Auckland Alphabetical Directory
M -O

Name Occupation Address Details
Mabin Thomas H. Notary Public Queen St
Mabin and Co. Tea Sugar and General Provision Merchants Queen St
MacArthur Peter Boarding House Chancery Lane
MacChattie Thomas M. Merchant Queen St Residence Kyber Pass Rd
MacCormick J. C. Barrister-at-Law Wyndham St Residence Remuera
MacCormick M. Carter Hobson St
MacCroskie Samuel Engineer West Queen St
MacCulsky Neil Of Carson & MacCulsky Hobson St Residence
MacFarlane T. Of Henderson & MacCulsky Mount Eden Residence
MacFarlane John Merchant Queen St Residence Emily Place
MacFarlane Daniel Grocer Wyndham St
Mackey Richard Shipbuilder Smale's Point Residence Graham Point
Mackay Peter Storeman Graham St
Mackay R. Bookkeeper Cook St
Mackegan John Engineer Grey St
MacKelvie J. T. Of Brown Campbell & Co. Jermyn St Residence
Mackerras B. Boot and Shoe Importer Queen St Residence Remuera
Mackie Bros Coachbuilders &c Wellesley St
Mackie Alexander Of Mackie Bros. Mount St Residence
Macky & Co. Thomas Merchants Lower Queen St
Macky T. Of T. Macky & Co. Hepburn St Residence
Macky Hugh Farmer Mount St
Macky J. Farmer Salem, Otahuhu
Macky Rev. W. Farmer Otahuhu
MacLachlin John Draper West Queen St
MacLaren G. Private Boarding House Durham St
MacLutcheon William Ostler Albert St
MacNab Henry B. Secretary, Bank of New Zealand Parnerll Residence
Macnamara John s. Greengrocer Queen St
Macnaughton W. Livery and Bait Stables Mechanic's Bay
MacOwen Robert Clerk Cook St Residence
Macready Thomas Watchmaker and Jeweller Queen St
Macready Thomas Duke of Malbough Hotel Queen St
Macready Thomas Star Hotel Albert St
Madden Charles Grocer Chapel St
Maddill W. H. Grocer Wyndham St
Maddison Mrs Settler Kyber Pass Rd
Maddocks James Cabinet Maker Grey St
Maguire James & Thomas Labourer's Upper Queen St
Mahoney J. Restaurant Queen St
Mahoney James Tailor Graham St
Main George M. Printer &c. New Zealander Shortland St
Maitland & Co. Contractors Wharf
Major Charles Grocer Wellesley St
Malcolm Edward Sailmaker Queen St
Mandens S. Remuera Residence
Manley B. Of Gilbert & Manley Prospect House Onehunga Residence
Mann Robert Cabinetmaker & Upholsterer Mechanic's Bay
Mann Mrs R. Dress and Mantle Maker Mechanic's Bay
Mann Thomas Outfitter Queen St
Mann John Boot and Shoe Maker Wakefield St
Mann & Son Draper and Outfitters Queen St
Mann C. C. Of Mann & son Karangahappe Rd Residence
Manners G. Settler Matakana
Manning J. N. Chemist and Druggist Shortland St
Mansell Rev. Dr. Church of England Parnell Residence
Mantell James Carpenter and Builder Union St
Marks Charles Importer Bootmaker and Ironmonger Queen St
Marks Samuel General Dealer High St
Marks M. Outfitter queen St
Marriage Alfred Shoemaker Victoria Quadrant
Marriott Francis Butcher Newton
Marsh Thomas W. Grocer & Provision Merchant Queen St & Symonds St Residence Symonds St
Marshall Samuel Clerk Freeman's Bay
Marshall William Storekeeper Queen St
Marshall Alexander Carpenter and Undertaker Albert St
Marshall William Waterman West Queen St
Marshall - Steam Sawing & Planing Mills Grey St
Marson J. T. Lithographer Fort St
Martin William Shipwright Wakefield St
Martin Edward Printer Hobson St
Martin Charles Sailmaker Hobson St
Martin William E. Solicitor Wakefield St
