Admitted -

District -

Ship - Recruited in Tasmania, Australia according to Mr John E. Binsley

Pension - Chelsea Pension 6d per day

Rank - Private

Unit - 85th Regiment of Foot

Born -

Abode - Auckland and later Wellington

Parents -

Status - Married, ? children


Description - This man is believed to have died 10th September 1857 but no entry has been located at National Archives of New Zealand. According to John E. Binsley, MICHAEL PILKINGTON died 10th September 1867 but no entry to corroborate this has been located so far. The Early Settlers' Roll of 1940 lists a Michael Stapleton Pilkington who arrived in New Zealand on the ship "London. 12th December 1840. This man had a wife, Ann nče Cleary and son John. He is recorded as dying in 1848. If he did die in 1848 this would account for no details being available at National Archives of New Zealand because before 1863 all details seems to have been recorded in an early edition of Pension Register now lost.

It must be observed that the compiler is not stating that these details necessarily belong to the man who enlisted as a fencible in New Zealand. The only way to ascetain which information is relevant is to purchase the certificates available and further check the data offered. There are many avenues of research available in Auckland and anyone interested in establishing the autehnticity of this theory should make use of those sources.

Issue of MICHAEL PILKINGTON & ........ .......:-

JOHN born circa 18

JAMES PILKINGTON was buried from St Patrick's Cathedral 23rd August 1857, aged 24 years.

CHARLOTTE PILKINGTON buried from St Patrick's Cathedral 28th February 1867, aged 20 years.

JAMES GLOVER HEATH = ANNA MARIA PILKINGTON at St Patrick's Cathedral 3rd July 1851.

It is not known whether any of these entries are relevant to the Fencible above but are offered in case a descendant can verify or discard the information.