Name - JOSEPH CLOUT (1st Fencible Division)

Admitted - 15th November 1823

Ship - Recruited in New Zealand

Pension - Chelsea Pension 1/3d per day (an extra 3d for 3 distinguishing badges)

Rank - Private

Unit - 58th Regiment of Foot Regimental No. 332

Born - Ticehurst, Sussex - baptised 16th November 1806 at Horsemunden

Abode - Otahuhu, carpenter, 1855 Electoral Roll

Parents - James Clout & Frances Golden

Status - Married, 6 children

Wife - ELIZABETH DAVIS daughter of William Davis and ........... O'Donnell

Description - 5' 9½", fair hair, grey eyes, fair complexion, 42 years, labourer. Enlisted 27th November 1823 at the age of 18 years and served 24 years 16 days, including 10½ years in Ceylon and 2 years 5 months in the Australian colonies. Described as being of very good character and seldom in hospital, he was awarded 3 distinguishing badges, he received and extra 3d. per day in pension for these badges according to Mr Colin Cameron to whom we are indebted for this description. This man arrived at Sydney on the ship "Ann" and later arrived in Auckland on the second voyage of the "Pestongee Bomanjee". When he married at the Cathedral of St Thomas at Portsmouth 22nd June 1840, he described himself as a regimental musician. He could sign his name and was discharged with varicose veins and chronic rheumatism on payment 6th November 1848 at Auckland according to "Discharged in New Zealand" by Hugh and Lyn Hughes. A description of his service record can no longer be found at National Archives of New Zealand because he died prior to 1863. He was a carpenter and a stamp carved in wood bearing his name and regiment is in the possession of a descendant, Mr Gordon Paterson Clout, in Auckland today.

"Discharged in New Zealand" by Hugh and Lyn Hughes says Benjamin and Joseph Clout were brothers. This publication records the place of birth for Joseph as Ticehurst, Sussex and although no recorded baptism can be found on the I.G.I. there were several later children to James Clout and Frances Golden found there namely, Henry baptised 17th December 1815 and Eliza baptised 7th September 1817.


JAMES THOMPSON born circa 1842 = ELIZA SARAH MITCHELL 2nd November 1870

FRANCES born 16. 08. 1849 = JOHN SEARLE KIMBER 22nd June 1870

MARY born 27. 05. 1853 = JOHN CAMERON 2nd March 1871

JOSEPH born 31. 01. 1855 = ELIZABETH JANE PATERSON 21st Oct 1884

ELIZABETH born 20. 08. 1859 = JAMES STORMONT SMALL 8th March 1878

ANN JANE born 20. 12. 1861 = JOSEPH ROGERS 1883/2649

CLOUT - On April 11, 1862, at Otahuhu, JOSEPH CLOUT, Pensioner, of disease of the lungs, aged 57 years.

Informant - James Clout, son, carpenter, Otahuhu. RG 1862/2511 Auckland

ELIZABETH CLOUT née DAVIS was described as 'a daughter of the regiment' when she married at the age of 15 years in Dublin. This simply means that her father, William Davis, was also in the army and the term is used to describe children born to serving soldiers.

WILLIAM DAVIS enlisted as a Drummer in the 58th Regiment at the age of 7 years (thus indicating to compiler that he was probably also 'of the regiment'), 3' 6" high, born in the parish of Stephany in ornear the town of Portsmouth in the Island of Malta. He had a fair complexion, blue eyes and brown hair. After serving the first 18 years, he swore an oath at Colombo, Ceylon to continue to serve until discharged. He was finally discharged at Glasgow 9th October 1840, described as being 5' 9½", light brown hair, blue eyes, fair complexion, good character, labourer, worn out.

We are fortunate to have have this information about William Davis and his daughter which, like almost all the information about the daughters of Joseph Clout and Elizabeth Davis is the result of extensive research conducted by family members including Mr Colin Cameron who was good enough to share this with compiler.

ELIZABETH CLOUT née DAVIS died of apoplexy at the residence of her son in law, James Stormont Hall, 5 Selwyn Street, Ponsonby, 15th September 1900, aged 75 years. Buried Holy Trinity Anglican Cenmetery, Otahuhu.