Martin - Solicitor High St Residence Newton St
Masefield Thomas Of Vickery & Masefield Fernside Freeman's Bay
Masly Richard Salesman Queen St
Mason Bros. Nurseryman Parnell
Mason John Boot and Shoemaker Queen St
Mason John Cabinetmaker and Undertaker Durham St
Mason John Hairdresser & Perfumer Queen St
Masters Henry J. Clerk Upper Queen St
Matson George Manager Bank of Australasia Remuera Residence
Matthews Frederick W. Shopman Wellesley St
Matthews E. J. Ponsonby Rd Residence
Matthews Richard Solicitor Queen St Residence Grafton Rd
Matthews John General Store Union St
Matthews & Bartley Builders Albert St
Matthews S. H. Of Matthews & Bartley Grey St Residence
Mattison william Barman Queen St
Maude William Contractor Albert St
Maugham William General Store Hobson St
Maule George Stationer and Bookseller Shortland St
Maxfield Harry Storeman Wakefield St
Maxwell William Flagstaff Hotel North Shore
Maxwell John Butcher Victoria St
Maxwell Christopher Clerk Union St
May Joseph Farmer Mount St. John
May George Farmer Mount St. John
McAriney Patrick Master Mariner Parnell Residence
McArtney E. Coachpainter Parnell
McCaffarty John Carrier Parnell
McCandish James Carpenter Nelson St
McCaul G. Tailor High St Residence Whau
McCormick J. C. Barrister-at-Law Wyndham St
McCormick Hugh Tailor Athole House Parnell
McDonald J. E. Solicitor Queen St
McDonald M. Grocer Albert St
McDonald R. Sawyer Chapel St
McDonald R. Settler Albert St
McDonald Bernard Carter and Contractor Abercrombie St
McDowell John C. Shortland St
McElwain George Settler Victoria St
McEwen Mrs Kensington Boarding House Wakefield St
McEwen J. M. Blacksmith Strand
McEwan Isaac Settler Graham St
McEwan A. Gardener Parnell
McFarland Robert Of Davy & McFarland Albert Residence
McFarlane Robert Union St
McGarrigle Edward Express Vans St George's Bay Rd
McGregor Alexander Captain Cook St Residence
McGregor James Shopman Wellesley St
McGrimlay Matthew Wyndham St Residence
McGrimley John Storeman Vincent St
McGuire T. Grocer Upper Queen St
McHale M. Fruiterer Queen St
McInman William Mariner Wyndham St
McIntosh Charles H. Surveyor Parnell
McIntosh Daniel Baker Shortland St
McIntyre J. B. Jobbing Carpenter Rutland St Parnell
McKay Alexander Sheep Farmer North Shore
McKenzie P. S. Charlemont & Union Hotel's Wakefield & Queen St's
McKenzie D Land and House Agent Victoria St
McKinstry William Candlemaker Wellington St
McLauchlin Misses J. & M. Milliners and Dressmakers Princes St
McLeay D. Shoemaker Symonds St
McLeod and Gee Coachbuilders Cook St
McLeod John Of McLeod and Gee Grey St Residence
McLeod John Timber Merchant Kaipara
McLeod J. Freeman's Bay Hotel Drake St
McLiver Lachlan Settler Hobson Bay Settler
McNaughtan John Draper Parnell Rise
McNeill William Baker Mount St. John
McPherson D. Plumber and Gasfitter Shortland St
McRea George Cooper and Riddle Maker High St
McRae F. Rector High School Symonds St Residence
McRae John Cabinetmaker Freeman's Bay
McRitchie Charles A. Gentleman Coromandel Residence
McShee A. Paperhanger Abercrombie St
McSkimming W. Carpenter Newton
McVicar Mrs Grocer Victoria St
Meatyard Edward Gardener Newton
Mears William Seedman and Corn Factor Queen and Victoria St's
Measures Joseph Carter Cook St
Meiklejohn James Settler Omah
Menzies Robert Jnr Contractor Hobsons Park residence
