Auckland Alphabetical Directory
S - V

Name Occupation Address Details
Sadgrove W. Farmer Cabbage Tree Swamp
Sadgrove W. Proprietor Foresters Arms Albert St
Saddlier Mrs Upper Queen St
Salmon and Co. J. Merchants Lower Queen St
Salmon John Of J. Salmon and Co. Grafton Rd Residence
Sampson G. Messenger Government House
Sanders Charles Bootmaker Parnell
Sanders Charles Jnr General Dealer Parnell
Sanderson Charles Civil Engineer Wellesley St Residence
Saunder J. F. Tailor Wellesley St
Saunderson William General Merchant High St
Scaerl Richard Chancery Lane
Scales John H. Of J. H. Burnside and Co. Parnell Residence
Scarratt John Army contractor Drayton Villa Great South Rd
Scates J. British Hotel Queen St
Schaffer Charles Baker West Queen St
Schapp and Ansenne Saw Mills and Timber Merchants Mercury Bay
Schirff Franz Merchant Fort St Residence Ponsonby Rd
Scholes John Royal George Hotel Newmarket
Schluchman S. Grocer Albert St
Scott Robert Boot and Shoe Warehouse Queen St Residence Chapel St
Scott A. Lower Queen St Residence
Scott John Blacksmith Grafton Rd
Scott Archibald Carter Kyber Pass Rd
Scott Alexander Carman Chapel St
Scott Mrs General Dealer Grafton Rd
Scott William Builder Mount St.
Scott J. General Storekeeper and Boardinghouse Mechanic's Bay
Scotter Edward Blacksmith Newmarket
Seabrook John Tailor Nelson St
Searle Richard Butcher Chapel St
Seecombe R. Of R. Seecombe & Son Kyber Pass Rd Residence
Seecombe and Son Great Northern Brewery Kyber Pass Rd
Seffern William H. J. Printer Nelson St Residence
Sellers Robert Salesman Chapel St
Self Thomas Butcher Grey St
Semdeal Richard Butcher Karangahappe Rd
Semor Joseph Railway Terminus Hotel Official Bay
Seufert Andrew Cabinet Maker Victoria St
Severs William Gingerbeer Maker Hobson St
Seward John Teacher Wesley College
Sexton Thomas Carpenter Shortland St
Sexton Mrs W. Milliner and dressmaker Shortland St
Seymour F. Contractor Symonds St
Seymour Felix Carter Wellesley St
Seymour W. Photographer Queen St
Shand James Tinsmith Upper Symonds St
Sharp M. Miller Cook St
Sharp Nathan W. Plumber and Glazier Wakefield St
Sharp W. Painter and Glazier Mount St
Shaw J. W. Grocer Hobson St
Shaw F. Working Jeweller Hobson St
Shabe Alfred Salesman Alton Rd
Shedden Robert Cooper Durham St
Sheehan John Clerk Hobson St
Sheehan Daniel Carpenter Nelson St
Sheehan P. Governor Brown Hotel Hobson St
Sheehan Michael Boot and Shoe Maker Wyndham St
Shelton H. R. Painter Chapel St
Shelton J. Painter Wellesley St
Sheppard F. Painter and Paperhanger Parnell
Sheppard John Boot and Shoe Dealer Shortland St
Sheppard and Carr Newton Timber Yard Karangahappe Rd
Sherlock and Morris China and Earthernware Depot Hobson St
Sherrand & co. H. A. Importers and Warehouse Fort St
Sherrand H. Of H. A. Sherrand & Co. Vincent St Residence
Sherrand A. Of H. A. Sherrand & Co. Vincent St Residence
Shore Thomas Butcher Hobson St
Shoreland John Builder Pitt St
Short G. H. Master Mariner Victoria St
Short Hercules Victoria St Residence
Short Thomas Draper and Silk Mercer Queen St Residence Grey St
Shortland Edward Native Secretary Parnell
Slater Joseph Butcher Drakes St
Slattery John Grocer Drake St
Sleath Henry W. Music and Pianoforte Warehouse Shortland St
Sloane Walter Porter Shortland St
Smallfield Octavius Fancy Repository Queen St
Smallfield Octavius Fancy Repository Parnell
Smart James Of Cruickshand Small & Co. Wynyard St
Summerton J. J. Woodturner Karangahappe Rd
Simonds James Plumber Wakefield St
Simpson Peter Settler Wakefield St
Simss J. Storekeeper Abercrombie St
Sims and Brown Shipbuilders North Shore
Sims Mary Josephine Commercial Hotel Shortland St
Sinclair - Carpenter and Builder Union St
Sinton William Miller Wyndham St
Skelton Edward Storeman Grey St
