) whom I had on a former visit found acting as Schoolmaster, cqame forward dressed in full regimentals, and expressed his sorrow that I should have ridden over, "For you see, your Reverence," he said "as there will be no Church." Queer place I thought to myself, to make Church an adjunct of Parade, but being very wet and uncomfortable I took the man's advice and returned to mine host for Jessica (Rev Lush's horse). Mrs Lewis, however, would on no account let me depart without taking a glass of wine and some pound cake, which I was glad to have under the circumstances in which I found myself. Thus recruited I mounted and galloped away for St John's, where I arrived in time to partake of dinner with my own children, a treat I do not often enjoy now that we (Blanche and I) dine generally in Hall.

06.12.1850 - Walked to Paparoa with a basket slung by a tape over my shoulder - containing a green leno curtain for the East window of the Church which I noticed gave so strong a light behind me that it must distress the sight of the congregation and prevent them seeing me in any way distinctly. Reached All Saints just as the school dispersed at 12 o'clock so had the Church quiet and to myself; pasted tissue paper over the windows to make them resemble ground glass, gave them a coating of linseed oil on the outside, and put up the curtain,, all which, Sergeant Pearce assured me had greatly improved the chancel. He entered the Church as I was finishing my work so I could judge of its effect. The light was much subdued and whatever the congregation might think of it, I shall find the comfort of it as regards my sight on Sunday, I doubt not. The Sergeant told me the pupils were anxiously expecting me to come and reside among them as their Pastor. His son walked with me two miles out of Paparoa to carry my basket, a help I was thankful for, the basket being rather weighty from my hammer and pincers.

28.12.1850 - Captain Smith called upon us, went with him to Sergeant Pearce whom he told to resign the office of Schoolmaster to a Clerk, promising to make him a Staff Sergeant as a compensation for the loss of income. Captain Smith did this to enable me to enter upon my duties in this settlement free from all the party quarrels of the place, which some would have identified me with had Pearce continued in office under my patronage, so very bitter is the hostility maifested against him. I was sorry to lose his services for he seems a steady man and anxious to do his best in whatever he undertakes. I shall now, for the present, retain both offices in my own hands and clerk too.

20.03.1851 - Mrs Smith could not save anything but her Bible (from the fire which consumed their raupo hut) for it was as much as she could do to rush from her bed into the fern. All their furniture, clothes, jewellery, presents and farewell gifts gone and what poor Mrs Smitth seemed to lament more than all portrait of her mother. I went for Blanche who immediately dismissed her little Scholars and hastened back with me and we exerted ourselves to make them as comfortable as we could. For Rhoda (presumed to be Rhoda Pearce their servant), we procured a bed in a neighbour's cottage but she is to board and room with us for the present.

29.03.1850 - Had a note from Mrs Smith saying she would remain at the College for the present. Rhoda, her servant, is still with us and more plague than profit she proves to be.

30.03.1850 - This being Betsy's birthday (she is 16) we had a plumb pudding and gave her, Rhoda and John a glass of wine each. A change for the better is, I trust, come over Betsy; 6 weeks ago I thought we must have turned her away she was so exceedingly troublesome. Latterly she has been very much better in all respects. We think Rhoda's visit will do her good so far as to render her somewhat more satisfied with her situation, for on comparing notes with one another, and from what Betsy has reported to Blanche, I presume she sees clearly enough that she might easily get a worse place than ours.

