Auckland Alphabetical Directory
G to I

Name Occupation Address Details
Galbraith William Eden Vine Hotel Junction of Symonds and Whay Rd
Gardener F. B. Refreshment Rooms Wharf
Gardener and Stokes Cordial Manufacturers Chapel St
Garlick J. Accountant, Sharebroker and Agent, Queen Insurance Company Queen St
Garlick J Mount Eden Residence
Garlick R. Clerk Mount Eden Residence
Garrett George Butcher Karangahappe Rd
Garrick Mrs General Dealer West Queen St
Garrick William Bootmaker West Queen St
Gas Works Brickfield Bay Hugh Wark. Manager
Gash Thomas Storeman Symonds St
Gavin Archibald Clerk Parnell
Gavin James C. Parnell Residence
Gaynes W. F. Clerk Cook St
Geary D. Tailor Shortland St
Gee Thomas Of McLeod and Gee Symonds St Residence
George Thomas S. Solicitor High St Residence Remuera
George Thomas Family Grocer Queen St
George James Settler Albert St
George William Grocer Parnell
Gerrans Thomas Clerk Union St Residence
Gerrish James General Dealer Albert St
Gibbs S. O. Fern Hill Residence
Giblett W & J General Dealers Parnell
Gibson W. South Newton Residence
Gibson W. Esq South Newton Residence
Gilham Richard Driver Onehunga
Gilbert and Manley Painters Paperhangers Glaziers &c Wyndham St
Gilberd G. B. Carpenter Parnell
Gilberd Henry Of Gilberd and Manley Grafton Rd Residence
Gilden Thomas Albert St Residence
Giles George Butcher Victoria St
Giles Dr. J. M. R. C. S. Wellesley St Residence
Gilchrist G. Timber Merchant Custom-house St Res. Brookville, Freeman's Bay
Gillfillan John A. Of Gillfillan and Co. Kyber Pass Residence
Gillfillan & Co. Merchants Queen St
Gillander John General Merchants Victoria St
Gillett H. Draper Queen St
Gillies Thomas B. Barrister and Solicitor Wyndham St Residence Pitt St
Gillibrad Thomas Storeman Newton
Gilman T. R. Paperhanger Painter &c Wakefield St
Gilmer George Accountant Nelson St
Gilmer Benjamin Agent, Auckland Sawmill Co. Nelson St Residence
Gledhill Edward Gingerbeer Manufacturer Grey St
Glover Mrs Day and Boarding School Rutland Rd, Parnell
Godson Joseph Joiner Coburg St
Golden Point Goldmining Co. Fort St H. H. Turton Agent
Goldsbro Dr. C. F. Parnell
Goldwater & Meyers Outfitters Queen St
Goldsworthy John Grocer West Queen St
Good Walter Shopman Victoria St
Good Edward Wakefield St
Good Wallace Cabinet Maker Wakefield St
Goodacre S. Tailor Edward St
Goodacre James Of Haswell and Goodacre Edward St
Goodall J. Engineer and Surveyor Eden St
Goodfellow W. C. Cabinet Maker Karangahappe Rd
Goodwin J. Painter Chapel St
Gooseman Samuel Cab Proprietor Wellington St
Gough William Plasterer Hobson St
Gough Daniel Plasterer Hobson St
Governor Hobson Hotel Avery William Hobson St
Gow N. Shoemaker Mount St
Grace Rev. Church of England Parnell
Grace Jeremiah Freeman's Bay Residence
Grace Peter Contractor Wyndham St
Graham Walter Wholesale and Family Grocer Shortland and Queen St's
Graham Walter Hobson St Residence
Graham David Of D. Graham and Co. Remuera Residence
Graham James Plumber Hobson St
Graham & Co. D. Importers and Merchants Vulcan Lane
Graham & Co. Drapers and Outfitters Queen St
Graham John Of D. Graham & Co. Remuera Residence
Graham Thomas G. Newton Residence