JAMES THOMPSON CLOUT, bachelor, full age, carpenter, eldest son of Joseph Clout and Elizabeth Davis = ELIZA SARAH MITCHELL, spinster, full age, at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Otahuhu 2nd November 1870. RG 1870/117

Their issue:-

SARAH FRANCES born 1871/101 = THOMAS FLAY 1892/409

JOSEPH SIMPSON born 1874/78 = ELIZABETH ........... 1898/3944

JOHN JAMES born 1875/593 = ELIZABETH TROUGHEAR 1899/52

JAMES THOMPSON born 01. 01. 1879 probably went to USA

MARY JANE born 18. 02. 1881 = (1) STEPHEN MARTIN 1901/4681


ELIZABETH born 09. 10. 1882 = JOHN EDWIN FLEET 1905/1769

JAMES THOMPSON CLOUT, husband of Eliza Sarah Mitchell, lived at Otahuhu, Thames and lastly at Huntly. He died from a hydatid cyst which ruptured, causing his death March 25th 1895. He was buried at Huntly March 28th.

CLOUT - On July 1, 1897, ELIZA SARAH CLOUT, beloved wife of the late James Clout of Otahuhu, aged 63 years.

This age at death would appear to be incorrect judging by the age she would have been when her last child was born. If she was 63 when she died, born circa 1934, making her about eight years older than her husband.

From the NZSG Transcript of the Otahuhu Public Cemetery -

No. 370 - In loving memory of HARRY JOSEPH CLOUT, died 27th September 1973, aged 83 years.

Also his loved wife, FRANCES JANE CLOUT, died 30th January 1976, aged 85 years.

THOMAS FLAY = SARAH FRANCES CLOUT, spinster, eldest daughter of James Thompson Clout and Eliza Sarah Mitchell, RG 1892/409

Their issue?:- (suggested list only, not proven)

JANET ISABEL born 1893/1551

WILLIAM JOHN born 1895/53

HARRY ALEXANDER born 1898/1679

ELIZABETH JANE born 1900/2407

The deaths of THOMAS FLAY and SARAH FRANCES FLAY née CLOUT are not known.


JOSEPH SIMPSON CLOUT, bachelor, 24, eldest son of James Thompson Clout and Eliza Sarah Mitchell = ELIZABETH ............ , spinster, aged 22, RG 1898/3944

Their issue?:-

WILLIAM born 1900/1350 = MARY ...............

GERTRUDE EMILY born 1903/1807

LENA MAY born 1905/4757

JOSEPH SIMPSON CLOUT died 2nd December 1906 of appedicitis - courtesy of Mr Colin Cameron.

From the NZSG Transcripts of the Kimihia Cemetery, Huntly -

No.?? - CLOUT - On December 2, 1906, JOSEPH SIMPSON CLOUT, (husband of Elizabeth) and son of the late James Clout of Huntly, aged 32 years.

- Also ELIZABETH, died 26th December 1965, aged 89 years.

No. ?/ - WILLIAM CLOUT died 11th December 1936, aged 36 years, husband of Mary and father of Patricia.

CLOUT - On Dec. 11, at Hamilton, WILLIAM, loved husband of Mary Clout, and loved father of Patricia, Rotowaro, aged 36 years. Funeral will leave the Huntly Church of England tomorrow (Saturday) at 2.30 p.m. for Kimihia Cemetery.

New Zealand Herald Friday 11th December 1936.


JOHN JAMES CLOUT, bachelor, 23, second son of James Thompson Clout and Eliza Sarah Mitchell = ELIZABETH TROUGHEAR, spinster, RG 1899/52

Their issue?:- (suggested list only - not proven)

WILLIAM EDGAR born 1899/1744

NATHANIEL EDWARD born 1901/1681

WILLIAM born 1902/3741

ALFRED JOHN born 1906/2167

CLOUT - On Dec. 25, at his late residence, Rotowaro, JOHN JAMES, dearly loved husband of Elizabeth Clout, aged 62 years. The Funeral will leave the Huntly Church of England at 2.15 p.m. today (Monday) for the Kimihia Cemetery.

New Zealand Herald 27th December 1937.


JAMES THOMPSON CLOUT, third son of James Thompson Clout and Eliza Sarah Mitchell, is said to have emigrated to the United States of America where he married and had at least one child, called Jessie according to Mr Colin Cameron.


STEPHEN MARTIN = MARY JANE CLOUT, spinster, youngest daughter of James Clout and Eliza Sarah Mitchell, RG 1901/4681

Their issue?:-

JESSIE FLORENCE born 1903/4212 or

JESSIE MAY born 1907/189

STEPHEN MARTIN died at Thames 20th December 1908, aged 32 years.