Menzies James Carpenter Parnell
Menzies Robert Farmer Remuera
Merrick John W Of J. H. Burnside & Co. Parnell Residence
Merritt Dr Dispensary Victoria St Residence Queen St
Messenger William J. Butcher Wakefield and Lower Queen St
Metcalf Robert F. Clerk Hobson St
Mewburn Armstrong Shipbuilder Custom-house St
Meynell Henry W. Solicitor's Clerk Wakefield St
Mielotz J. F. Jeweller Durham St
Mill A. & W. Wynyard Hotel Abercrombie St Residence Remuera
Miller Mrs Greengrocer Drake St
Miller William Boot and Shoemaker Shortland St
Miller George R. Clerk Wakefield St
Miller William Wyndham St Residence
Miller W. Hairdresser and Perfumer Queen St
Millis Robert Bricklayer and Boarding House Keeper Chapel St
Mills James J. Furnishing Warehouse Victoria St
Mills S. Store Keeper Mills Lane
Mills E. Market Hotel Grey St
Milner James Plumber Hobson St
Milner James Clerk Hobson St
Minetti Thomas Baker Hobson St
Mitchell John Storekeeper Grafton Rd
Mitchell W. compositor Victoria St
Mitchell & Seffern Steam Printing Works Wyndham St
Mitchell William Carter Fort St
Mitchell C. F. Of Mitchell and Seffern Wellington Rd Residence
Mitchelson Alexander Storeman Nelson St
Mitchelson Alexander Storekeeper Nelson St
Moffitt J. L. Surgeon Dentist Waterloo Quadrant
Molloy James Boot and Shoemaker Durham St
Monaghan John Omnibus Driver Onehunga
Montgomery N. M. clerk Wellesley St
Monk Richard Mount Albert Residence
Moody Richard Warehouseman Beresford St
Moore Richard Wine and Spirit Merchant Queen St
Moore - Stonemason Wellington St
Morgan H. Boatbuilder Official Bay
Morgan James R. Builder Abercrombie St Residence
Morgan Wiliam Saddler Victoria St
Morgan William Saddle and Harness Maker Newmarket
Morley William General Dealer Parnell
Morley George Draper Upper Queen St
Morley William Tailor Parnell
Morney Thomas Victoria Quadrant Residence
Morpeth W. G. Clerk Union St
Morrin T. & S. Merchants and Importers Queen St
Morrin T. Of Morrin T. & S> Remuera Residence
Morrin J. C. Grocer Wine and Spirit Merchant Queen St Residence Pitt St
Morris James Painter and Glazier chapel St
Moses Isaac Outfitters High St
Moss & Co. Merchants Custom-house St
Moss S. Of Moss and Co. Symonds St Residence
Moss George Carpenter Barrack St
Motion William Of Low and Motion Whau
Mounce John Odd Fellows Arms Hotel Chancery Lane
Mould John Grocer Victoria St
Mould Miss A. Milliner Queen St
Moulden Stephen Newton Residence
Muir Dalrymple Carpenter Parnell
Muir T. Greengrocer Queen St
Mullally John Butcher Kyber Pass Rd
Mullen & Son T. Painter &c Wakefield St
Mumford Jonathon Boot and Shoemaker Hobson St
Munday William Teacher Chapel St
Munro J. and W. Blacksmiths & Horse Shoers Durham St
Munro Henry Translator of Maori Nelson St
Munro John Sailmaker Fort St
Munster Thomas Fireman West Queen St
Murdoch L. Chief Inspector Bank of New Zealand Epsom Residence
Murphy Thomas Ship Carpenter Wellesley St
Murphy Henry Boot and Shoemaker and Boarding House High St
Murphy John Boot and Shoe Maker Wyndham St
Murphy Thomas Boot and Shoe Maker Wyndham St
Murray W. Butcher Wellesley St
Mutford William Sailmaker Graham St
Myers H. D. General Importer Fort St Res. Victoria House Parnell
Myers P. G. Commission Agent Queen St Residence Wakefield St