Graham G. S. Hobson St Residence
Graham Robert Ellerslie Residence
Grahame W. S. Bonded Store Fort St
Grainger Samuel Baker Karangahappe Rd
Grandison Robert Engineer Victoria St
Green Joseph Plasterer Wellington St
Gregg & Co. Coffee and Spice Merchants
Green Samuel Of Green & Co. S. M. Hepburn St Residence
Green & Gleeson Bakers Newton
Green & Co S. M. Boot, Shoe and clothing Warehouse Queen St
Greenwood Thomas General Dealer Durham St
Greenwood & co. Auckland Tea Warehouse Queen St
Greenshields W. Hobson St Residence
Gregg & Co. W. Auckland Steam coffee Mills and Spice Merchants Wyndham St
Grey Walter Clerk Brighton Residence
Gribble James Grocer Wakefield St
Griffin William J. Painter Hobson St
Griffin Miss Milliner Grey St
Griffin George J. General Store Grey St
Griffin Thomas Painter Grey St
Grifftiths & Co. E. Livery and Bait Stables, Coach and Horse Hotel Queen St
Grigg John Upholsterer Edward St
Grigg John Upholsterer Great North Rd, Newton
Grimley John Wine and Spirit Dealer. Gibralter Rock Inn West Queen St
Grogan Jacob Tailor Abercrombie St
Guilding George Settler Hobson's Park
Guilding Thomas Assistant Harbour Master Albert St Residence
Gulliver W. Paperhanger Rokeby St
Gundry's Chemical Drug Establishment Queen St
Gutteridge William Shoemaker Abercrombie St
Gwynneth J. Civil Engineer Shortland St
Haden J Tailor Abercrombie St
Hale Robert Baker & Confectioner Parnell
Hall Robert Shopman Newton
Hall William Carpenter Cook St
Hall Robert Baker Parnell
Hall Thomas W Importer & Merchant Queen St Residence Bereford St
Hall Thomas Confectioner Victoria St
Halley James Clerk Grafton Rd Residence
Halloran Philip Boot and Shoe maker Barrack St
Halse Henry Native Office Residence Parnell
Halstead L D Veterinary Surgeon Wakefield St
Halyday James Cabinetmaker & Upholsterer Shortland St
Hamer Rev Thomas Pastor Independent Church Albert St Residence Nelson St
Hamilton Murray Clerk Parnell
Hamilton Samuel H of Gundrey's Queen St
Hamilton Harkeness of Gundrey's Cook St
Hamilton James Bread & Biscuit Baker Albert St
Hamilton Thomas Baker Shortland St
Hammond T Builder Grey St
Hampton Robert Tailor Shortland St Residence Parnell
Hampshire George Haircutter & Perfumer Victoria St East
Hancook William Jnr Builder & Ornamental Stonecutter Victoria St
Hancock Thomas Captain Cook Hotel Kyber Pass Rd
Hankeen Frederick General Clothier and Outfitter Shortland St
Hanson William Builder & Funeral Undertaker Karangahappe Rd
Hanson W Newton
Harbour Office Commercial Wharf
Hardie J Shopman Newton
Harding S Grocer Suffolk St
Hardington Henry Horse & Carriage Bazaar Queen St Residence Hobson St
Hardy J Coal & Timber Merchant Drake St
Harkness - Draper Edward St
Harkin Hugh Blacksmith Chapel St
Harkins Patrick Cooper Vulcan Lane Residence Victoria St
Harney Martin S of Conner & Harney Residence Queen St
Harris & Laurie Importers, Merchants, Ship, Commission & Insurance Agents Customhouse Quay
Harris James Bookseller, Stationer & Tobacconist Cavendish House, Shortland St
Harris C J of Harris & Laurie Residence Remuera
Harris James Cabinetmaker Grey St
Harrison J Tailor Queen St
Harrison J R Grocer High St