29.05.1855 - Mama made us laugh by telling us of a scene at Mr and Mrs White's dinner table the day after their marriage. They were without a servant for the two-fold reason that they could not afford to keep one and could not have got one if they could have afforded such a luxury. So Mrs White, the young Bride, (Rhoda White née Pearce) made a savoury dish of stewed meat such as her lord and master loved and with her own fair hands placed it in due time upon the table. Now you must know they were living in a Raupo cottage, and Raupo cottages always swarm with the Kereriru, a large black wood bug, larger than the English black beetle and which when crushed emits a most horrible stench. The stewed meat had been placed before the fire to keep warm while the table cloth was spread etc etc, and during that brief time no less than three of these disgusting insects - attracted perhaps by the pleaant fumes of the smoking dish below - tumbled from the ceiling into the soup, where they lay immersed among the choicest pieces of the stewed meat. The bride and bridegroom sit down at the table; the bride helps her loving swain to all these choice pieces and, as she hands him his plate, expresses a hope that he may enjoy the first dinner he has sat down to prepared by herself. Imagine the warm assurances of satisfaction expressed by the delighted husband - he takes a spoonful and declares it excellent - another - starts - turns pale, then red - runs to the window and throws something out. He returns to his seat, discomposed but not so much as is Mrs White. "My dear," she says nervously "what is the matter?" "Oh, nothing, my dear." but his looks belie his words. He takes another spoonful - another start - another change from white to fiery red - and another rush to the window. Poor Mrs White - her husband returns looking queer and tries one more spoonful. Then down goes the spoon with a crash and a very rough word and he exclaims "Really, my love, this won't do. This is the third of those horrid bugs I have taken up in my soup - this really won't do." Scribbler knoweth not how the dinner ended but imagined all was smooth again between the two before long. But we must all agree it was an untoward beginning of a Honeymoon - anything but Honey those nasty Kereriru. Miss Hill told Blanche about this pretty little domestic fracas one wet day as the ladies were sitting, working and chatting together.

Died April 27th 1861, PATRICK PEARCE, Pensioner, of cancer of the neck and face, aged 59 years.

PATRICK FLYNN, widower, full age, schoolmaster = MARY ANNE PEARCE, widow, full age, at the Roman Catholic Chapel, Howick 2nd February 1863.

MARY ANN FLYNN formerly PEARCE née ALLEN, died 18th February 1891, aged 78 years.

WILLIAM JOHN WHITE, bachelor, 22, carpenter, of Howick 8 years = RHODA PRISCILLA PEARCE, spinster, 16, with permission of bride's father, Patrick Pearce, of Howick 6 years, at All Saints Church, Howick 3rd September 1855. The bride was taken to the church in a bullock cart drawn by two white bullocks called Snowflake and Diamond.

Their issue:-

WILLIAM JOHN born 27. 08.1856 = ANNA PATON 23rd September 1875

LOUISA HELENA born 09. 12.1858 died 31st August 1937 aged 79 years unmarried

FRANCES ELIZABETH born 21. 01.1861 died 2nd March 1864 aged 3 years


MARY SARAH born 26.06.1866 = GEORGE COOPER 12th July 1899

JAMES MARK LEMUEL born 11. 10.1868 = MINNIE DIXON 29th January 1895

ALICE CHARLOTTE born 04.06.1871 = THOMAS GRANGER 16th November 1900

BERTHA RHODA born 26. 05.1874 = CARL WILLIAM MOLLER 15th January 1908

AMY MABEL BLANCHE born 26.08.1876 = GEORGE WILLIAM WHALE 18th April 1906

ELLA BEATRICE born 18.07.1882 = GEORGE GRANGER 4th November 1915

Family information says that Alice Charlotte Granger and Bertha Rhoda Moller both died 22nd May 1922.

WHITE - On September 17, 1934, at her residence, Howick, RHODA, dearly beloved wife of the late John William White, in her 97th year. Loved by all. Funeral will leave her residence, Moore Street, at 2.30 p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday) for Anglican Cemetery.

New Zealand Herald 18th September 1934.


New Zealand Herald

18th September 1934

The death occurred at Howick yesterday at the age of 96 of Mrs Rhoda White, who was the sole survivor of the several hundred colonists who arrived in Auckland in 1847 and 1848 and founded the military pensioners' settlement at Howick.

Mrs White was the daughter of Sergeant Major Patrick Pearce, of the 51st Regiment, who at the expiry of his service in Australia, came to Auckland to join the main body of time-expired soldiers from England who arrived by the ships Minerva, Sir Robert Sale and Sir George Seymour. These soldiers formed the settlements of Howick, Panmure, Otahuhu and Onehunga. Mrs White was at that time 12 years of age, and her home has been at Howick ever since, a period of 84 years. Mrs White's husband was the son of the first Postmaster of Howick, his father also being a military pensioner. He succeeded his father as postmaster and continued in that office until his death 22 years ago.

