Admitted -

District -

Ship - Recruited at Auckland 1852 (courtesy of Mr Binsley)

Pension - Chelsea Pension - amount not known

Rank - Private Regimental No. 79

Unit - 65th Regiment of Foot

Born - Cashel, Ireland

Abode -

Parents -

Status -

Wife -

Description - According to "Discharged in New Zealand" by Hugh and Lyn Hughes, this man was a private in the 65th Regiment with his trade entered as a labourer. He enlisted originally 15th February 1821 and served about 21 years. He embarked on the ship Sir Robert Peel which departed from Gravesend 15th September 1846 and arrived at Auckland 4th January 1847. He was discharged to pension at Wellington 27th January 1852.

CHARLES CARTY is supposed to have died 31st October 1860 but no entry has been located in the Registrar-General's Indexes.. This does not mean it did not happen, merely that it was not recorded. No other details are known about him. The Treasury Pension Register which usually yield details such as the place of residence where pension was paid, a physical description and date of death cannot be consulted in this case because that particular register has been lost over the years.

This man's name is included courtesy of Mr John E. Binsley.