Skinner - Carpenter and Builder Hepburn St
Skinner James Storeman Albert St
Smith T. and A. Butchers Karangahappe Rd
Smith James Joiner Victoria St
Smith W. H. Bootmaker Pitt St
Smith John Government Contractor Hobson's Park Parnell
Smith C. B. General Grocer Queen St
Smith Robert Plumber Freeman's Bay
Smith Mrs Milliner and Dressmaker Queen St
Smith Arthur W. Cellarman Queen St
Smith S. H. Ironmonger and Merchant Queen St Residence Grey St
Smith J. H. Salesman Grey St
Smith William H. Esq Seafield View
Smith Richard Carpenter Chapel St
Smith Rev. James M. Grafton Rd
Smith John Shoemaker Wakefield St
Smith George Accountant Wakefield St
Smith William Court-house Hotel High St
Smith Mrs W. Dressmaker Barrack St
Smith George Jnr Carpenter Wakefield St
Smith J. Grocer Symonds St
Smith Henry Architect Wellesley St
Smith Isaac Carpenter Wellesley St
Smith Francis Boot and Shoe Maker Queen St
Smith F. J. Cabinetmaker Wellington St
Smith S. C. Settler Hobson St
Smith William T. Albion Hotel Hobson St
Smith Alfred Blacksmith Albert St
Smith William Old House at Home Hotel Hobson St
Smith S. and C. Furniture Brokers
Smith George Carrier Wakefield St
Snodgrass William Baker West Queen St
Somerville Henry Esq Albert St Residence
Somerville James Carpenter Hobson's Park
Somerville Mark General Merchant Queen St Residence Beresford St
Somerville Richard Wholesale and Family Store Queen St
Somerville Henry Upholsterer Newton
Somerville M. Livery and Bait Stables and Hay Store Queen St
Souter - Marine Symonds St
Soppet J. and J. Millers Queen St Flour Mills Freeman's Bay
Soppet James G. Hobson St
Soppet James Hobson St
Speakman W. Grocer The Strand
Speechley Thomas Carter Mount St
Spragg C. Machinist Hobson Rd
Spraggon Joseph Of Thewaite Henderson & Co. Elliot St
Spriggs M. Cabinetmaker Victoria St
Springall John Clerk Pitt St Residence
Spry James Star Hotel Newton
Stackpool H. Manager Auckland Club Official Bay
Staines John General Dealer Albert St
Stack Henry P. Stock and Shoebroker Vulcan Lane Residence Chapel St
Steel George S. Law clerk Wellesley St Residence
Steel Thomas Cabinetmaker Parnell
Steel William Firewood Dealer & Carter Parnell
Steel Mrs Gloucester Boardinghouse Parnell
Steers Edmund City Club Hotel Shortland St
Stephens Thomas Plumber and Zinc Worker Victoria St
Stephenson William Carpener and Builder Chapel St
Stephenson F. Wellesley St Residence
Stevens & Son Estate Agents Shortland St
Stevenson Charles Ponsonby Rd Residence
Stevenson John Y. Salesman Grafton Rd
Stevenson Robert Saddler & Harness Maker Queen St
Stevenson Robert M. Grocer Wakefield St
Stevenson David Of W. Gregg and Co. Grafton Rd Residence
Stevenson David Baker Victoria St
Stewart Andrew Of Buchanan & Stewart Cook St Residence
Stewart James Civil Engineer Abercrombie St
Stewart Mrs Dressmaker Edward St
Stitchbury & Son C. General Importers Queen St
Stitchbury C. Of Stitchbury & Son Official Bay Residence
Stitchbury H. Of Stitchbury & Son Queen St Residence
Stirling James Pitt St Residence
Stocks J. W. Butcher Karangahappe Rd
Stokes Henry Boot and Shoemaker Victoria St
Stone Bros. Merchants Shipping & Commission Agents Queen St
Stone Charles B. Of Stone Bros. Symonds St Residence
Stoney James B. Clerk at Police Court Newmarket Residence
Stratford S. J. M. D. Terrace Parnell Residence
Streeton F. W. Bookseller & Stationer Pitt St
Streeter S. C. Butcher Newton
Stringer Thomas Bootmaker Edward St
Strong Robert Waterman Durham St
Strong George Machinist Short St
Strong Mrs G. Wynward Store Shortland St
Strong George Contractor for Ships Spars and Baulk Timber Official Bay
Sturrock William Private Boardinghouse Wellesley St
Stute Henry Cabinetmaker Parnell
Sullivan James Crown Hotel West Queen St
Sullivan John Settler fort St