Narramore Thomas Tailor Albert St
Nathan David Merchant Shortland St Res Waterloo Quadrant
Nathan Louis A. Clerk Eden Cres Residence
Nation H. M. Colonel Auckland Militia St. George's Bay Residence
Naughton William Labourer Shortland St
Naughton James Commissioner of Police Victoria St
Naughton Joseph F. Clerk Victoria St
Naylor George Private Boardinghouse Chapel St
Naylor William Builder St. George's Bay Rd
Naylor W. H. Builder St. George's Bay Rd Residence
Neil John W. Storeman Chapel St
Neil James Coachmaker Durham St
Neil Henry Settler Grey St
Neil Joseph Brickmaker Grey St
Neilson Charles Grocer Union St
Neilson Alexander Bookbinder Wellesley St
Neilson Robert Carpenter Wellesley St
Nelson Thomas Clerk Hobson St
Nelson Thomas Storeman Victoria Quadrant
Neville Robert Baker Drake St
Newall Mrs B. Settler Mount St. John Residence
Newman William Baker and Confectioner North Shore
Newman and Ewan Ironmongers and Importers Queen St
Newman Joseph Of Newman and Ewan Remuera
Newson J. Carpenter Pitt St
Newton Hotel J. Lawless Proprietor
Nicol and Co. Ship Chandlers &c Queen St Wharf
Nicol Henry Ship Builder and Proprietor of Patent Slip North Shore
Nicol William Proprietor Masonic Hotel Princes St
Nicholson John Bricklayer Victoria St
Nicholson John Ship and Boat Builder Albert St
Nicholson Dr. Parnell
Nicholson & Son Ship and Boat Builders Albert St
Nichols Misses M. & A. Milliners and Dressmaker Shortland St
Nicklin Joseph Cabinetmaker Grey St
Nicolas William Carpenter Victoria At
Nitingale William French Polisher Freeman's Bay
Noble Andrew clerk Victoria St
Nolan Mrs Dressmaker Shortland St
Nolan Captain Mariner Shortland St
North W. J. Solicitor Victoria St
North S. Hairdressing Saloon Shortland St
North Themes Prince of Wales Hotel Hobson St
Northey J. & Co. Shipwrights & Boat Builders Custom-house St
Oakford C. Grocer Wakefield St
O'Brien Mrs M. General Store
O'Brien Laughlan Registrar Supreme Court St. George's Bay Rd Residence
O'Brien Daniel Cabinetmaker Chapel St
Ogilvie John Grocer Drake and Graham St
O'Hara P. Settler Edmund St
Oldham James Aerated Water Manufacturer High St
Olliver & son A. and W. Outfitters and General Merchants Queen St
Olliver John Shoeing and General Smith Pitt St Newton
Olliver John Blacksmith and Shoeing Forge Karangahappe Rd
Olliver A. General Dealer Queen St
O'Neill Allan Settler Chapel St
O'Neill James Esq Hobson St
Ormiston William Merchant Queen St Res Upper Queen St
Orr Robert Pattern Maker Abercrombie St
Osbourne William F. Clerk Symonds St
Osbourne William Settler Kyber Pass Rd
Osbourne Thomas Government House Lodge Keeper
Oswald H. J. Salesman Wyndham St
Otter Robert Newton Residence
Otto Philip Baker Shortland St
Otway Robert Engineer Symonds St
Outhwaite Thomas Solicitor Kyber Pass Rd
Outridge Nigel Wholesale Cabinetmaker Howe St Newton
Owen & Fendelow Furnishing Ironmongers Queen St
Owen Edward Of Owen & Fendelow Dedwood Residence
Owen & Graham Importers and Merchants Queen St
Owen George B. Of Owen and Graham Brightside Mt. Eden
Owen & Mackay Grocers Victoria St
Owen George N. Clerk Epsom
Owen Thomas General Merchant Wellesley St
Owen Thomas General Dealer Kyber Pass Rd
Oxley Daniel Pump and Block Maker Hardinge St
Oxley & Sons John P. Pump and Block Makers Custom-house St