List of Men within the Town and District of Auckland in the Province of New Ulster, liable to serve on Juries for the year 1851 - 52.


Name Residence Trade or calling
Quin John Queen St Labourer
Ramplin Samuel Wyndham St Dealer
Rancie John Mechanic's Bay Carpenter
Rankin Andrew Freman's Bay Labourer
Rawson John High St labourer
Read Arthur George Shortland St Cabinet maker
Reading John High St Flax dresser
Reed Robert Wyndham St Boatman
Rees Robert Queen St Blacksmith
Regan James West Queen St Labourer
Reynolds George Wellesley st Carpenter
Rich Edward Albert st Settler
Rich Francis Dyer Queen st Clerk
Rich William Tamaki Settler
Richardson John Parnell Printer
Rice James Lower Albert St Blacksmith
Ridings Richard Queen St Auctioneer
Rider John Barrack St Settler
Robertson John Shortland St Clerk
Robinson Joseph Tamaki Rd settler
Robinson James Mechanic's Bay Ropemaker
Robinson Joshua Mechanic's Bay Carpenter
Robinson Caleb Mechanic's Bay Carpenter
Robertson Walter Albert St Architect
Robertson Peter Queen St Baker
Robinson John Queen St Grocer
Rogers William Leicester Queen St Publican
Rooney Andrew Queen St Shoemaker
Rose William Victoria Quadrant Carpenter
Rout John Queen St Merchant
Russell John Epsom Farmer
Russell James Barrack St Settler
Russell James Victoria St Clerk
Russell David Freeman's Bay Carpenter
Russell Thomas Fort St Dealer
Runciman Thomas Epsom Rd Carpenter
Rutherford James Chapel St carpenter
Ryan Jeremiah Albert St Labourer
Ryan John Chancery St Boatman
Ryan John Durham St Bootmaker
Ryan Michael West Queen St Sawyer
Salmon John Queen St Merchant
Sanson William Wyndham St Shoemaker
Sampson Francis Albert St Clerk
Sandell William Wellesley St Shoemaker
Saunders John Chancery St Carpenter
Saunders Thomas Queen St Clerk
Sauerbier John Queen St Baker
Schulz Robert Albert Clerk
Scott William Wakefield St Carpenter
Scott Robert Wyndham St Shoemaker
Scott Archibald Freeman's Bay Farmer
Scott Walter Hobson St Settler
Scott William Hobson St Carpenter
Scott Andrew Hobson St Carpenter
Scott John Tamaki Farmer
Senior Joseph Epsom Setlter
Sharpe William Remuera Settler
Sharper John Victoria Lane Miner
Shadbrook John Suburbs Farmer
Sheehan David West Queen St Publican
Sheppard Thomas Remuera Settler
Sheppard John Symonds St Farmer
Sherlock Patrick Victoria St Labourer
Short Albert G. Onehunga Carpenter
Sibley John Coopers bay Carpenter
Simpson George Remuera Dealer
Simons Walter High St Tailor
Simms James Shortland St Grocer
Simes John Parnell Baker
Sinden Joseph West Queen St Labourer
Sinclair Alexander Durham St Soapboiler
Sinclair George Queen St Cooper
Skeen Robert High St Printer
Skeleny Andrew Barrack St Settler
Skeleny Thomas Barrack St Settler
Skeleny James Barrack St Settler
Sladden Richard Albert St Labourer
Smale David Onehunga Settler
Smith John Albert St Boatman
Smith Richard Chapel St Carpenter
Smith William High St Labourer
Smith Thomas Wyndham St Shoemaker
Smith George Victoria St Clerk
Smith Alfred Parnell Labourer
Smith James Parnell Settler
Snooks Samuel Parnell Blacksmith
Snodgrass David Queens St Baker
Soall James Mechanic's Bay Settler
Somerville Thomas Epsom Farmer
Somerville Mark Queen St Grocer
Somerville Henry Queen St Shoemaker
Spare James Grey St Carpenter
Stafford Nathaniel Mechanic's Bay Carter
Stallard Edward Onehunga Dealer
St. Amour Richard Chanceery Lane Labourer
Stapleton Martin Epsom Settler
Steedon George queen St Butcher
Steele William Parnell Butcher
Stevenson George High St Dealer
Stitchbury Charles Shortland St Dealer
Stokes Jessie West Queen St Painter
Stokes Reuben Epsom Seervant
Stow Robert Epsom Settler
