Name - BENJAMIN CLOUT T9/2 page 63; T9/3 page 100 & T9/7 page 20

Enlisted - 23rd January 1828

Ship - Recruited in New Zealand

Pension - Chelsea Pension 1/- per day commenced 11th July 1850

Rank - Private

Unit - 58th Regiment of Foot Regimental No. 629

Born - Baptised at Horsemunden, Kent 9th April 1809

Abode - Auckland

Parents - James Clout & Frances Golden

Status - Married Dublin 1841

Wife - (1) ANN .................. born circa 1816 - died 12th May 1867

- (2) JANE AGNEW born circa 1821 - died 1899

Description - 5' 8", brown hair, hazel eyes, fresh complexion, 40, good character, labourer. He joined the 60th Regiment 26th February 1828 and transferred to the 58th Regiment in June of the same year. Served 21 years 7 months, including 4 years 1 month in Australia and 11 years 5 months in Ceylon. Admitted to pension 22nd February 1850, discharged with rheumatism of the knee joint. Married at Dublin 1841 according to the Treasury Pension Register. Apparently there was no issue from either marriage.

The New Zealander of May 14, 1851 records Mr Clout leaving for Honolulu and San Francisco on the "Mary Catherine".

Compiler believes the above man would have probably been Benjamin rather than Joseph Clout.

ANN CLOUT, married woman, 50 years, of Auckland, Primitive Methodist, was admitted to the Auckland Hospital with a compound fracture of ribs and a dislocated ankle. The report on page 3 of the Southern Cross dated 18th February 1867 described her as being separated from her husband for the several years past. She had been living recently at the dwelling house of a person named Gapper, a dining house keeper of Queen Street. Her injuries were caused by her apparently jumping or falling down a 70 foot cliff at Judges Bay, Auckland and suffered severe injuries from which she died on the 7th March 1867 in the Auckland Hospital of complications from her fall.

A man named James Brady, a pensioner, formerly in the 58th Regiment, was found dead at seven o'clock on Saturday evening, in a shed belonging to Mr Philip Calanan, near Stoke's Point, North Shore. Brady, who has lived some years at the North Shore, was last seen alive at ten o'clock on Saturday morning. The body was brought over to Auckland yesterday, and placed in the dead-house, and in inquest will be held on it today.

Southern Cross 22nd January 1866.

This man could possibly have been the first husband of Jane Clout née Agnew, formerly Brady.

BENJAMIN CLOUT, widower, 60, labourer, of Stokes Point, North Shore 18 years = (2) JANE BRADY formerly AGNEW, widow, washerwoman, 50, of Stokes Point, North Shore 12 years, at the Stokes Point Anglican Church, by the Rev B. Y. Ashwell, 5th January 1871.

BENJAMIN CLOUT was a gardener at Northcote. He died of general debility 25th February 1884, aged 79 years (age should probably read about 75) and he was buried in an unmarked grave in Plot No. 20 in the Old Birkenhead Anglican Cemetery. RG 1884/32

JANE CLOUT née AGNEW formerly BRADY, known as Granny Clout, continued to live in Northcote until she died in 1899. She was buried in the Old Anglican Cemetery at Birkenhead in Plot No. C70 which is also without a headstone.

Compiler is greatly indebted to Mr Colin Cameron of Auckland for so much extra information recorded herein. Mr Cameron states that Joseph was able to sign for his pension but Benjamin signed with a cross.

Some years while compiler was researching her own family in Yorkshire, I had occasion to ask the Registrar why my grandfather's sister signed with a cross while my grandfather signed his name although there was evidence that all three children in this family had attended school. The reply was that sometimes when people wrote very slowly and laboriously, the authorities would simply tell them to sign with a cross. Although this may not be the case here it could possibly be relevant.