Auckland Alphabetical Directory
P - R

Name Occupation Address Details
Page William Tailor Abercrombie St
Paice James Cattle Dealer Cabbage Tree Swamp
Palmer Mrs School Parnell
Palmer James Royal Hotel Official Bay
Parker Charles Carter Newton
Parker W. B. Storeman Newton
Parker James D. Gasfitter Chapel St
Parker Henry Shipsmith Chancery Lane
Parker William Grocer Wakefield St
Parker William Horse and Groom Hotel Durham St
Parkinson John Carter Union St
Parslow H. Greengrocer Hobson St
Partington Henry General Produce Store Queen St Residence Symonds St
Partington E. Windsor House Pitt St Residence
Partington Charles F. Steam Biscuit Manufactory & Flour Mills Symonds St
Partridge S. Fruiterer Queen St
Paterson Mrs Dressmaker Newton
Paterson William Painter Newton
Paterson Robert Of Webster & Paterson Parnell
Paterson James Victoria St Residence
Paterson John Cook St Residence
Paul James Grocer Symonds St
Paul Walter Butcher Grey St
Payne William Compositor Grafton Rd
Payne Bros. Engraver &c Grey Rd
Peacock Thomas Optician and Nautical Instrument maker Shortland St
Pee and Reece General Blacksmith &c Parnell
Pearce John Blacksmith Newmarket
Pearce Henry Bootmaker Parnell
Pearce Robert Cooking Stove Manufacturer Wellesley St
Pearce Mrs Robert Grosvenor Temperance Boardinghouse Wellesley St
Pearce Edmond Gardener Queen St
Pearce John Blacksmith Newmarket
Pearson Joshua R. Storeman Emily Place
Pearson Christoper Wheelwright Freeman's Bay
Peck Thomas Butcher Union St
Peckham Henry Contractor Parnell
Pellow William Carpenter Wakefield St
Penn Charles Victoria St Residence
Pennman John H. Sawyer Grey St
Peters W. R. Baker High St
Petschler Charles Merchant and Importer Queen St
Pettingale John George Hobsons Park Residence
Pettit William J. Mariner Pitt St
Pettit John Cabinetmaker & Upholsterer Hobson St
Pettman John Storeman Coburg St
Philcox & Vaughan Builders Albert St
Philcox W. Of Philcox & Vaughan Kyber Pass Rd Residence
Philips J. Watch & Clock Maker Queen St
Phillips P. A. Ironmonger & Importer Queen St Residence Wakefield St
Phillips and Son W. Oil Colour and Glass Warehouse Wyndham St
Phillips John Of W. Phillip and Son Mount Albert
Phillips Frank Of W Phillips and Son Mount Albert
Phillips E. N. Greengrocer Hobson St
Phillopson Thomas Chemist and Druggist Princes St
Philson Dr. Surgeon Barrack St Residence
Pickett John Joiner Edward St
Pierce - M. D. Newton Residence
Pierce G. P. Manager New Zealnd Life Insurance Co. Upper Symonds St Residence
Pike Charles Importer Parnell
Pinching R. L. M. R. C. S. F. Karangahappe Rd
Pivott Robert Compositor Albert St
Playford John Boot and Shoe Maker Chapel St
Plumley Edwin A. Surgeon Dentist Wakefield St
Plummer & Fletcher Drapers Queen St
Polgrain John Master Mariner Barrack St
Pollard G. Esq Parnell Residence
Pollen Daniel Gentleman Whau
Polley & Johnston Milliners & Drapers Queen St
Polley Harriett Of Polley & Johnston Wakefield St Residence
Pollock Alexander Butcher Queen St
Pollock Andrew Butcher Queen St
Pollock John Storeman Queen St
Pollock Robert Contractor and Carter Queen St Residence Drake St
Pollock Stewart Carpenter Abercrombie St
Polton T. W. Coachmaker Victoria St
Pond J. A. Homoeopathic Chemist Queen St
Pope Thomas Bread and Biscuit Baker Symonds St
Porter Mrs General Grocer Chapel St
Porter & Co. E. Ironmongers Shortland St
Porter John Blue Post Dining Rooms Victoria St East
Porter John Bricklayers Arms Hotel Chapel St
Porter William Carter Chapel St
Porter J. S. Of E. Porter & Co. Alton Rd Residence
Porter William J. Saddler Symonds St
Posseneskie W. Army and Navy Tailor Shortland St
Potter Joseph Storeman Union St
Potter Henry Chemist and Druggist Queen St Residence Grey St
Potter William Wheelwright Newton
Powell Thomas Scotia Hotel Hobson St
Preece J. W. Land & Commission Agent Lower Queen St
Prime & Abbott Family Grocers & General Importers Queen St
Prime W. Grocer Union St
Prime F. L. Of Prime & Abbott Anglesea St Residence
Prince Mrs J. Dyer and Cleaner Shortland St
Principe V. Restaurant Upper Queen St
Pritchard William Architect Wyndham Chambers Residence Parnell
Probert H. T. Builder Grafton Rd
Probert William General Store & Furnishing Warehouse Shortland St Residence Grafton Rd
Pulham - Master Mariner Chapel St Residence
Pulham George Draughtsman Shortland St
Purchase George Tailor Abercrombie St
Purdie Charles Waterman West Queen St
Purston M. G. Clerk Queen St
Quartier Aurelli & Co. Wine and Spirit Merchants Lower Queen St
Quartier A. Of Aurelli Quartier & Co. Dedwood Residence
Quick F. United Service Hotel Queen St