Sullivan Joseph Mariner Edward St
Sutliffe John Saw Sharpener Elliott St
Sutherland James Belfast Hotel Princes St
Swainson E. Esq Off West Queen St Residence
Sym J. M. Baker Parnell
Syms E. Fruiterer Wakefield St
Symon R. B. Hay Corn & Produce Store Victoria and Albert St
Symonds J. H. Hairdresser &c Queen St
Tabutran J. M. Esq Of H. M. Customs Parnell Residence
Tadman Richard Joiner Cook St
Tait Andrew At Customs Ponsonby Rd Residence
Tait A. and A. Blacksmiths and Ironfounders Grey St
Tanner Benjamin Salesman Edward St
Tattersall L. Painter Albert St
Taylor John Mason Epsom
Taylor John Of A. Amos & Co. Newton Rd Residence
Taylor William Aerated Water Manufactory Wakefield St
Taylor Miss Gloucester House Seminary Abercrombie St
Taylor William M. Shipbuilder Custom-house St Residence Cook St
Taylor Charles J. Gentleman Symonds St
Taylor James Restaurant Keeper Lower Queen St
Taylor Richard Builder and Contractor Nelson St
Taylor William Mineral Water Manufacturer Victoria St
Teague William E. Clerk Princes St
Tester Mrs School Newton
Tighe Michael Esq Wynyard St Residence
Timms S. M. Boardinghouse Victoria Lane
Tingey J. Painter Wyndham St
Thistle Hotel P. Darby Proprietor Queen St
Thomas William Pump and Block Maker Victoria St
Thompson and Co. A. L. Importers of Cattle Queen St
Thomson Keith & Co. Merchants Fort St
Thomson Charles D. Of Thomson Keith and Co. Parnell Residence
Thomson George Aerated Water Manufactory Upper Queen St
Thomson Robert Shipwright Wakefield St
Thomson David J. Firewood Dealer Custom-house St
Thompson Thomas General Dealer and Grocer Victoria and Albert St's
Thorne William Boot and Shoemaker & Importer High St also Wakefield St
Thornburn John Carpenter Parnell
Thornton Smith & Firth Flour Millers Queen St
Thornton Daniel B. Of Thornton Smith & Firth Remuera
Thorgood George Gingerbeer and Cordial Maker High St
Tole John L. Draughtsman Freeman's Bay Residence
Townsend Daniel Fruiterer and Greengrocer Chancery St
Townley F. S. Cabinetmaker Upholsterer and Funeral Furnisher Parnell
Tozer Elias Wheelwright Kyber Pass Rd
Trail W. H. Boatman Victoria St
Trevail Thomas Watch and Clock Maker Queen St
Tremain Edwin Engineer Napier St
Trevena W. H. Livery and Bait Stables Durham St
Trimmer Joseph Carpenter Hobson St
Tucker and Wilson Butchers Queen St
Tudehope Thomas Carpenter Grey St
Tudehope R. Grocer Grey St
Turnbull Robert Settler Wyndham St
Turner B. E. Esq Settler Hobson's Bridge Residence
Turner Charles Hobson St Residence
Turrell and Tonks Auctioneers Queen St
Turrell L. Boot and Shoe Warehouse Queen St
Turton H. H. Gold Commissioner Coromandel Residence St George's Bay
Twaites Thomas Shipbuilder and Sparmaker Smales Point
Twelvetrees W. Carpenter Victoria St
Twohey William Furnishing Bazaar Queen St
Tyler James Storekeeper Chapel St
Tyler John Master Mariner North Shore Residence
Union Hotel P. S. Mackenzie Prop. Queen St
United Service Hotel J. Quick Prop. Cnr Queen & Wellesley
Upton and Co. Bookseller & Stationers Queen St
Urvater B. Of Wachtel and Urvater Victoria St
Utting Frederick J. Civil Engineer & Architect Queen St
Vaile S and J. R. Drapers Cn Queen and Wyndham
Vaile J. R. Of S and J. R. Vaile Cook St Residence
Valentine J. C. Secretary to Education Board Jermyn St
Vaughan Mrs Draper Parnell
Vaughan William Post Office Keeper & Grocer Parnell
Vaughan T. Of Philcox and Vaughan Seafield View Residence
Vercoe R. J. Greyhound Hotel Queen St
Vernon Henry Chief Bailiff Hobson St Residence
Vialou Isaac R. Auckland Hotel Queen St
Victoria Hotel Alfred Barchard Prop Queen St
Vibert and Anstie Misses Ladies Academy Symonds St
Vickery and Mansfield Albert St Foundry Albert St
Vickery William Carpenter Victoria St
Vincent Robert Carpenter & Joiner Beresford St