JOHN SEARLE KIMBER, bachelor, 29, baker, of Otahuhu 7 years = FRANCES CLOUT, spinster, 21, servant, eldest daughter of Joseph Clout and Elizabeth Davis, at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Otahuhu 22nd June 1870. RG 1870/349

Their issue:- (Kimber information is mostly courtesy of Mr Colin Cameron)

ALFRED JOHN born 03. 08. 1871 = LOUISA SARAH LIGHTFOOT 1893/39

JOSEPH SEARLE born 05. 08. 1872 = HANNAH THOMAS 1901/1495

HENRY FRANCIS born 30. 12. 1873 = HANNAH CRAWFORD WRIGHT 1898/2668

ELIZABETH ANNIE born 13. 11. 1876 = CHARLES SHUTE 1899/4066



WILLIAM JAMES born 25. 09. 1880 died 16th February 1888 aged 7½ years


WALTER ERNEST born 05.. 07. 1885 = LEAH HOLDSWORTH 1911/8586


FRANK born 28. 11. 1889 died 19th June 1893 aged 3½ years

ARTHUR born 28. 11. 1889 died 5th August 1891 aged 1½ years


JOHN SEARLE KIMBER died of cancer of the stomach at Auckland Hospital 15th September 1892.

FRANCES KIMBER, widow, of Exmouth Street, Eden Terrace, Auckland, being left without means of support with a large family, the youngest of whom was only a few months old, applied for relief from the Auckland Hospital Board, Application No. 7112 dated 30th September 1892.

FRANCES KIMBER née CLOUT died 30th June 1912 at 5 Selwyn Street, Ponsonby of cancer of the liver, and was buried at Holy Trinity Cemetery, Otahuhu.

From the NZSG Transcript of the Otahuhu Anglican Cemetery -

No. 85 - In loving memory of FRANCES KIMBER, died 30th November 1912, aged 68 years.

- JOHN SEARLE KIMBER died 15th September 1892, aged 60 years.

- Also their children, WILLIAM aged 7, ARTHUR in his second year and FRANK in his fourth year.


JOHN CAMERON, bachelor, aged about 32 years = MARY CLOUTT, spinster, minor, second daughter of Joseph Cloutt and Elizabeth Davis, at St George's Anglican Church, Thames 2nd March 1871. RG 1871/189

Their issue:-


JOHN born 1874/1031 died 26th March 1916 as John Ewen aged 41 years

CHRISTINA FRANCES born 1875/1713 = .............. .............. 1911/7838

ANGUS ALEXANDER born 31. 10. 1877 = FANNY ELIZABETH MAY ......... 1906/283

JESSIE ELIZABETH born 08. 02. 1879 = ................. ................... 1903/5863

WALTER KENNETH born 04. 06. 1880 = ELIZABETH .............. 1902/805

ALICE MARGERY born 18. 02. 1882 (family say Alice Marjorie) = ........ ...... 1903/3634

RONALD McKENZIE born 22. 07. 1884 = ELSIE WALLACE ........... 1910/2316

CHARLES HERBERT born 10. 06. 1886 = CATHERINE ................. 191?

ELSIE MARY born 20. 06. 1888 = ................. ................. 1914/5015


JOSEPH CLOUT, bachelor, full age, younger son of Joseph Clout and Elizabeth Davis = ELIZABETH JANE PATERSON, spinster, daughter of William Keddie Paterson and Dorothy Wood, 21st October 1884. RG 1884/2996

Their issue:-

DORA ELIZABETH born 20. 06. 1885 died 22nd June 1885 aged 2 days

ALICE ISABEL born 01. 05. 1886 = CYRIL GLADSTONE ANDERSON dsp 1969

FRANCES DORA born 25. 03.1888 died 8th March 1900 aged 11 years

HENRY JOSEPH born 22. 07. 1890 = FRANCES JANE NEWMAN 18th Sept 1918

JAMES EDWARD born 1893/3702 apparently not born at Thames

BERTIE PATERSON born 23. 08. 1894 died 20th June 1899 aged 4 years


The hand-printed family tree says there was a JAMES EDWARD CLOUT born to this family in 1893. Mr Colin Cameron does not include this child in his typed list.