As a girl Mrs White was on the household staff of St John's College, Tamaki. She had pleasant memories of Bishop Selwyn and Sir George Grey, and later of the Duke of Edinburgh, second son of Queen Victoria, and Lord Charles Beresford when they came in the Galatea in 1869. She also remembers the building and early history of All Saints' Church, Howick with which she and her family were associated throughout its history, her husband having contributed his handiwork towards its interior decorations. It was in that church that she was married and all her children were baptised.

Enjoying remarkably good health until within two weeks of her death, Mrs White had lived for many years with an unmarried daughter and was able to assist in household duties. Her memory was very clear and she sould recall many incidents in the early life of the settlement, including the murder of the two trust children by Maoris at Whitford, and the subsequent assembly of the inhabitants on the Stockade Hill overlooking the village.

Mrs White is survived by two sons and six daughters, 24 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren.

WHITE - On August 31, at the residence of her sister, Mrs Whale, Symonds Street, Onehunga, LOUISA ELEANOR, beloved daughter of the late William and Rhoda White. Funeral will leave her late residence, Howick, tomorrow (Thursday) at 2 p.m. for the Church of England cemetery, Howick.

New Zealand Herald Wednesday 1st September 1937.

WILLIAM JOHN WHITE, bachelor, full age, son of William John White and Rhoda Pearce = ANNA PATON, spinster, daughter of John and Jane Paton, of Howick, 23rd September 1878.

Their issue:-

LOUISE born circa 1879

WILLIAM JAMES born 15. 01. 1880 = SARAH EMILY DODD 1903/

JOHN PATON born 18. 05. 1882 = MARGARET THIRD 24th July 1907

EVA ANNIE born 13. 07. 1884 died 21st July 1884

MABEL BEATRICE born 10. 02. 1889 = GEORGE WAITE 9th September 1914


LEONARD HAROLD born 16. 11. 1893 = ETHEL EVELEEN CHAINEY 4th June 1918

From First Families of Cambridge 1864 - 1899

William White, eldest son of William John White, of Howick and grandson of James White, a Fencible and first Postmaster of Howick, being the first child baptised in the font at All Saints' Church, Howick, the font having been carved by his father. He died December 10, 1937 aged 81 years.

He was married on September 23, 1878 to Miss Anna Paton of Howick, and came to the Cambridge district about 1880, he and his wife being among the original pioneers of Leamington where they resided in Chaucer Street. He was engaged as a building contractor before taking up land.

For many years he was recognised as the "Father of Leamington". He was the first Chairman of the Leamington Town Board and always took a keen interest in the affairs of the district.

At the time of his death he was the oldest surviving member of the Loyal Duke of Cambridge Lodge. He was inititiated as an Oddfellow on April 8, 1864, and had been through the principal positions of office on more than one occasion.

Mr and Mrs White told tales of seiges to the Maori Wars, and the "Maori potholes" at the gates of gates of their homestead were presumably hangi-holes as friendly Maoris encamped there and sometimes took shelter with the Whites from their own people on raids. Mrs White more than once barricaded herself into the house and kept a shotgun handy as the raiders caroused outside (knowing her husband was away). Mr White had to leave his wife and small children periodically to row down the river to Mercer where he uplifted supplies which came from Auckland by river boat.. The children recalled the excitement of father's rowboat arriving at the Cambridge landing laden with such novelties as a whole bunch of green bananas. Much more important were supplies like bags of sugar etc.

The children of William and Anna White were William (Cambridge), Mabel (Mrs G. Waite, Cambridge), Jack (Matamata), Harold (Hamilton), and Rhoda (Mrs E. Faulkner). Supported by Mrs S. J. Kirkby, granddaughter.


From the NZSG Transcripts of the Hautapu Cemetery, Cambridge -

No. 70 - ANN, wife of William White, died 17th July 1926, aged 69 years.

Also EVA ANNA, infant daughter of W. & A. White, died 21st July 1884.

Also WILLIAM WHITE, died 10th December 1937, aged 81 years.

From the NZSG Transcripts of the Leamington Cemetery, Cambridge -

No. 249 - MABEL BEATRICE WAITE, wife of George Waite, died 8th January 1954, aged 74 years.