Quigley Henry Cooper High St Residence Chapel St
Quigley William Cooper Chapel St
Quigley James Cooper Chapel St
Quinlan James Carter Shortland St
Quin J. Horseshoe and Farrier Albert St
Quin Thomas Publican The Strand
Rathbone John Saddler and Harness Maker Shortland St
Rattray William N. Z. House Draper Shortland St Residence Mount St. John
Rattray William Of Lilewall and Rattray Chapel St
Raven W. Watchmaker Chapel St
Ravenman J. Grocer Cnr Chapel and Cook St
Rawlins Mark Clerk Parnell
Rawlings and Graham Plumbers Victoria St
Rawlings H. Plumber and Gasfitter Albert St
Ramsbottom Benjamin Carter Elliott St
Rawson J. C. Burton Cottage Residence
Ready D. Dairyman Wellesley St
Redshaw Joseph Oil and Bone Merchant Tripe Dresser Bremer St
Reed Mrs Dyer and Scourer Upper Queen St
Reid John Omnibus Driver Chapel St
Reid John Clerk Fort St
Reilly and Co. Stationers Booksellers and Importers Shortland St
Renwick John Carter Elliott St
Reeves R. Butcher Karangahappe Rd
Rhodes R. Boot and Shoe Maker Parnell
Rhodes R. Bootmaker Mount St. John
Rhodes George Bricklayer Chapel St
Rhodes Mrs General Grocer Chapel St
Rhodes Charles Joiner Coburg St
Rhodes W. Of J. Booth and C. Parnell Residence
Richard George Butcher Parnell
Ridings C. Agent Queen St
Ridings & Dowden Auctioneers Queen St
Ridings Henry Of Ridings & Dowden Pitt St
Ridings Richard Gentleman Symonds St
Ridling Robert Shipwright Brickfield Bay
Rice Henry E. Clerk native Office Remuera
Rich Miss Teacher Wesleyan School Union St
Rich Edmond Custom-house Agent Symonds St Residence
Richard Evan Blacksmith Cook St
Richards Henry Bailiff Parnell
Richards W. Grocer and Fruiterer Wharf
Richards Mrs Fruiterer Wyndham St
Richardson Henry J. Settler Nelson St
Rielly Henry W. Bookseller and Stationer Shortland St
Rigg John Auctioneer and commission Agent Ponsonby Rd Residence Nelson St
Rigg Henry Civil Engineer Wyndham St Residence Nelson St
Riorden T. Carpenter Mount St. Mary's
Ring C. & F. Coromandel Saw Mills
Ring C. Of C. & F. Ring Coromandel Residence
Ring F. Of C. & F. Ring Cracroft St
Ripley W. Watchmaker Karangahappe Rd
Ripley W. York Hotel Newton
Rittenberg & Co. Carvers and Gilders Shortland St
Rittenberg B. K. Of Rittenburg & Co. Hobson St Residence
Roberton John J. Of Roberton and Co. Cotele Residence
Robertson John Queen's Ferry Hotel Vulcan Lane
Robertson R. Baker Upper Symonds St
Robertson Robert Family Grocer Wakefield St
Robertson Charles Lighterman Hobson St
Robertson James Baker Wakefield St
Robertson Joseph Basketmaker Grey St
Robertson & Co. J. General Merchants Queen St Stores Durham St
Robertson Laurence Hotel Proprietor Queen St
Robertshaw George M. Merchant Shortland St Residence Wellington St
Robinson William Timber Merchant Newton
Robinson J. W. Chemist and Druggist Parnell
Robinson Charles Master Mariner Hobson St
Robinson Caleb Builder Parnell
Robinson John Accountant Freeman's Bay
Robinson J. Tinsmith Drake St
Robinson Alexander Boot and Shoemaker Elliott St
Robinson Caleb Carpenter Parnell
Robley and Russell City Flour Mills Wyndham St
Robley James Of Robley and Russell Mt Eden
Robson George Clerk Graham St
Roe William Carter Mt Eden
Roe Frank Carter Grey St
Rogers R. General Furnishing Warehouse Grey St
Rogers G. Grocer Cnr Albert and Cook St
Rogers William Junction Hotel Newmarket
Rolland John Boatman Queen St
Rose W. Coach and Horse Hotel Queen St
Rose Joseph Grocer and Tea Dealer Wellesley St
Rose J. General Store Drake St
Rose John Gardener Scarborough Tce Parnell
Ross Murdoch Shipwright Edward St
Rout Samuel Settlers Store Merchants and Importers Vulcan Lane
Rout John General Merchant High St
Rowan Robert Baker Shortland St
Rowantree Meredith Merchant Barrack St
Rowantree Mrs Milliner and Dressmaker Barrack St
Rowe W. General Blacksmith Pitt St
Rowland Richard Carpenter Newton
Rowley George Princesses Hotel Cnr Albert & Wellesley
Royal Hotel James Palmer Proprietor Eden Cres
Royall Peter Settler Upper Queen St Residence
Russell John B. Solicitor and Notary Public Shortland St Residence Queen St
Russell Thomas Iron Merchant custom-house St Residence Shortland St
Russell John Wharf Dues Mount Orchard Residence Remuera
Russell alexander Albert St Residence
Russell James Of Jackson and Russell Symonds St Residence
Russell Thomas Carpenter Karangahappe Rd
Russell Thomas Of Whitaker and Russell Symond St
Russell Thomas Of Robley and Russell Cliff Villa Fort St Residence
Ryan William Storekeeper Abercrombie St
Ryan Mrs Boarding House Albert St
Ryrie J. Metropolitan Hotel Queen and Fort St