Admitted - 22nd January 1850

Discharged - 10th July 1850 at Auckland

Ship - Recruited in New Zealand

Pension - Chelsea Pension 1/- per day

Rank - Private Regimental No. 612

Service No. - 612

Unit - 58th Regiment of Foot

Born - Clones circa 1808

Abode - Parnell, Auckland

Parents -

Status - Married, 3 children

Wife - ELIZABETH KANE probably died pre 1856 - may not be correct

Description - Enlisted 28th February 1828, this man was by trade a labourer. He sailed to Hobart Town on the ship Sir George Seymour and later went to Auckland on the Slains Castle. His obituary says he came by the North Star on March 22nd 1845.

* This man's name was occasionally listed as Benjamin or Barney depending on the reference source consulted. His surname also varies considerably so one cannot be positive but McDonald seems to be the one used mostly.


CATHERINE born circa 1843 = (1) CHARLES HAMPTON 1859/87

= (2) MICHAEL HEATH 1866/197

MARY ANN born circa 1846 = JAMES McSHEEHAN 1863/154 (McSHANE)

ELIZABETH bapt 30. 01.1848 = THOMAS GARNAUT 1877

BERNARD McDONALD, widower = MARY ANN FIELD, widow, at St Patrick's Cathedral, Auckland 3rd November 1856.

This entry may be totally irrelevant to the man above and should be checked by anyone able to consult the local records more easily.


New Zealand Herald

3rd October 1892

page 5, column 1.

Mr Bernard McDonald, better known as Barney McDonald, who passed away at the residence of his son in law, Mr Thomas Garnaut, Gibraltar Crescent, Parnell, at an early hour on the 2nd October, was at one time a very prominent figure amongst Auckland's old identities, and his career in the colony has been a varied and remarkable one. At the time of his death he was 84 years of age.

On the 2nd April, 1845, Mr McDonald arrived in New Zealand with the 58th Regiment, and was present at all the engagements with the natives at the Bay of Islands. He went to Sydney towards the end of 1846, but returned to New Zealand the following year, when, having severed his connections with the regiment, he became wood-contractor for the military forces, and had built for him two vessels, which bore a conspicuous part in the early coastal trade of this port - the Lady Wynyard and the Three Sisters6.

He subsequently entered business as a general contractor, and prospered well, becoming a considerable shareholder in the bank of New Zealand. But he entered largely into mining ventures on the Thames goldfields, and, like many others, he lost all his capital as well as the property which he had acquired, and disheartened by his losses in his advancing years, his health broke down, and he had to give up all business pursuits. Since then he had lived with his son in law and his daughter, Mrs Garnaut.

Mr McDonald leaves three daughters - Mrs Garnaut, Mrs McShane and Mrs Heath, 18 grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. The funeral took place from the residence of his son in law, Mr T. Garnaut, Gibraltar Crescent, Parnell, on October 3, and there was a considerable attendance of old residents. The coffin, surmounted by floral wreaths, was taken onto St John the Baptist's Church, where the first part of the burial service was given by the Rev Father Lenihan, who briefly referred to the deceased. The cortége then moved off to the Symonds Street Cemetery, the Very Rev Monsignor Macdonald attending as one of the chief mourners, and the final service was read over the grave by one of the Benedictine Fathers.


CHARLES HAMPTON, bachelor, full age = (1) ELIZABETH CLARKE 1856/377.

Their issue?:-

MARY JANE born 1853/1621 buried from St Patrick's 19th January 1863 aged 9 years

ELIZABETH born 1858/3377 buried from St Patrick's 21st May 1860

ELIZABETH HAMPTON née CLARKE is believed to have died 1859/1602.