MARK PEARCE, bachelor, 25, second son Patrick Pearce and Mary Ann Allen = SARAH PULLMAN, spinster, 19, at All Saints Anglican Church, Howick 9th June 1870.

Their issue:-

WILLIAM PATRICK born 02. 03.1871

FRANCIS ALFRED born 28.08.1872

AGNES LOUISA born 04. 07.1876

WALTER WEBB PULLMAN born 17. 06.1878 buried 4th May 1879 aged 10 months


EDWARD PEARCE, bachelor, 19, fourth son of Patrick Pearce and Mary Ann Allen = MARGARET MARY O'BRIEN, spinster, 16, at All Saints Church, Howick 25th January 1865.

Their issue:-

EDWARD FRANCIS born 1866/13559 = ANNIE ............ 1897/2595

MARGARET born 20. 09.1867 = CHARLES JOHN WESTWOOD 1893/2130

WILLIAM JOHN PATRICK born 22. 09.1869 died pre 1941

MARY born 1871/135 = ROBERT HERON 1899/0967


FLORENCE RHODA born 1875/.... = HORATIUS BONAR LEGGE 1899/4126

ARTHUR born 1877/.... = ............. ................. ?1904/789 or 739?

HAROLD born 1879/.....

PEARCE - On Sept. 28, at Auckland Hospital, EDWARD FRANCIS, beloved husband of Annie, and loved father of Ethel, Edward and Moana, late employee A.H.B. - a devoted husband and a loving father. Service at his late residence 25 Georgina Street, Ponsonby, at 1.30 p.m. today (Tuesday) the funeral leaving afterwards for Howick Church of England Cemetery.

EDWARD FRANCIS PEARCE, bachelor, full age, eldest son of Edward Pearce and Margaret Mary O'Brien = ANNIE .......... . 1897/2595 (RG Index number very hard to read)

Their issue?:-

ETHEL FLORENCE born 1898/3

EDWARD PATRICK born 1899/21

?FRANCIS JAMES born 1902?

MOANA born 1905?

PEARCE - On Sept. 28, EDWARD FRANCIS, eldest son of the late Captain Edward Pearce and beloved brother of Mrs C. Westwood, Mrs R. Heron, Mrs A. Turrell, Mrs. R. Legge, Arthur and Harold, and brother in law of Mrs G. Christmas, 9 Exmouth Street, Eden Terrace.

New Zealand Herald Tuesday 30th September 1941.

CHARLES JOHN WESTWOOD of 15 Wellington Street, Epsom, retired engineer, born Auckland, died of heart failure and was buried Purewa Cemetery 18th March 1936, aged 76 years.

MARGARITA WESTWOOD née PEARCE, of 15 Ngaire Avenue, Epsom, born Auckland, died of myocarditis and was buried Purewa Cemetery 3rd July 1956, aged 90 years. Watney Sibun's funeral account sent to the son, Mr Westwood.

ARTHUR LEWIS TURRELL, retired, born New Zealand, of 64 Fourth Avenue, Kingsland, was buried Purewa Cemetery 30th January 1954, aged 84 years.

INEZ URANIUM TURELL née PEARCE, widow, of 64 Fourth Avenue, Kingsland, born New Zealand, was buried Purewa Cemetery 2nd July 1956, aged 83 years.


ROBERT HERON, builder, c/- 31 Kelvin Place, Remuera, was buried Purewa Cemetery 7th April 1932, aged 67 years.

MARY HERON née PEARCE, widow, c/- 27 Kelvin Grove, Remuera, was buried Purewa Cemetery 6th September 1947, aged 76 years. A. Holmes' funeral account to son, Mr R. P. Westwood.


FLORENCE RHODA LEGGE died 1952. (Not found Purewa Cemetery records)

HORATIUS BONAR LEGGE, widower, of 9 Clarendon Road, St Helier's Bay, born Auckland, was buried Purewa Cemetery June 1963 or 1962, aged 85 years. Funeral account to Mr W. Brook, of the same address.

HERBERT GORDON LEGGE, born 15th September 1900, son of Horatius Bonar Legge and Florence Rhoda Elizabeth née Pearce. Baptised at All Saints' Church, Howick.