Harrison William G Clerk Residence Parnell
Harrison John Carman Coburg St
Harrop J W Agent London & Lancashire Insurance & Colonial Life Princes St Residence Remuera
Hart Charles Quarryman Kyber Pass Rd
Haselden Charles Jnr Clerk Richmond Hill
Haslett J M Settler Parnell
Hassan mark Bootmaker Shortland St Residence Hobson St
Hassell Henry Hairdresser West Queen St
Haswel Robert Cooper Queen St Residence Hobson St
Hautrive M Watchmaker & Jeweller Franklyn St
Havey A Dealer Wyndham St
Hawkes Henry Bootmaker Ponsonby Rd
Hawkeswood R Bootmaker West Queen St
Hawkins Henry Storeman Shortland St
Hawkswood C Iron Works Chapel St
Hay David Esq Residence Hobson St
Hay David Montpellier Nursery Hobsons Bay
Hay William McG., Residence Symonds St
Hay & Honeyman Drapers Queen St
Hayden Mrs Storekeeper Freeman's Bay
Hayden H P Aerated   Water & Cordial Manufacturer Wakefield St
Haymarket Bazaar Queen St
Haynes Benjamin C Army & Navy Hotel Queen St Junction
Haynes T S Builder Karangahappe Rd
Haywood H P Upholsterer & Cabinetmakers Shortland St
Heaphy Charles Government Surveyor-in-Chief Residence St George's Bay
Hearder George Cooper Albert St
Heath T B Settler South Newton
Heath J Settler Durham St
Heir William General Dealer Albert St
Heldt Mrs Milliner Queen St
Heldt Augustus Cabinetmaker Queen St
Hemns Solomon Book Manufacturer Karangahappe Rd
Henderson Adam of Thewates, Henderson & Co Elliott St
Henderson Thomas Henderson & McFarlane Emily Place
Henderson & McFarlane Merchants, Ship Brokers & Commission Agents Lower Queen St
Henderson George of Henderson & McFarlane Emily Place
Henderson Matthew Architect Victoria St
Henderson D Grocer Upper Symonds St
Henderson James Commission Agent
Henderson David Whau Hotel North Rd
Henderson & Spraggon Ship Builders Smales Point
Hendlison John Painter & Glazier & Writer Victoria St
Henry Morris Red Shirt Store High St
Henry  J B Settler South Newton
Henry George Market Gardener Kyber Pass Rd
Herbert Alfred Confectioner & Grocer High St
Herbert Edward T Painter Grey St
Herepath Phillip Architect Queen St Residence Karangahappe Rd
Herman Brothers Tobacconists Queen St
Hertz Louise Dove Hotel Wellington St
Hesketh C Residence Remuera
Hesketh Edwin Residence Remuera
Hesketh Samuel Residence Shortland St
Hetherington Mrs R Straw Worker Albert St
Hewin Frederick Grocer Queen St
Hewson Francis Surveyor Karangahappe Rd
Hiblde W G House Painter Newton
Hicks Thomas A Watch & Clockmaker & Jeweller Vulcan lane
Higginson John Settler Hobson St
Higgins John Chandler & Soap Works Chapel St
Higgs Charles Butcher Newmarket
Hill E Clerk Parnell
Hill Henry & Son Solicitors Shortland St Residence Jermyn St
Hill Shirley W Commission & Customhouse Agent Fort St Residence Parnell
Hill John Baker Newton
Hill C J Writer, Grainer & C Victoria St
Hill H Storekeeper Wakefield St
Hill Thomas Chemist Victoria St
Hill William C Commission Agent High St
Hill Walter J of Henry, Hill & Son Residence Jermyn St
Hill George Stonecutter Newton
Hills Charles Coachbuilder, Painter & C Kyber Pass Rd
Hobson J Residence Grafton Rd
Hobson William Merchant & Bonded Storekeeper Shortland St