From the NZSG Transcripts of the Shortland Cemetery -

No. ?? - Little BERT, died 20th June 1899, aged 5 years and FRANCES DORA, died 8th March 1900, aged 12 years, children of J. & E. Clout.

- Also JOSEPH, husband of E. Clout, died 1st May 1903, aged 49 years.

- And ELIZABETH, his wife, died 31st May 1918, aged 57 years.


Saturday 3rd May 1903

page 4, column 8

A well-known Thames resident in the person of Mr Joseph Cloutt, died at the Thames Hospital yesterday morning, to which institution he was only admitted the previous day, suffering a severe attack of pneumonia. Deceased was colour sergeant in the Hauraki Rifles, and his remains will therefore be accorded a military funeral on Sunday afternoon. He leaves a wife and two children for whom much sympathy is felt in their sad bereavement.

CLOUTT - On December 2, 1918, at her late residence, Walter Street, Thames, after a long illness, ELIZABETH JANE, relict of the late Joseph Cloutt, aged 58 years.

New Zealand Herald Monday 3rd June 1918.

ELIZABETH JANE CLOUT, married woman, 48 years, domestic duties, died 31st May 1918 at Walter Street, Thames, of cancer of the bowel 2 years and asthenia 1 month. Last seen alive by Dr D. B. Walshe 31st May 1918. Born Wernemboul 1, Australia, daughter of William Reddie2 Paterson, engineer, and Dorothy Wood, in New Zealand about 56 years. Married at Thames at age 24 to Joseph Clout. Male issue living - aged 27. Female issue living - aged 32. RG 1918/38


DOROTHY PATERSON died 28th July 1920 aged 89 years.

WILLIAM KEDDIE PATERSON died 28th June 1923 aged 93 years.

Both buried Shortland Cemetery - latter recorded on the transcription as William Reddie Paterson.

THOMAS ARTHUR ODLUM, bachelor, 27, = KATE SELINA CLOUT, spinster, 19. RG 1899/4541

Their issue:-?


The above issue has not been checked. Lineage of this lady is also not known but she is included in case any family member can help with information. She was born RG 1880/314. There were no Odlum burials recorded at Te Kuiti Old and New Cemeteries according to the NZSG Cemetery Transcript.

ODLUM - On Jan'y 28, 1932, at a private hospital, Wellington, THOMAS ARTHUR, dearly beloved youngest son of Mary Odlum, Te Kuiti, and of the late Arthur Odlum, Sydney and brother of Harry Odlum, Te Kuiti. Deeply regretted.

Auckland Star Friday 5th February 1932.


JAMES STORMONT SMALL, bachelor, 34, contractor, of Waiotahi 9 years = ELIZABETH CLOUTT, spinster, 18, boot closer, born Waiotahi, presently of Karangahape Road, third daughter of Joseph Cloutt and Elizabeth Davis, at St Sepulchre's Church, Auckland 8th March 1878. RG 1878/88

Their issue:- (this Small information all courtesy of Mr Colin Cameron, Auckland)


After moving to 5 Selwyn Street, Ponsonby, JAMES STORMONT SMALL worked as a truant officer for the schools. He died of cancer of the neck and lungs in 1914. RG 1914/2526

ELIZABETH SMALL née CLOUTT is thought to have died circa 1934 and their only surviving son, HAROLD STORMONT SMALL, was also a truant officer for his working life. After his retirement, he lived with a cousin named Walter White, near the home of his aunt, Ann Jane Rogers, until he was struck by a car in Mount Eden Road and died of his injuries in the Auckland Public Hospital 26th August 1948.


JOSEPH ROGERS, bachelor, full age, miner, of Thames = ANN JANE CLOUT, spinster, 22, youngest daughter of Joseph Clout and Elizabeth Davis, 1883. RG 1883/2439

Their issue:-

HILDA ELIZABETH born 1884/2374

DAISY MAY born 1887/1255

ELSIE MARY born 1889/3369

ERNEST JOSEPH born 1892/89

ARTHUR WILLIAM born 1894/2262

JOSEPH ROGERS is said to have died in the Auckland Hospital 1st April 1894 of a brain tumour but no entry for his death in 1894 can be located on the R-G's Index..

ANN ROGERS née CLOUT moved to Fitroy Street, Ponsonby after her husband's death but later resided at 10 Normanby Road where she died 3rd December 1945.

1 Warrrnambool,NSW

2 Reddie is how compiler read this name but family say it should be Keddie.