CHARLES HAMPTON, probably a widower, full age = (2) CATHERINE McDONALD, spinster, 16, eldest daughter of Bernard McDonald and Elizabeth Kane, 1859. RG 1859/87

Their issue:

JAMES born 05.08.1859 buried 10th December 1859 aged 4 months 4 days

CHARLES born 1860/5066 = .................. ....... 1881 at St Patrick's

ELIZABETH born circa 1863 = ............. ........... 1893 at St Patrick's

MARY JANE bapt 1863 died 1863/2768

According to "Discharged in New Zealand" by Hugh and Lyn Hughes, a man called Charles Hampton No. 1191, served with the 58th Regiment. He was born at Potham, Wiltshire, a labourer, enlisted 9th November 1839, sailed in the ship Pestongee Bomanjee, London 14th May 1844, arrived at Sydney 30th September 1844. He left Sydney aboard the ship North Star Velocity which arrived at Auckland 24th March 1845 and was given a free discharge at Auckland 31st May 1850.

CHARLES HAMPTON was buried from St Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Auckland, 24th September 1863, aged 40 years. RG 1863/3125


Their issue?:

MARY CATHERINE born 1867/5 = ............ ........... 1903 at St Patrick's as KATE?

MARY ANN born 1869/115 died pre 1920

BERNARD CUTHBERT born circa 1871 = MARGARET ELIZABETH .............. 1898 at St Pat's

MICHAEL JOSEPH born 1873/950 = .......... ........... 1909 at St Benedict's - alive 1920

JAMES THOMAS born 1876/364 buried from St Patrick's 16th March 1877 aged 10 yrs

ALICE ANN born 1878/2076 apparently died prior to 1920

male born circa 1881 alive 1920

WILLIAM CUTHBERT born 1887/5618 = ........... ......... 1927 at St Pat's - alive 1920


or JAMES HEATH = AGNES ... 1929 at St Pat's & died pre 1920

MICHAEL HEATH died RG 1888/1614.

CATHERINE HEATH, widow, died 13th December 1920, at 21 Union Street, aged 77 years. Born Chatham, daughter of Bernard McDonald, contractor, and Catherine ....., (this as the mother would make Elizabeth Kane incorrect but may have been misquoted), in New Zealand 75 years. Married at Auckland at age 17 to Charles Hampton, with 1 male issue living aged 60. Married secondly at age 22 to Michael Heath with male issue living at time of death - aged 50, 48, 39, 32. Female issue living - aged 55 years. To be buried Symonds Street Cemetery with her late husband who died 27 years ago and two daughters and one son. Coffin to be like Mrs McShane's. RG 1920/2814 as KATHERINE


BERNARD CUTHBERT HEATH, full age, son of Michael Heath and Catherine McDonald = MARGARET ELIZABETH ............., at St Patrick's Cathedral, Auckland 1898. RG 1898/1213

Their issue?:-

MARGARET JOSEPHINE born 1898/2370 = ....... ........... 1920 at St Benedict's

BERNARD McDONALD born 1900/1265

CATHERINE ALICE born 1902/30

CHARLES born 1904/...... . buried 7th September 1938 aged 34 years

THOMAS WILLIAM born 1906/4339 buried 4th July 1907 aged 10 months

CATHERINE born end 1907 buried 7th January 1908 aged 2 weeks

EILEEN born 1909/93 or


MICHAEL GEORGE born 1910/100 buried 21st July 1910 aged 6 months

WILLIAM ANDREW born 1912/5618 as WILLIAM?

CHARLES BERNARD born 1914/3481

BERNARD HEATH, aged 58 years, was buried in the Waikaraka Cemetery 3rd July 1929.

MARGARET ELIZABETH HEATH, also buried there 13th November 1942, aged 69 years.

The children listed above, who died in infancy, were all buried in the Waikaraka Cemetery also.


JAMES McSHEEHAN (sic), bachelor, carter = MARY ANN McDONALD, spinster, second daughter of Bernard McDonald and Elizabeth Kane, 2nd June 1863 at St Patrick's Cathedral, Auckland. RG 1863/154

Their issue?:-

MARY JANE McSHEAN born 1864/8019


ELIZABETH MARY McSHANE born 1867/65 died 1889/23

PATRICK McSHEAN born 1870/857 died 16th April 1936 aged 64 years

CECELIA ANN McSHANE born 1872/228 buried 6th June 1873 aged 9 months

JAMES McSHANE born 1876/291 ?= JESSIE ........ANNIE?


