GALLAGHER Died 27th March 1852, John Gallagher, aged 4 months.

GALLAGHER On October 30, 1892, at her late residence, Symonds Street, Catherine Francis Gallagher, relict of the late George Gallagher, of the 58th Regiment, aged 65 years. Melbourne papers please copy.

GAMBLE Died 5th December 1846, William Gamble, son of shoemaker William Gamble, aged 26 years.

GAMBLE Died 4th March 1861, Catherine Gamble, aged 74 years.

GAMBLE Died 6th December 1861, William Gamble, aged 77 years.

GALLAGHER On August 26, 1920, at his residence, 86 Islington Street, Ponsonby and late of West Mauku, James, dearly beloved husband of Annie Gallagher, aged 80 years. The funeral will leave the above address at 2 p.m. today (Friday) for Purewa Cemetery. By request, no mourning.
New Zealand Herald Friday 27th August 1920.

GANLEY The remains of Mr Peter Ganley, late 65th Regiment, were interred in the Catholic Cemetery, Panmure, on July 30, Monsignor Macdonald officiating. The cortege was the largest ever witnessed in the village, except that of the Very Rev Dr Mcdonald, the revered brother of Father Walter. Mr Ganley, by his kindness of heart, his unobtrusive manner, and devotedness to his church, gained the esteem of all irrespective of denomination. (1899)

GANLEY On December 9, 1913, at her late residence, Panmure, Mary, widow of the late Peter Ganley, aged 68 years. R.I.P. The funeral will leave her late residence for the Panmure Cemetery tomorrow (Wednesday) at 3 p.m. Friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 10th December 1913.

GARMONSWAY On July 4, 1935, at the residence of his niece, Mrs Edwin Bell, Pirongia, Edward (Ned) Garmonsway, in his 95th year. At rest. The funeral will leave the above address at 2.30 p.m. today (Saturday) for the Pirongia Cemetery. Friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald 6th July 1935.

GARNAUT Died 21st June 1916 at Albert Street, Richard Garnaut, sail maker, aged 72 years. Born Tasmania, married to Maria Ellen, widow aged 70 years at time of husband's death), in New Zealand 40 years. Buried Purewa cemetery, funeral account to Mr Montague Garnaut, King's Parade, Devonport. Male issue living at time of death - aged 38. female issue living - aged 34, 32, 29.

GATLAND On November 30, Charles Geoffrey, fifth son of the late J. B. Gatland, of Coromandel, aged 31 years.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 1st December 1908.

GATLAND On October 29, at his late residence, 38 Great South Road, Remuera, Arthur James, dearly loved husband of Mary Eleanor Gatland, and youngest son of the late J. B. and Annie Gatland, of Coromandel, aged 49 years. Interment at Coromandel at 2 p.m. tomorrow (Friday), leaving 38 Great South Road, 8 a.m. by motor, via Thames.
New Zealand Herald Thursday 29th October 1931.

GARMONSWAY ** On July 4, 1935, at the residence of his niece, Mrs Edwin Bell, Pirongia, Edward (Ned) Garmonsway, in his 95th year. At rest. The funeral will leave the above address at 2.30 p.m. today (Saturday) for the Pirongia Cemetery. Friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald 6th July 1935.

GAVEN Died 7th November 1918, at Mount Smart Road, Thomas Austen Gaven, ironmonger, aged 44 years. Born Ohaupo, son of Patrick Gaven, farmer, and Margaret Coyle. Married at Auckland at age 30 to Maud Lye, widow aged 40 at time of death. Male issue living - 5, 12. Buried Waikumete Cemetery. (should be Gavin?)
Vol 11, page 58, C. Little records, Auckland Public Library.

GEALE Died 7th October 1851, Piers Geale, aged 30 years.

GEARY Died 18th February 1850, John Geary, aged 22 years.

GEDDIES Died 29th April 1851, Alexanfer Geddies, aged 38 years.

GEDDIS On Jan. 22, at the residence of her daughter (Mrs W. Boak), Takapuna, Mary Jane, relict of the late John Stewart Geddis, aged 76 years. Private interment.
New Zealand Herald Thursday 23rd January 1908.

GEORGE On June 29, accidentally drowned in the Auckland Harbour, Richard George, eldest son of the late William George, of Parnell, aged 19 years. (1889?)