Stuart Alexander Pamure Farmer
Sturgis John Queen St Boatman
Styak John Panmure Settler
Sullivan Edward Durham St Shoemaker
Swanson John Durham St Carpenter
Swinburne Alfred Remuera Settler
Swinburne Walter Remuera Settler
Syms Joseph Durham St Tailor
Syms Henry Durham St Tailor
Symes james North Shore Farmer
Tatum John Parnell Carpenter
Tattersall William Shortland St Painter
Tapper Joseph Queen St Tinsmith
Taprell William Onehunga Dealer
Taylor John E. Grey St Clerk
Taylor George Mechanic's Bay Settler
Taylor Daniel Chancery St Shipwright
Taylor Willliam Tamaki Farmer
Teague Samuel Freeman's Bay Labourer
Teikin Micheal Shortland St Dealer
Tidmarsh William Parnell Messenger
Tilley Samuel Onehunga Labourer
Tims Martin Victoria St Carpenter
Thomas John Shortland St Draper
Thompson Joseph Queen St Mariner
Thompson James West Queen St Settler
Thompson William Onehunga Carpenter
Thompson Alexander Tamaki Farmer
Thornburn William Mechanic's Bay Carpenter
Thorne Thomas Queen St Dealer
Thorne William Wakefield St Shoemaker
Travarthen william Suburbs Miner
Tryce William Mungamungaroa Settler
Tryce George Mungamungaroa Settler
Tucker Edward Chancery St carter
Tudehope Robert Grey St Stonemason
Turner John Barrow Wakefield St Publican
Turner Benjamin Evan Remuera Publican
Tye William Epsom Publican
Tye Daniel Epsom Settler
Vaile George Wellesley Builder
Vaile George Ebenezer Queen St Grocer
Veale Samuel Freeman's Bay Sawyer
Vercoe Byrant Fort St Publican
Vidal Robert Parnell Settler
Waite Jeremiah Queen St Trader
Wake Charles Shortland St Butcher
Walker Edward Suburbs Settler
Walker William Remuera Settler
Walsh Edward Albert St Carpenter
Walsh James Albert St Carter
Wall Edward Shortland St Blacksmith
Wallace Archibald Tamaki Blacksmith
Wallace Robert Tamaki Settler
Wallus William Wyndham St Labourer
Walton George West Queen St Dealer
Ward Bryan Connell St Wheelwright
Wardell Edward Shortland St Dealer
Warrington William Onehunga Carpenter
Watt James Shortland St Jeweller
Waters Vincent Wakefield St Carter
Watson John Connell St Blacksmith
Weaving Thomas Durham St Carpenter
Wells Samuel Queen St Cooper
Wells William West Queen St Cooper
Wemyss James Parnell Settler
Wesney William Otahuhu Farmer
Westwood James Durham St Carpenter
Weston Thomas Shortland St Merchant
Weston Reginald Francis Albert St Clerk
Wheelan Patrick West Queen St Dealer
Wheeler William Grey St Settler
Welch Edward Albert St Trader
White David Tamaki Settler
White George Queen St Carpenter
White Henry High St Stonemason
White Titus A. High St Carpenter
White William Chapel St Settler
White Caleb Chapel St Settler
Whitmarsh John Mungamungaroa Labourer
Wild William High St Tailor
Williamson John Shortland St Printer
Williamson James Remuera Settler
Williamson James Shortland St Settler
Williams Frederick Onehunga Servant
Williams William Wellesley St Labourer
Williams William Parnell Settler
Williams William Freeman's Bay Settler
Williams Thomas Tamaki Farmer
Wilson William Shortland St Bookbinder
Wilson John Victoria St Bookbinder
Wilson Archibald West Queen St Settler
Willis George Papakura Farmer
Willets William Epsom Settler
Wise Chapman Henry Mechanics' Bay Butcher
Wood Jonathan Albert St Carpenter
Woodhouse John Queen St Merchant
Wright Thomas Parnell Carpenter
Wright Alexander Albert St Carpenter
Wright William Albert St Carpenter
Wright Joseph Freeman's Bay Settler
Wright James Mechanics' Bay Flax Dresser
Wylie Thomas Tamaki Settler
Young William Queen St Eating House Keeper
Young Joseph Shortland St Dairyman
Young David Freeman's Bay Shoemaker
Young Crawford Auckland Clerk