Auckland Alphabetical Directory
D to F

Name Occupation Location Details
Dacre Ranulph Of T Macky and Co Eden Cres Residence
Daldy William C Of Combes and Daldy Chapel St Residence
Dalgleish Boarding House Emily Place
Dalton T Miller Hobson St
Dalton Bros Agents Architects and Civil Engineers Queen St
Daniel G F Storeman Dublin St Newton
Darby Patrick Thistle Hotel Proprietor Queen St Residence Sea View House Mount St Mary's
Davenport Samuel D Iron Merchant Wakefield St
Davenport S Tailor Wakefield St
David A Cabbage Bay Residence
Davidson David Blacksmith and Shoeing Forge Chapel St
Davis Charles Messenger to Whitaker and Russell Chapel St
Davis Joseph Carpenter Wellesley St
Davis Frederick Shingler Victoria St
Davis John Clerk Beresford St
Davis Mrs Dressmaker Cook St
Davis Charles O B Interpreter Albert St
Davis Charles Merchant and Importer Queen St Residence Hardinge St Victoria Point
Davis Richard Salesman Victoria St
Davis Mrs J W Somerset House Freeman's Bay
Davis John Printer of Postage Stamps Chapel St
Davis J Tailor Parnell
Davis Mrs Teacher Victoria St
Davis John Tailor and Clothier Parnell
Davy and McFarland Civil Engineers Architects and Surveyors Queen St
Davy Edwin Of Davy and McFarlane Graham St
Davy George B Solicitor Shortland St Residence Parnell
Dawson Frank Plumber Wakefield St
Dawson Frederick W Architect and Builder Victoria St
Day H R Accountant and Agent Queen St
Day Henry Butcher Chapel St
Debus Henry Butcher Queen St
De Hirsh Agent Queen St
Delattre Theodore Homoeopathic Pharmacy Queen St
Denby J Grocer Queen St Residence Nelson St
Dent William Saddler Freeman's Bay
Derrom James Clerk of Works Provincial Government Residence Victoria St East
Dewhurst George Asphelte Contractor Parnell
Dewolf Robert Of Eaton and Dewolf Karangahappe Rd Residence
Dewolf Robert Storekeeper and Post Office Newton
Dick William Clerk Queen St Residence
Dick James Grocer Wellesley St
Dickenson George Plumber Barrack St
Dickenson B A Clerk Vincent St
Dicky J and J Kerosene Lamp and Ironmongery Establishment Queen St
Dickson George Baker Hobson St
Dickson W R Clerk Freeman's Bay
Dickson Builder Union St
Dickson Boatman West queen St
Dillon Patrick E Accountant Grafton Rd
Dillon J Storekeeper West Queen St
Dillon P General Store Queen St
Dilworth J Farmer Mount St John
Dingwall Alexander Grocer West Queen St
Dingwall John Bootmaker Freeman's Bay
Dinnison John General Dealer Newmarket
Dispensary Free for the poor at Edson's Queen St
Dobson B Grocer Wakefield St
Dodd C E Grocer Hobson St
Dodd Jacob Bootmaker Hobson St
Doidge John Grocer Drake St
Donaghey Daniel Cabinet Maker Albert St
Donald William Clerk Freeman's Bay
Donaldson John Carter Victoria St
Doonin T W General Dealer Hobson St
Dooty Campbell French Polisher Queen St
Doran James Baker Queen St
Doran James Jnr Queen St
Dornwell and Son Butchers Shortland St
Dornwell B C Butcher Victoria St
Dorrington Nathaniel Watchmaker Parnell
Douglas George Empire Dining Rooms Queen St
Douglas M B Storekeeper Albert St
Douglas Richard Shoemaker Hobson St
Dowden Walter Of Ridings and Dowden Newton Rd
Down John Bootmaker Hobson St
Down Mrs J Sewing Machinist Hobson St
Downes Patrick Alexander Hotel Chapel St
Downing Mrs Victoria House
Downs Henry Secretary to C G Victoria St
Drabble Miss Teacher Grey St
Drury Miss Day and Boarding School Parnell
Dudley Rev Church of England Parnell Residence
Dudley Walter Butcher Queen St
Duffy Robert Grocer Hobson St
Du Fane Madame Ladies Seminary Grey St
Dugleby D Settler Cracroft St
Dunlop W Mercantile Agent Queen St Residence Symonds St
Dunn Andrew Turnkey Mount Eden Stockade
Dunning James General Dealer Grey St
Duthie Alexander Ship Builder Albert and Custom-house Sts
Duthie John Shopman Newton
Dyer Charles Settler Pakiri
Dyson Richard W Draper and Clothier Queen St Residence Grafton Rd
Eagleton Alexander Boatman Durham St
Eastwood W Esq West Newton Residence
Eastwood William Settler Wellington St
Eastwood J Fancy Depot West Newton
Eaton Levy W Of Eaton and Dewolf Hobson St
Eaton Richard Clerk Claremont House
Eaton and Dewolf General Merchants Lower Queen St
Eaton Stephens General Dealer Karangahappe Rd