PATRICK JAMES PEARCE, bachelor, born 1852, youngest son of Patrick Pearce and Mary Ann Allen = EMMA ..........., spinster, born circa 1862, RG 189?/


This couple may have had no issue as none are mentioned in their death notices.

PEARCE - On September 30, 1931, at her residence, 25 Alpha Road, Parnell, syddenly, EMMA, dearly-beloved wife of Patrick James Pearce, late of Cambridge and Thames, in her 70th year. Her end was peace. Funeral service in St Mary's Cathedral, Parnell, at 2 p.m. this day (Friday) at 2 p.m., the funeral leaving afterwards for the Purewa Cemetery. Friends will please accept this intimation.

New Zealand Herald Friday 2nd October 1931.

PEARCE - On October 28, 1931, at a private hospital, Auckland, PATRICK JAMES PEARCE, beloved husband of the late Emma Pearce, late of 25 Alpha Road, Parnell, in his 78th year. Funeral will leave W. Morrison's chapel, 167 Parnell Road, at 2 p.m. today (Friday) for the Howick Anglican Cemetery.

New Zealand Herald Friday 30th October 1931.


JOHN DOWD, bachelor, 20, bushman, with permission of father Patrick Dowd = MARY MARGARET PEARCE, spinster, 18, with permission of the bride's mother, Ann Flynn, at St Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Auckland 10th October 1866. (the birth dates below are courtesy of Mrs Avis Morris)

Their issue?:-

SARAH ANN born 1866/133 = WILLIAM D. McINNESS 1896/1148

Male born 1870/182 died 1870/495

ELEANOR born 19. 09.1872 = DAVID EDWIN MILLARD 1900/1326


JOHN born 1878/2625

THOMAS FRANCIS born` 20. 11.1879 = ISABELLA ........... 1903/3734

MARY MARGARET born 19. 06.1882 = HERBERT JOHN ROSS CUTLER 1906/101

ADA ELIZABETH born 07. 09.1884 = WILLIAM EDWARD McGRUER 1910/1986


New Zealand Herald

Friday 13th October 1916

page 7, column 8


Captain John Dowd and Mrs M. Dowd, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding last Tuesday at their daughter's residence, Victoria Park. Captain and Mrs Dowd were married at St Patrick's Cathedral, Auckland on October 10th 1866. The Rev Father O'Reilly officiated. They have lived at Parnell ever since. Captain Dowd was engaged in the New Zealand coastal trade for a period of 52 years, during which time he commanded various sailing vessels.

There was a large family gathering at the celebration, including their five daughters and one son, all of whom are married. There were seventeen grandchildren present. The daughters are Mrs W. McInness of Remuera, Mrs W. Smith of Victoria Park. Mrs D. Millard of Remuera, Mrs H. Cutler of New Lynn, and Mrs W. McGruer of Hastings. The son, Mr Thomas F. Dowd, resides at Hamilton.

Captain Dowd was born at Manchester, England in 1847. Mrs Dowd was a native of Hobart. She is 69 years of age. Captain Dowd's father was assistant surgeon to Dr Mahon, of Onehunga, who was identified with the old pensioners' settlement in that place. Mrs Dowd's father was Sergeant Major Pearce, of the 51st Regiment.

The Golden Wedding notice also appeared in the Weekly News 19th October 1916, page 56.


New Zealand Herald

11th November 1924 - page 10

Auckland Public Library Scrapbooks

One of the best-known of the Auckland coastal masters, Captain John Dowd, passed away at his residence, Bath Street, Parnell, on Saturday. Captain Dowd, who was in his seventy-eighth year, had resided in Auckland for 77 years. He arrived with his parents by the ship Minerva in 1847, being then only two months old. He decided to follow the sea, and after serving the necessary apprenticeship became an officer and finally master of various coastal vessels.

For over 50 years he engaged in the trade between Auckland and Napier, commanding many different vessels, but bringing his career to an end by his retirement 14 years ago without a mishap to mar his record. Among well-known vessels which he commanded were the Pukapuka, the Awanui, and Dominion. Although definitely retired from the sea, Captain Dowd continued to take a keen interest in shipping matters, and particularly in the Auckland Anniversary Regatta, in connection with which his services were utilised as handicapper.

