Auckland Alphabetical Directory
J to L

Name Occupation Address Details
 Jackman James Caledonian Hotel  Grey St   
Jackson Mrs Dressmaker Wellington St
Jackson David Joiner Edward St
Jackson and Russell Solicitors Fort St
Jackson S. Of Jackson and Russell Remuera Residence
Jackson John b. Carpenter Coburg St
Jackson and Copeland Produce Merchants Wellesley St
Jacobs Henry M. Toy and Fancy Warehouse Queen St
Jager Edward Shoemaker Chapel St
Jagger Thomas J. Settler Edward St
Jakins W. V.  M. D.   Queen St Residence Pitt St
Jakins George S. Of Edmonds and Jakins Pitt St Residence
James Mrs Ladies Outfitting Warehouse Queen St
James Sophia P. Of S. P. James and Son Hobson St Residence
James Lewis R. Of S. P. James and Son Hobson St Residence
James John W. Carpenter Hobson St
James and Son S. P. Wine and Spirit Merchants and Q. C. E. Dining Rooms and Hotel Shortland St
Jamieson J. W. Carpenter and Undertaker Hobson St
Jeffries Henry Soapmaker Albert St
Jeffrey James Green Grocer Queen St
Jenkins E. C. Painter Grey St
Jenkins and Co Drapers Queen St
Jerome F. Stockdriver Queen St
Jervis Henry M. Local Manager Panama, New Zealand and Australian Royal Mail Co. Queen St
Johns Charles F. Clerk Parnell Residence
Johns J. F. Manager, Bank of Auckland Shortland St
Johnson B. Settler Hobson St
Johnston Edward Of Polley and Johnston Chapel St Residence
Johnston William Boot and Shoemaker Victoria St
Johnston John Teacher Symonds St Residence
Johnston James Settler Hobson St
Johnston Thomas Windsor Castle Hotel Parnell
Johnston Mrs Millinery and Dressmaker Establishment Queen St
Johnston George Bookkeeper Symonds St Residence
Jones W. F. Organ and Pianoforte Tuner Karangahappe Rd
Jones and Co. Auctioneers and Commission Agents Queen St
Jones Rev. Dr. Incumbent St Matthews Church Hobson St
Jones Phillip Mariner Emily Place Residence
Jones Morton Of Jones and Co. Dedwood Residence
Jones G. W. Pitt St Residence
Jones James Culter and Umbrella Repairer Queen St
Jones W. Expressman Albert St
Jordan Thomas Civil Engineer Hobson St
Joseph H. Auctioneer Queen St Residence chapel St
Kane Barnard Brickmaker and Storekeeper Hobson St Residence
Kane John Wellington Hotel Union St
Kay Robert Builder Cracroft St, Parnell
Keals Richard Architect Victoria St Res. St George's Bay Rd
Kean B. Grocer Hobson St
Kearsley John Engineer Chancery Lane
Kebblewaite William Carter Victoria St
Keir T. Settler Remuera Residence
Keesing H. Jnr. Outfitter Queen St
Keesing H. Jnr. Publican fort St
Keesing H. Of Keesing, Doitch & Keesing Waterloo Quadrant Residence
Keesing, Doitch & Keesing Importers and Drapers Queen St
Keesing Ralph London House and Beehive Outfitting Warehouse Shortland St
Keetley George T. Of Keetley & Davy Nelson St
Keetley Thomas Watchmaker Wellesley St
Keeffe W. Of W. J. Young Judges Bay, Parnell Residence
Keetley & Davy Solicitors &c. Queen St
Kelly H. Bread and Biscuit Baker Eden Cres
Kelly P. Bootmaker Symonds St
Kelly James Hibernian Hotel Wakefield St
Kelly A. Settler Hobson St Residence
Kemble Edward Butcher Shortland St
Kemp W. Boot and Shoemaker Queen St
Kemp Mrs S. Milliner and Dressmaker Victoria St
Kenderine T. B. Surgeon Opposite New Court House
Kenny Henry E. Of Kenny and Anderson St George's Bay Rd Residence
Kenny and Anderson Solicitors Queen St
Kennedy Alexander Manager Bank Of New Zealand Wynyard St
Kennedy W. & A. Saddlers & Harness Makers Queen St
Kennedy William Of W. and A. Kennedy Queen St
Kennedy Alexander Of W. and A. Kennedy Queen St
Kensington & Co. Timber Merchants Custom-house St
Kent William Auckland Eating House Queen St
Kerr Alexander Manager Union Bank of Australia Remuera Residence
Kerr Rev. Thomas North Shore Residence
Kerr Mrs A. General Cameron Hotel Albert St
Kerr J. Tailor Victoria St
Kerr T. Esq Remuera Residence
Keven George Boot and Shoe Importer Queen St
Keven Thomas Boot and Shoe Warehouses Queen and Shortland St's
Kilgour James Butcher Newmarket
Kilpatrick J. Wellington St Residence
Kellsall W. Fruiterer Victoria St
Kinby J. D. Bootmaker Wellington St
King Thomas Shoemaker Wellesley St
King A. J. Clerk Parnell Residence
King Thomas M. Watchmaker and Jeweller Shortland St
King R. Esq Eden St Residence
King J. Inspector of Weights and Measures. Police Court
Kinder Rev. Church of England Parnell Residence
Kinloch John Veterinary Surgeon Mount St, St John Residence
Kinsey W. Plumber and Glazier Coburg St
Kissling George S. Sub-accountant Bank of New Zealand Parnell Residence
Kirkwood H. Of W. P. Kirkwood & Son Grafton Rd Residence
Kirkwood and Son W. P. Domain Brewery Mechanic's Bay
Kirkwood H. Clerk Queen St