Edger and Co Dyers &c Grey St
Edgar W Dyer Queen St
Edgerley John Carpenter Newmarket
Edmonds and Jakins General Merchants Shipping and Commission Agents Lower Queen St
Edmonds Alfred W Master Mariner Shortland St Residence
Edmonds T J Of Edmonds and Jakins Drake St Residence
Edney Robert Cellarman fort St
Edson and Co J Chemist and Druggist Queen St
Edson John Of Edson and Co Cook St
Edwards John Hat and Cap Manufacturer Queen St Residence Grey St
Edwards John Storekeeper Grey St
Ellcock John General Dealer Chancery Lane
Elley Rubin Butcher Parnell
Ellingham and Eastdown Bakers and Confectioners Queen St
Ellis William M Shipwright Edward St
Ellis William Harbourmaster The Terrace Parnell Residence
Elliott M Edward St Residence
Elliott George W Edward St Residence
Elliott E Secretary General Post Office Edward St Residence
Ellyott John Clerk Grey St
Emerson Miss E Dressmaking and Baby Linen Warehouse Queen St
Emery and Thompson Livery and Bait Stables Albert St
Ensor J Accountant Nelson St Residence
Eustace Alfred Kyber Pass Store Newmarket
Evans James Storekeeper Victoria St
Evans Robert Cottage of Content Hotel Victoria St
Evans Robert General Store Kyber Pass Rd
Everitt William Cabinet Maker Drake St
Evinson Samuel Fitzroy Hotel Wakefield St
Evitt George Of Evitt and Son Symonds St
Evitt David Of Evitt and Son Symonds St
Evitt and Son Gunmakers Upper Queen St
Evitt Charles M Gunsmith Queen St
Evitt David Gunmaker Queen St
Ewen Walter Of Newman and Ewen Fern Hall Grafton Rd Residence
Exchange Hotel R H Cox Proprietor Queen St
Eyes A Settler England St
Fagg P P Butcher Wakefield St
Farmer R Farmer One Tree Hill
Farrell J Solicitor High St
Faulkner John Grocer Victoria St
Felgate B Boot and Shoe Dealer Queen St
Fendelow Harrison Of Owen and Fendelow North Shore Residence
Fennell Arthur Clerk Nelson St Residence
Ferguson James Carter Queen St
Ferguson John Albion Hotel West Queen St
Finch Mrs General Grocer Wakefield St
Findlow C J Settler Albert St
Finlay John Carpenter and Builder Queen Sr Residence Chapel St
Finday John Jnr Carpenter Chapel St
Finnerty James Glasgow Store Karangahappe Rd
Firth Wrigley Architect Newmarket
Firth W Toll Collector Newmarket
Firth D C Thornton Smith and firth Onehunga
Fischer Dr Carl F Homoeopathic Medical Dispensary Queen St Residence Emily Place
Fisher and Co Butchers Queen St
Fitzgibbon J J Chief Clerk Post Office Seafield View Residence
Fitzgerald Hugh Storeman Napier St
Fitzroy Hotel Wakefield St
Flanagan J Boot Maker Chancery St
Flannary charles Board and Residence and Shoemaker West Queen St
Flat Robert Carpenter Symonds St
Flemming W H Edwards St
Flemming William Storeman Napier St
Fleming Alexander Carpenter Grey St
Fletcher J Settler Wesley Cottage Upper Queen St
Fletcher Co Of Plimmer and Fletcher Beresford St Residence
Florance T Surveyor Official Bay Residence
Flower J Merchant Shortland St
Flower William Fruiterer and Greengrocer Albert St
Flynn P Globe Hotel Wakefield St
Fogerty Edward Grocer Abercrombie St
Foley James Jnr Army Contractor and Storekeeper Tauranga
Ford D Bootmaker Victoria St
Forgham Thomas Boot and Shoe Dealer Queen St
Forgie Richard Bread and Biscuit Baker Hobson St
Fort David Bootmaker Victoria St
Fossett A Grocery and Stationery Warehouse Upper Queen St
Foster Miss Milliner and Dressmaker Victoria Quadrant
Foster J B Lockup Keeper Prison
Fowler E Tailor Grafton Rd
Francis J Tinsmith Wellesley St
Frances J B China and Glass Dealer Queen St
Franklyn James Fruiterer Wellesley St
Franklyn J Fruiterer and Grocer Shortland St
Fraser & Tinne Iron and Brass Founders Mechanic's Bay Phenenix Foundry
Fraser William Farmer Foggie Loan
Fraser G Clerk Parnell Residence
Fraser W Farmer Fagguloni, Remuera
Fraude David Tailor Newton
Freeman Edwin Storekeeper Hobson St
Freer William Coach Painter Wakefield St
French J M Wholesale and Family Grocer Victoria St
Fricken W Painter and Decorator Parnell
Friend George W Outfitter, Hat and Cap Manufacturer Queen St
Frost Alfred E Merchant Abercrombie St
Fugate H Boot and Shoe Importer and Dealer Queen St
Fulljames A S Grocer Union St
Furness Henry Kyber Pass Residence