Hobbs Richard Draper Excelsior House Queen St Junction
Hodge Mrs A Boardinghouse Victoria St
Hodgins J Clerk Residence Parnell
Hoggard William Woodturner Barrack St
Holder Francis Storeman Graham St
Holdship G Newton Steam Sash and Door Manufactory Customhouse St
Holland J J Contractor Residence Parnell
Holland John L Writer, Grainer & C Victoria St
Holloway John Warehouseman Shortland St
Holme Daniel Butcher North Shore
Holmes Brothers Proprietors of the Steam Ferries
Holmes Charles F Photographer Queen St Residence Wellesley St
Holmes Benjamin Painter Cook St
Honiss   Mrs Dressmaker Symonds St
Honiss Mrs Dressmaker East St, Newton
Houston Samuel Farrier & General Smith Junction of Symonds & Karangahappe Rd
Hood Thomas House Decorator Shortland St
Hooker John General Dealer Prince St
Hooker Stephen Storeman Union St
Hooper Mrs Young Ladies Seminary Drake St
Hooper John H Surgeon Hobson St
Hooper Thomas Mariner Symonds St
Hoore & Wooster Photographer Vulcan Lane
Hopkins Joseph Chemist & Druggist Medical Hall, Queen St
Hopkins L J Tobacconist Queen St
Hopkins Lewis J Stationer & Tobacconist Queen St
Hopwood Thomas Cook Queen St
Horn John Bricklayer Bath St, Parnell
Horne Robert Draper Queen St
Horne John Grocer Wyndham St
Horne James Accountant Residence Shortland St
Horne Dr J H Queen St
Hosking Charles T Miller Smales Point
Hosking John Stonemason Albert St
Houston S Farrier & Shoeing Smith Karangahappe Rd
Howard Joseph Accountant, Union Bank Shortland St
Howard William Salesman Karangahappe Rd
Howard John Bootmaker Queen St
Howden James Watch & Clockmaker Victoria St
Howell J & J Boot & Shoemaker Wakefield St
Howell Mrs General Dealer Wakefield St
Hubault A F Surgeon & French Consul Symonds St
Huett Jessie General Grocer Abercrombie St
Hughes Stephen E Solicitor Shortland St Residence Grafton Rd
Hughes William Sailmaker Fort St
Hume David Plumber Hobson St
Hume James Clerk Remuera
Hume William Robert Burns Hotel Union St
Hume William Prince Arthur Hotel Wellesley & Hudson St
Hungerford Mrs E General Store Grey St
Hunt E H General Store Barrack St
Hunt Thomas Waterman Hobson St
Hunt R Union St
Hurness Valentine General Store Parnell
Hunter & Son Builders, Sash & Door Makers Parnell
Hunter Alexander Hunter & Son St Georges Bay
Hunter & Co Horse & Cattle Saleyards Durham St
Hurfit Henry Carpenter Barrack St
Hurst W J Coal, Colonial Produce & Potatoe merchant Queen St
Hutcheson - Grocer Abercrombie St
Huysfen William Merchant Brighton
Hutton John Millwright & Engineer Grey St
Hyams Edward General Dealer Queen St
Hurley J D Esq Wellington St
Immigration Barracks North Shore
Independent Chapel Pastor Rev T Hamer Albert St
Independent Chapel Pastor A Macdonald High St
Inglis James Carpenter Wyndham St
Inglis John A Clerk Vincent St
Ingram Charles Salesman Shortland St
Ireland William Stonemason Victoria Quadrant
Ireland George & Edward Tanyard Stanley St
Irwell G Hairdresser Wyndham St
Isaacs E & H Importers & Commission Agents Queen St
Isaacs Edward of E & H Isaacs Eden Crescent
Isaacs Henry of E & H Isaacs Eden Crescent
Isaacs Samuel General Dealer High St
Isaacs George Importer Wakefield St