He enjoyed robust health until about four months ago, when he suffered a stroke from which he failed fully to recover. He is survived by his widow, one son, Mr T. Dowd, of Hamilton, and five daughters, Mesdames W. McInnes and D. Millard, Remuera, Mrs W. Smith, of Parnell, Mrs H. J. Cutler, of New Lynn, and Mrs W. H. McGruer, of Ngaruawahia.

The funeral took place at Howick yesterday.


Another obituary appeared in the Weekly News 13th November 1924, page 56.

DOWD - On July 20, at her late residence, 7 Bath Street, Parnell, MARY MARGARET, the beloved wife of the late Captain John Dowd, aged 87 years. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on her soul . The funeral will leave the above address at 2.30 p.m. today (Monday) for Howick Catholic Cemetery.

New Zealand Herald Monday 22nd July 1929.


THOMAS FRANCIS DOWD, bachelor, full age, son of John Dowd and Mary Margaret Pearce = ISABELLA ..........., RG 1903/3734

Their issue?:- (suggested list only - not proven)

FREDA CONSTANCE born circa 1906 died 9th May 1963 aged 57 years

MADELINE ISOBEL born 1904/2692

MARY MAVIS born 1908/151

? born circa 1910

? born circa 1912

? born circa 1914

FRANCIS JOHN McDERMOTT born 1917/3878 = .......... .......... 1942 at St Patrick's Cathedral

From the NZSG Transcript of the Hamilton East Cemetery -

No. 3501 - THOMAS FRANCIS DOWD, husband of Isabella, died 21st May 1959, aged 74 years.

No. 3502 - ISABELLA DOWD, wife of Thomas, died 29th September 1967, aged 85 years.

No. 3503 - FREDA CONSTANCE DOWD, daughter of Thomas and Isabella, died 9th May 1963, aged 57 years. R. I. P.


JOHN CUTLER = MARY MARTHA .......... circa 1879/

Their issue:-

HERBERT JOHN ROSS born 1880/3455 = MARGARET MARY DOWD 1906/101

HENRY GEORGE born 1882/4203 = JESSIE ....... 1903/1718


MYRTLE born 1886/2309 = ERNEST JOHN BALDWIN 1911/6792

HAZEL MARION born 1889/ 2201 = HAROLD LANCELOT HUGHES 1909/3884

G......... J.......... born 18?? (possibly GEORGE CUTLER)

CUTLER - On March 17, 1927, at Golf Road, New Lynn, JOHN, dearly beloved husband of Mary Cutler, aged 71 years. Funeral will leave the above address tomorrow (Friday) at 2 p.m. for Hillsborough Cemetery.

Auckland Star Thursday 17th March 1927.

CUTLER - On May 24, 1943, at her late residence Golf Road, New Lynn (late of Remuera) MARY MARTHA, wife of the late John Cutler and loved mother of H. J. Cutler (New Lynn) and the late H. G. Cutler (Henderson), G. J. Cutler (Wellington), Mrs C. Sweetman (Hamilton), Mrs M. Baldwin (New Lynn), Mrs N. Hughes (Onehunga), in her 88th year. A patient sufferer at rest. Funeral will leave her late residence at 11 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday) May 26 for the Hillsborough Cemetery.

Auckland Star Tuesday 24th May 1943.

From the NZSG Transcript of Hillsborough Cemetery, Auckland -

No. 1007 - In loving memory of JOHN, beloved husband of Mary Cutler, died 17th March 1927, aged 72 years. Verse not transcribed.

- Also his beloved wife, MARY MARTHA, died 24th May 1943, aged 87 years. A loving wife and mother. Verse not recorded in transcription.

HERBERT JOHN ROSS CUTLER = MARY MARGARET DOWD, spinster, full age, daughter of John Dowd and Mary Margaret Pearce, RG 1906/101

Their issue?:-(not proven, suggestion only)

CHARLES JACK born 1905/6202/57

? born circa 1907

? born circa 1909

? born circa 1911

? born circa 1913

From the NZSG Transcript of the Waikumete Cemetery -

No. 2244 - In loving memory of HENRY GEORGE CUTLER, beloved husband of Jessie, died 23rd January 1938, aged 55 years.