GERRIGHTY Died at the Thames Hospital 26th February 1901, Charles Gerrighty, male carter, of a fractured spine and pyemia, aged 39 years. Last seen by Dr E. Aubin 26th February 1901. Born Howick, son of Charles Gerrighty, labourer and Mary Ann Childerhouse. Married Lily Campbell at Thames at age 27 years. Male issue deceased. Female issue living - aged 10, 8, 5. Buried Church of England, Shortland Cemetery.
Informant - Robert Twentyman, undertaker.

GIBBINS On April 14, at 1892, (of .....ford Street), suddenly, Thomas Gibbins, late of H.M.'s 58th Regiment, the beloved husband of Mary Ann Gibbins, aged 64 years.

GIFFORD Ann Gifford, aged 36 years.????????????????

GILL Died 30th April 1886 at Carlton Gore Road, Jessie Gill, of dentition and exhaustion, aged 7 months. Last seen by Dr Evans 30th April 1886. Daughter of Michael Gill, labourer, and Annie Nobs. Buried Auckland from Mt Eden by the Rev W. Macdonald.

GILL On December 12, at Cockle Bay, near Howick, John Gill, aged 67 years.

GILL Another old and highly respectable settler has recently passed away in the person of Mr John Gill, who expired at his late residence, at Cockle Bay, on Thursday last, the 12th inst., at the age of 67. The deceased gentleman was born in the famous Vale of Avoca, in the County of Wicklow, Ireland, where his people were well-known from the prominent position they occupied as a county family. When quite a young man, the subject of these remarks left his native country for Australia, and was for some time engaged in business in and around Adelaide. On the outbreak of the gold fever however, Mr Gill gave up his business and mixed with the excited crowds that flocked to Bendigo and Ballarat, where he worked with varied success as a gold digger. After a few years of this life, he determined to settle in New Zealand. Accordingly about the year 1864 he landed in Auckland, and soon after, with his young wife, settled in the neighbourhood of Howick, where he resided continuously up to the time of his death. During the troubles with the natives in the early sixties Mr Gill joined the Howick Cavalry under the late Captain Maclean, and with his corps rendered valuable service to the colony and gave a feeling of security to the district. During the time the deceased gentleman was in the cavalry he was frequently exposed to the wet and cold, and it is believed he contracted rheumatic gout at that time, to which he was, for over twenty years, a perfect martyr. As a settler, he was, despite his affliction, most energetic and under his guidance a large extent of the wild lands of the district has been brought into cultivation. Generally speaking, he resided on his farm at Pakuranga, but occasionally he lived in a cottage which he built on what is known as Lush's farm, which he purchased some years ago, and which is situate above the beautiful waters of Cockle's Bay, at which place he died as indicated. As a neighbour and settler he was widely known, and universally respected, and this was shown by the very large number of settlers from Auckland and all the settlements around Howick who attended his funeral on Saturday last. Mrs Gill survives her husband, with three sons and three daughters, one of the latter being married to Mr Little, head teacher at the Coromandel school, and one to Mr Keith. Mr Gill was a member of the Howick Episcopalian Church, in the burying ground of which his remains were interred, the ceremony being performed by the Rev Mr Fox. (Died 12th December 1889)

GILL On Tuesday, February 12 1895, at his late residence, Cockle Bay, William Angelo, second beloved son of the late John and Catherine Gill, in his 32nd year.

GILL Died 29th July 1909 at Pakuranga, Emily Gill, of disease of the heart, aged 49 years. Born Pakuranga, daughter of Patrick Fitzpatrick, farmer, and Ann Haydon. Married at Otahuhu at age 29 to John William Gill. Female issue living - aged 19.
Informant - A. P. Harris, of Otahuhu.

GILL On July 17, 1914, at his late residence, Howick, Thomas Page Gill, beloved husband of Ellen Gill, aged 76 years. R.I.P. The funeral at the Roman Catholic Church at 2 p.m. today (Monday). Friends please accept this intimation.