Kirkwood Robert Carter Mount St
Kirkwood William Of W. P. Kirkwood & Son Grafton Rd Residence
Knapp Charles C. Of Jones and Co. Picton St
Knight James London Pie House queen St
Knoops W. Grocer Wakefield St
Knott william Carpenter Wellington St
Kunst James Printer Durham St
Kunst Philip General Printing Office Durham St
Labstanner Simon Esq Wakefield St Residence
Laing Heron Settler Albert St
Laird alexander Baker and Confectioner Wellington St
Laishley Richard Bookkeeper Vincent St Residence
Lamb John V. Waitamata Flour Mills
Lamb William Elliott St Residence
Lamb Mrs Milliner Shortland St
Lambert William Settler Chancery St
Lambert J. Esq Tudor cottage, Wakefield St Residence
Lambourne T. Esq Karangahappe Rd Residence
Lampriere Miss A. E. Seminary for Young Ladies Union St
Land C. W. Settler Albert St
Lander John Wharfinger Chapel St Residence
Land Mrs Store Grey St
Langford Charles Surveyor Princes St
Lappen John Bootmaker Hobson St
Laurie W. S. Of Harris and Laurie Upper Symonds St Residence
Lavers and Co. C. Seedman Durham St
Lawless James Newton Hotel Karangahappe Rd
Lawson George Baker Queen St
Laymen John Settler Mount St
Lazarus K. Dublin House, Draper and Outfitter Wyndham St
Leaf Robert Photographer Waterloo Cres
Leahy M. & G. General Blacksmith and Horse Shoerers West Queen St
Leahy Michael Of M. & G. Leahy Wyndham St
Leahy George Of M. & G. Leahy Chapel St
Leaning John Jnr. grocer Victoria St
Leaning John Snr. Plumber and Gasfitter Victoria St
Lee Frederick cooper West Queen St
Lee J. Surgeon and Accoucheur Wyndham St
Lee John Stonemason Victoria St
Leech John Carver and Gilder &c Wellesley St
Leers M. S. Rob Roy Hotel Freeman's Bay
Leers M. S. Accountant Debt Collector Book Adjuster &c Freeman's Bay
Legg Mrs E. French Corsetmaker Queen St
Leighton James F. Bookbinder and Stationer Upper Queen St Res. Ponsonby Rd
Leighton G. General Store Pitt St
Lemprier M. Private Boarding House Albert St
Lennox & Co. J. M. Land Agents, Importers High St
Le Quesne Philip "Sydenham" General Store Karangahappe Rd
Lepine William Merchant Upper Queen St
Letham John Baker West Queen St
Levy & Goldwater Outfitters Queen St
Levy Abraham Outfitters Queen St
Levy Isaac General Dealer Queen St
Levy H. General Dealer Queen St
Lewisson Frederick H. Watchmaker and Jeweller Queen St
Lewis John W. Berlin Wool Repository Shortland St
Lewis Mrs J. W. Shortland House Seminary Shortland St
Lewis & Saunders Tailors and Outfitters Queen St
Lewis Bros. Importers General Merchants & Bonded Storekeepers Queen St
Lewis Bros. Drapers and Clothiers Queen St
Lewis G. Of Lewis Bros. Wellesley St Residence
Lewis Bassett Boot and Shoe Maker Wyndham St
Lewis Henry Of Lewis Bros. Grey St Residence
Lewis Thomas W. Clerk Queen St Residence
Lewis Thomas General Store North Shore
Liddle Thomas Cabinet Maker Alton Rd
Lilewall John L. Of Lilewall and Rattray Chapel St Residence
Lilewall & Rattray Ships Chandlers & General Merchants Lower queen St
Lincoln R. T. Draper &c Parnell Rise
Linday David Boardinghouse Chapel St
Lindsay William R. Surveyor Coburg St
Lipstine Simon Travelling Dealer Cook St
Lister Davis House and Ship Plumber Wakefield St
Little E. Surveyor Parnell Residence
Lloyd N. Ropemaker Newton
Lockwood W. Jnr Dealer in Firewood &c Drake St
Lodge William F. Chief clerk Police Court Brighton Residence
Logan J. Storekeeper Chancery Lane
Logie Hugh Saddler Freeman's Bay
Lomas Joseph Bootmaker North Shore
Long Rev. Joseph Pastor Jubilee Chapel Edward St
Longergan Thomas Tailor and Clothier West Queen St
Lorigan Daniel Blacksmith Albert St
Lorigan Mrs Boarding House Albert St
Lorigan Daniel Royal Oak Hotel Queen St
Loveman John Upholsterer Grey St
Low & Motion Millers and Flour Factor Vulcan Lane
Lowson Charles Draper Wyndham St
Luckhurst Alfred Salesman Victoria St
Lumsden Andrew Clerk Albert St
Lund James Greengrocer Grey St
Lundon Pat Contractor Green Park, Great South Rd
Lundon D. Contractor Victoria St
Lundon P. Queen Hotel Karangahappe Rd
Lusk Robert B. Provincial Accountant St George's Bay Rd
Lusk D. H. Settler Manakau
Lusk Robert Immigration Agent St George's Rd Residence
Lusk Robert Importer and Merchant Fort St Residence Parnell
Lyall James Epsom Residence
Lye J. Carpenter &c Freeman's Bay
Lyes Joshua Butcher Wakefield St
Lyle James Baker Wellesley St
Lyle Robert Chief clerk Crown Lands Office Symonds St
Lynch D. Clerk Albert St
Lynch William H. Clerk Karangahappe Rd
Lynch J. Warden and Gardener Government Domain
Lynch Alexander Blacksmith Chancery St
Lynch Timothy Plumber Upper Queen St
Lysnar W. D. Surveyor Alton Rd
Lysnar Charles Goldsmith Edward St