WALTER McDONALD McSHANE born 1884/84 died 7th October 1919 aged 34 years

JAMES McSHANE died 1890. RG 1890/1092

MARY ANN McSHANE, widow, aged 74 years, died 27th October 1920, of old age, at 13 Shaddock Street, Mt Eden. Born Sydney, daughter of Bernard McDonald, contractor, and ......................, in New Zealand 73 years. Married at about age 20 to James McShane. Male issue living - aged 44, 42. No female issue living. Buried Symonds Street Cemetery, funeral account to Messrs J. and W. McShane, 13 Shaddock Street, Mt Eden.

WALTER MACDONALD McSHANE, labourer, died 7th October 1919 at 13 Shaddock Street, Mt Eden, aged 34 years. Born Auckland, son of James McShane, carter, and Mary Ann McDonald, buried Waikaraka Cemetery, Onehunga. Apparently no headstone, not in NZSG headstone transcript.

McSHANE - GAVIN: On February 20, 1912, at St Patrick's Church, Panmure, by the Rev Father Tormey, WILLIAM, son of the late Mr & Mrs J. McShane, Mt Eden, to ELIZABETH, daughter of Mr & Mrs W. H. Gavin, Ellerslie. Present address - Sproston Avenue, Ellerslie.

Silver Weddings New Zealand Herald Saturday 20th February 1937.

EDWARD WILLIAM McSHANE died 27th August 1947, aged 67 years.

His wife, ELIZABETH McSHANE, died 15th June 1962, aged 75 years.

Buried in the Panmure Catholic Cemetery from the Ellerslie Catholic Church.


Their issue?;-

ELIZABETH ALICE ADELAIDE bapt 06. 11.1898 at Panmure


Their issue:-

JEAN MADELEINE born June 1916 died 17th December 1917 aged 18 months

From the NZSG Transcript of the Waikaraka Cemetery -

No. 3702. - In loving memory of JEAN MADELEINE (Junee), beloved daughter of John and Lillian McShane, died 17th December 1917, aged 18 months.


Their issue?:-

MARGARET born circa 188? =............ ............. 1901

BRIDGET BEATRICE born circa 188? = ............ ............ 1903 at St Benedict's

ANNIE born circa 188? = ............ ............ 1907 at St Benedict's

??JAMES born circa 1889 = ELIZABETH GAVIN 20 February 1912 at Panmure


THOMAS GARNAUT, bachelor, full age, son of Lewis and Agnes Garnaut = ELIZABETH McDONALD, born 10th or 25th January 1848, spinster, third daughter of Bernard McDonald and Elizabeth Kane, full age, RG 1877/718

Their issue?:-

AGNES MARY born 1878/2016 Akl

LOUIS BURNARD born 1880/3474 Akl 7 died 1916/1733


CHARLES born 1885/3477

THERESA born 1887/2285

LEWIS GARNAUT died 27th October 1881, aged 75 years.

His wife, AGNES GARNAUT, died 1st October 1898, aged 69 years. They are buried in the Anglican Cemetery, Symonds Street, Auckland, with their daughter, EDITH, died 28th June 1876, aged 6 years and son, DANIEL, drowned Wairoa River 6th June 1881, aged 19 years. Another branch of this family, namely, HUBERT GARNAUT, their fourth son, aged 56 years, is buried in the Waikaraka Cemetery with his wife, MABEL, and children. The Garnaut family appear to have arrived in New Zealand as late as 1866.

ELIZABETH GARNANT (should read GARNAUT) née McDONALD died 1911 according to the Catholic Archives fiche but no entry has been located in the Registrar-General's Indexes. Buried from St Benedict's Catholic Church, Auckland.

THOMAS GARNAUT died 1912/1555.

6 This ship was probably named after his three daughters.

7 Should probably read Lewis Bernard, so named after both grandfathers.