GILL ** An old woman named Jessie Gill, about 87 years of age, died in the District Hospital at 4 o'clock on March 19th from shock caused by severe burns accidentally received. It is stated that the deceased, who is a widow, resided at Panmure and who was an old age pensioner, had been confined to bed for some time past and was in the habit of smoking in bed. She was in the act of lighting a pipe on March 18th and accidentally set fire to the bed-clothes, receiving severe burns about the body before assistance arived. She was removed to the District Hospital by Constable Finnerty and there succumbed to her injuries as stated. An inquest was held at the District Hospital on the 20th March, a verdict of "Accidental death" being returned.
New Zealand Herald 4th April 1902, page 5.

GILL ** On July 17, 1914, at his late residence, Howick, Thomas Page Gill, beloved husband of Ellen Gill, aged 76 years. R.I.P. The funeral at the Roman Catholic Church at 2 p.m. today (Monday). Friends please accept this intimation.

GILLARD On January 1, at her residence, East Tamaki, Susan, the beloved wife of John Gillard, aged 66. (1888?)

GILLICE Died 11th December 1897 at Ormond, James Felix Gillice, gardener, of dropsy 6 months, aged 82 years. Last seen by Dr Leonard Hughes 9th December 1897. Born Sussex, England, son of Phillip Gillice and Elizabeth Baker, in New Zealand 26 years. Married at Tasmania at age 28 to Jane Manton. Male issue living - aged 50, 47. Female issue living - aged 45, 43, 40. Buried Ormond Cemetery, Gisborne.
Informant - L. Williams, agent of Laura Annie Boniface, of Gisborne, a person present at the death.

GILLICE Died 5th April 1897 at Gisborne, Evelyn Gillice, daughter of Ada Gillice, of diarrhoea and exhaustion, aged 1 month.
Informant - Mr Parsons, present at the death, of Gisborne.

GILMER On August 20, 1912, at her late residence "Dulwich", Manukau Road, Parnell (after a short illness) Sarah Jane, beloved wife of Benjamin Gilmer, Town Clerk Parnell, aged 74 years. The funeral will leave her late residence for Symonds Street Cemetery at 2 p.m. tomorrow (Thursday).
New Zealand Herald Wednesday 21st August 1912.

GILMORE Died 22nd October 1852, William Gilmore, aged 53 years.

GILMOUR At Ingledell, Howick, on November 8th, Hugh Kerr, the beloved son of Hugh and Ellen D. Gilmour, aged 13 years.

GILROY On Jan. 17, 1916 at Cambridge Samitorium, Robert James, beloved husband of Angelena Gilroy, late of Coromandel.

GILROY On Feb. 24, at Auckland, John Henry, eldest son of the late Robert and Elizabeth Gilroy, late of Coromandel, aged 71 years. R. I. P.
New Zealand Herald 26th February 1941.

GILROY On Feb. 24, at Auckland, John Henry, loved brother of Mesdames Holton, Dougan, Christmas and loved uncle of Mrs Bowden, in his 71st year. R. I. P. The funeral will leave Tilton & Opie's Chapel, 150 Great North Road, Grey Lynn at 2 p.m. (Wednesday) for Waikumete Cemetery.
New Zealand Herald 26th February 1941.

GITTOS Died 8th March 1850, Sarah Gittos, daughter of Benjamin Gittos, shoemaker, and Mary Anne Hobbs, aged 9 months.

GITTOS On Jan. 24, at Calliope Road, Devonport, Marianne, beloved wife of the Rev W. Gittos, and daughter of the late Rev John Hobbs, aged 77 years. Private interment tomorrow (Sunday).
New Zealand Herald Saturday 25th January 1908.

GLANVILLE On November 27, Ann, dearly beloved wife of J. H. Glanville, of Pakuranga, aged 44 years. Deeply regretted. Interred at Howick yesterday.

GLANVILLE On March 5, 1908??, at her parents' residence, Pakuranga, Ruby Annie, infant daughter of Joseph and Annie Glanville, aged 6 months.

GLEESON Died 25th January 1849, Thomas Gleeson, aged 4 months.

GLYNN Died 2nd December 1915, Mary Glynn, married woman, of 10 Hadfield Street but usually of Olive Road, Ellerslie, aged 30 years. Born Auckland, daughter of James Jones, labourer, and Bridget Finnagan, married at age 26 to Patrick Edmund Glynn. Male issue living at time of death - aged 1 year 9 months. