Auckland Alphabetical Directory
W - Z

Name Occupation Address Details
Wachtel and Uvater Capmaker Victoria St
Waddel John Baker Hobson St
Waddel William R. Baker Hobson St
Waddell George Grocer Albert St
Waddell John Baker Karangahappe Rd
Wadham Henry J. Wharfinger Queen St Residence Nelson St
Waihoihoi Coal Co. C. Arthur and Son Agent Queen St
Walding J. C. Boot and Shoe Maker Chancery lane
Walker John Cabinetmaker Hobson St
Walker Robert Kauri Gum Merchant Wharf Residence Nelson St
Walker Edward Coasters Home Hotel Drake St
Walker J. P. Bricklayer Albert St
Walker Richard Settler Eden Cres
Walker and Edwards Saddler and Storekeepers Kyber Pass Rd
Wall John Baker North shore
Wallace George Butcher Symonds St
Wallace George Grocer Drake St
Wallace John General Store Beach Rd North Shore
Wallace William Watchmaker and Importer of Fancy Goods Grey St
Wallbank & co. Bootmaker Victoria St
Wallington S. Painter Wellington St
Walters William Butcher Queen St
Walton and co. Glaziers &c Chapel St
Warburton George Gardener Kyber Pass Rd
Wardell B. Painter And Glazier Hobson's Park
Warner Thomas Painter and Decorator Parnell
Warner James Bootmaker Wakefield St
Warren Rev. John Wesley College
Warren J. H. Bookbinder Eden Cres
Warren Y. Grocer Shortland St
Waters Thomas Family Grocer Parnell
Waters J. Bookbinder Fort St
Waterston Robert Of Brown Campbell & Co. Jermyn St Residence
Watson John Upholsterer Wellesley St
Watson E. Baker and Confectioner Shortland St
Watt J. Timber Merchant and Firewood Dealer Mechanic's Bay
Watt J. H. Working Jeweller and Seal Engraver Shortland St
Way John B. Clerk Onehunga Residence
Wayland J. M. Chief Clerk Registrar  - Generals Office Princes St
Waymouth and Gilmore Accountants Wyndham St
Wayte E. Of Wayte and Batger Seafield Residence
Weaving Thomas carpenter Symonds St
Webb A. R. Accountant Karangahappe Rd Residence
Webb E. Painter Cook St
Webb J. Hair cutter and Perfumer Wyndham St
Webb S. H. Pianoforte Warehouse Wellesley St Residence Remuera
Webbe E Photographer Wyndham St
Webber J Boot and Shoemaker Wakefield St
Webster George Merchant & General Importer Queen St Residence Grey St
Webster James Carpenter Barrack St
Webster Robert T Saddler Barrack St
Webster H Photographer Queen St Junction
Webster Andrew Miller Hobson St
Weir J Linen Draper Hobson St
Wells Samuel Symonds St Residence
Wells R Boatman Edward St
Wells Sydney Storeman Albert St
Welsman John Chemist & Druggist Queen Street Residence, Vincent Street
Westverone Teacher of Music & Dancing
Weston William Parnell Residence
Weston Charles Blacksmith Victoria Quadrant
Weston Thomas Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public Shortland St Residence Eden St
Weston Thomas Esq Residence Remuera
Westpfahl Charles Boot & Shoemaker Wakefield St
Wharf Hotel J Devin Queen St
Whitaker & Russell Solicitors Wyndham St
Whitaker Frederick of W & R, Superintendent of Province Emily Place Residence
White D. Lithographer and Draughtsman Queen St
White Henry Law Stationer and Land Agent Wyndham St
White Titus A. Interpreter Nelson St
Whitelaw James Parnell Residence
Whitson and Co. Albert & Hobson Bridge Breweries Queen St
Whitson Robert Of Whitson and co. Newmarket Residence
Whyte James Birmingham and Sheffield Warehouse Queen St Residence Mount St
Wickins J. Tailor Albert St
Wicks G. Grocer grey St
Widdoson Sam Grocer Abercrombie St
Wilkes M. J. Practical Watchmaker Wellesley St
Wilkes J. C. Storekeeper Cr Upper Queen & East St
Wilkie Alexander Aerated Water and Cordial
Maker Eden Cres
Wilkinson Thomas Painter Parnell
Williams Frederick Fruiterer and Greengrocer Queen St
Williams Henry W. Landing Waiter H. M. C. Union St
Williams A. M. Apothecary & Accoucheur Hobson St
Williams and Co. Ship Chandlers Queen St
Williams and Freer Coach Painters Durham St
Williams - Of Williams and Co. Hobson St Residence
Williams J. Firewood Depot Mechanics Bay
Williams Samuel J. Customs and Boating Officer Albert St
Williams - Shipwright Albert St
Williams George Brunswick Cigar Divan Queen St
Williams John Clerk Fort St
Williams John Esq Waste Lands Commissioner Karangahappe Rd Residence
Winks and Haul Upholsterers and Cabinetmakers Shortland St
Wilson Joseph Butcher Newton
Wilson James Freeman's Bay Store Drake St
Wilson Adam Draper Edward St
Wilson John Blacksmith Chapel St
Wilson David Stonemason Victoria Quadrant
Wilson John Bricklayer Coburg St
Wilson John Tailor Drake St
Wilson George Boot and Shoe Shop Chapel St
Wilson James I. Provincial Land Surveyor Parnell
Wilson Mrs Toy Shop Parnell
Wilson George Boot and Shoemaker Durham St
Wilson James Tinsmith and Plumber High St
Wilson W. P. Painter Parnell
Wilson William C. Proprietor N.Z. Herald Wyndham St Shortland St
Wilson Joseph Gloucester Arms Hotel Karangahappe Rd
Wilson and McLachlan Drapers Wyndham St
Wilson William Baker Queen St
Wilson William P. Royal Exchange Hotel Parnell
Wilson Edmund Shopman Queen St
Wiseman J and A. Saddlers Queen St
Wiseman James Of J. and A. Wiseman Fort St Residence
Wiseman Alexander Of J. and A. Wiseman Fort St
Wisotski Reuben General Store Queen St
Witheford Clement Jnr Tinsmith Parnell
Witheford Clement Ironmonger and Tinsmith Parnell
Wood and Baber Architects and Land Agents Shortland St
Wood J. Carpenter Durham St
Wood R. G. Land Agent and Architect Shortland St Residence Hobson's Bay
Wood William A. Carpenter Grey St
Woodhouse John Manager Bank New South Wales Parnell Residence
Woolgar C. Engineer Wakefield St
Woolley Alfred Merchant Commission and Insurance Agent Queen St
Worford Thomas D. Plumber and Tinsmith Grey St
Worms Joseph Salesman Victoria St
Worrall William H. Salesman Karangahappe rd
Wren Thomas Commissariat Contractor Nelson St Residence
Wright Dr F. W. Parnell Residence
Wright Joseph Esq Mount St Residence
Wright George Baker Chapel St
Wright and Cork Fencers Napier and Drake St
Wright H. H. Clerk Cotelle Residence
Wright J. Blacksmith Union St
Wrigley James Architect Shortland St Residence Remuera
Wynn Robert W. Solicitor Shortland St Residence Parnell
Yandle William Bird Stuffer Victoria St
Yelland John Boatman Durham St
Young W. J. Merchant and Importer Queen St Res The Grange Otahuhu
Young W. Grocer Shortland St
Young John Plumber and Gasfitter Queen St
Young James Plumber Queen St
Young James Butcher Shortland St
Young Thomas Saddler Victoria St
Young James Storekeeper Karangahappe Rd
Zeigler Henry Greengrocer Albert St