INCHES Died 1st February 1852, James Nairne Inches, aged 49 years.

IRELAND Died 14th January 1852, Theodoria Ireland, aged 40 years.

IRELAND On February 24, 1890, at his residence, Panmure, George Edward Ireland, aged 55 years.

IRELAND Died 28th August 1916, David Henry Ireland, husband of Elizabeth Ireland, and youngest son of the late William Ireland, of Point England, West Tamaki, aged 62 years.

IRELAND Our citizens on Monday heard with surprise and regret of the death of Mr George E. Ireland, partner in the firm of Messrs Ireland Brothers, tanners and curriers, who expired at his residence, Panmure, that morning. Mr Ireland was a businessman of close on thirty years standing in this community, but took little part in public affairs. He had been ailing for some months past, Dr Davy being in attendance upon him. Mr Ireland arrived in Auckland in 1862, from Lincolnshire, with his brother, and for some years they carried on business as tanners and leather workers in Mechanic's Bay, afterwards removing their establishment to the Panmure lagoon. At that township for the past fifteen years or so Mr Ireland has resided, superintending the tannery operations. Some years ago he and Mrs Ireland, made a tour to the mother country, principally for the benefit of his health. Mr Ireland leaves a widow but no family. (1890)

IRVINE Died 9th June 1848, Mary Irvine, aged 9 weeks.

IRVINE On September 18, 1892?, at Kyber Pass, Auckland, Alice Maud, fourth daughter of Captain J. C. Irvine (late of Irish Revenue Police), of Howick, aged 29 years.

IRWIN Died 5th July 1849, John Irwin, Pensioner, aged 41 years.

JACKMAN On October 18, Lyall Bertie Jackman, son of E. W. M. and J. D.Jackman, Marahemo, aged 18 years. Interment today at Whakapirau.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 20th October 1931.

JACKSON On June 18, at the residence of her son in law, Mary Street, Mount Eden, Jane, beloved wife of Campbell Jackson, of Pokeno, aged 55 years. Deeply regretted. Ohio (American) papers please copy.

JAFFREY Died 14th May 1897 at Stanley Street, Ivy Lily, daughter of William Jaffrey, labourer, and Sarah Jane Kelly, of gastro-enteritis and vomiting 1 month, aged 1 year.

JAFFREY On March 23, William Jaffrey, bootmaker, aged 66 years. The funeral will leave his late residence, View Road, Mt Roskill (near Smeeton's Store) for the Symonds Street Cemetery tomorrow (Saturday) at 3 o'clock.
New Zealand Herald Friday 23rd March 1900.

JAMES Died 14th June 1850, Francis James, aged 28 years.

JAMES On February 25, 1930, at her daughter's residence, (Mrs Percy Winstone) 19 Victoria Avenue, Remuera, Emily Annie, widow of the late John W. James, in her 88th year. private intement 11 a.m. tomorrow (Thursday).
New Zealand Herald Wednesday 26th February 1930.

JAMIESON Died 21st December 1850, Anne Jamieson, aged 48 years.

JAMISON Died 22nd December 1851, Ann Jamison, aged 3 months.

JENKINS Died 22nd May 1850, Agnes Jenkins, aged 27 years.

JENKYNS Died 6th September 1848, Eliza Jenkyns, aged 9 months.

JENKYNS Died 5th March 1852, Ivan Jenkyns, aged 6 years.

JENKYNS Died 10th June 1852, Richard Jenkyns, aged 16 years.

JILLINGS Died Rawhiti Hospital, Mount Eden 29th June 1930, Mary Jillings, widow, of old age, aged 72 years, usually of 27 Amy Street, Ellerslie. Born Auckland, daughter of Anthony Regan and Matilda Jane Wilson, married at Auckland to Henry Laurence Jillings. Male issue living - aged 51, 44, 42, 38, 33, 29. Female issue living - aged 47, 45, 40, 37, 35. Buried Old Roman Catholic Cemetery, Otahuhu from 27 Amy Street. Account to Mr W. Strong, 27 Amy Street, Ellerslie.
Vol 49, page 153, C. Little records, Auckland Public Library.

JOHNSON Died 27th July 1848, John Johnson, aged 34 years.

JOHNSON Died 26th October 1848, Charles Johnson, aged 35 years.

JOHNSON Died 23rd January 1849, Sarah Johnson, aged 30 years.

JOHNSON Died 27th October 1849, James Johnson, aged 50 years.

JOHNSON Died 12th March 1850, George Johnson, aged 53 years.

JOHNSON Died 17th October 1850, Frederick Johnson, aged 28 years.

JONES Died 17th March 1849, Sarah Jones, wife of Roger Jones, Fencible of Otahuhu, of childbed, aged 44 years.

JONES Died 12th August 1881 at Dunedin Hospital, Roger Jones, Pensioner, labourer, of bronchitis and senile decay, aged 74 years. No parental details entered but born Ireland, but supposedly in New Zealand 40 years. Married at Auckland at age 50 years to Eliza McConaghy. 2 male issue living at time of death. 5 Female issue living. Buried South Dunedin Cemetery.

JONES Died 7th May 1931 at Newcastle Hospital, NSW, James Jones, labourer, of chronic myocarditis, aged 71 years. Born Auckland, son of Roger Jones, fencible, labourer, and Elizabeth McConnaghy. Married at Newcastle at age 22 to Margaret Ann Pratt, in New South Wales about 60 years. Buried Methodist Cemetery, Sandgate. Issue living at time of death - Thomas aged 49, Richard aged 47, William aged 45, Margaret aged 39, Elsie age 36, Susan aged 34, Albert aged 29 and Ella aged 26. 3 males deceased.

JUSTIN Died 28th April 1917 at 9 Wellington Street but usually of Queen Street, Onehunga, Mary Justin, married woman, aged 42 years. Born at Auckland, daughter of Richard Ellis, brewer, and Annie Justin. Married at Lyttleton at age 31 to Francis Robert Justin, engineer, no issue. Buried Waikaraka Cemetery, Wesleyan ceremony.
Vol 23, page 173, C. Little records, Auckland Public Library.