Admitted - 22nd August 1838

District -

Ship - Recruited in New Zealand

Pension - Chelsea Pension 7d per day commenced 1st October 1850

Rank - Private

Unit - 58th Regiment of Foot

Born - Cunard, Limerick circa 1800

Abode - Shortland Street and Chancery Street, Auckland

Parents -

Status - Married, 4 children

Wife - .....................................

Description - 5' 6", grey hair, grey eyes, sallow complexion, 54, no character entered, labourer. Served 15 years 9 months with the 58th Regiment and 11 months with the 39th Regiment, including 9 years in Ceylon. Discharged worn out with his right leg injured. According to the Treasury Pension Register, he married at Newport, South Wales 7th November 1846, with 4 children according to the Treasury Pension Register.

Possible issue of JOHN GLEESON and ................... .....................:??-

CORNELIUS born circa 1839? = HANNAH HAIRE 27th May 1861

JAMES born circa 1841 = JANE HUNTER 17th September 1873

PATRICK born circa 184? = MARGARET LYNCH 6th April 1874

? born circa 184?

JOHN GLEESON was admitted to the Auckland Provincial Hospital 13th June 1872 with dysentery and was buried 25th June 1872 from St Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral, aged 75 years. Mr Binsley says he died 18th June 1872 - perhaps the Burial Index has been incorrectly transcribed.

Verified by an entry in the Treasury Pension Register.

From the 1958 NZSG Transcript of the Symonds Street Cemetery - (may not be relevant here)

JAMES GLEESON died 16th March 1876 aged 34 years.

JEAN GLEESON, his wife, died 18th May 1876, aged 20 years.