CHARLES HENRY AUGUSTUS SWEETMAN = ALICE RUTH CUTLER, spinster, 27, eldest daughter of John and Mary Cutler, RG 1910/2060

Their issue?:-

TREVOR CHARLES born 1911/1769 died 1960's

WALTER HAROLD JACK born 1913/257 died post March 1970

ARTHUR HENRY born 1915/1938 died post March 1970

RUTH CAROLINE born 1917/273 died 1960's

ALBERT GORDON born 1919/4930 =............ .........1944 at Ellerslie & died post Mar 1970

ROSS born July 1922 died 7th May 1938 aged 15 years 10 months

From the NZSG Transcript of the Hillsborough Cemetery, Auckland -

No. 6580 - Sacred to the memory of ROSS, loving son of Alice and Charles Sweetman, accidentally killed 7th May 1938, aged 15 years 10 months.

From the NZSG Transcript of the Newstead Cemetery, Hamilton -

No. 1169 - In loving memory of ALICE RUTH SWEETMAN, wife of Charles Sweetman and mother of Jack, Arthur, Gordon and the late Trevor, Ruth and Ross, died 6th March 1970.

No. 1170 - CHARLES SWEETMAN, husband of Alice Ruth Sweetman, father of Trevor, Jack, Arthur, Ruth, Gordon and the late Ross, died 17th February 1960.


HAROLD LANCELOT HUGHES, bachelor, full age, son of Albert and Elizabeth Hughes = HAZEL MARION CUTLER, spinster, third daughter of John Cutler and Mary Martha ......, RG 1909/3884

Their issue?:-

HAZEL LUCY born 1910/2973

HAROLD LANCELOT born 1913/322 died 20th April 1938 aged 25 years

? born circa 1915

? born circa 1918

BAYNA born circa 1920 died or buried 16th March 1922 aged 2 years

From the NZSG Transcript of the Waikaraka Cemetery, Auckland -

No. 1430 -- In loving memory of ALBERT, beloved husband of Elizabeth Hughes, died 30th December 1907, aged 44 years. Verse not transcribed.

- Also HAROLD LANCELOT, son of the above and loved husband of Hazel Hughes, died 12th January 1942, aged 53 years.

- Also LANCE, beloved son of Harold and Hazel Hughes, died 20th April 1938, aged 25 years.

- And little Bayna, aged 2 years.


WILLIAM EDWARD McGRUER = ADA ELIZABETH DOWD, spinster, full age, daughter of John Dowd and Mary Margaret Pearce, RG 1910/1986

Their issue?:- (suggested issue only - not checked)

DONALD DUNCAN born 1910/5445

FREDERICK ALLAN born 1911/5133

MARJORIE MARY born 1913/3913 = THOS GALBRAITH McGREAR 1939 at St Ben's

CHARLES KENNETH born 1915/2658 died 1916/2253

JESSIE MAUD born 1918/4244

ZOE MARY born 1920's? = VINCENT JAMES O'CONNOR 1946 at St Patrick's

McGRUER, ADA ELIZABETH - On March 3, 1962 (suddenly) at 64 Warnock Street, Grey Lynn (late 7 Percival Parade, Herne Bay), beloved wife of the late William Edward and loved mother of Marjorie (Mrs McGreal) and Zoe (Mrs O'Connor), mother in law of Reg and Vince and grandma of Pat, Ian, Leone, Kathleen, Christine, Dennis, Patricia and Juliet, in her 75th year. Requiescat in pace. Requiem Mass will be celebrated at St Joseph's Church, Grey Lynn at 8.30 a.m. the funeral then leaving for the Ngaruawahia Cemetery. Rosary at the church this evening (Monday) 7.30.

Auckland Star Monday 5th March 1963.

From the NZSG Transcript of the Ngaruawahia Cemetery -

No. 39 - EDWARD WILLIAM McGUER (sic), died 14th March 1952, aged 74 years.

- Also his wife, ADA ELIZABETH, died 3rd March 1962, aged 74 years. Parents of Marjorie and Zoe.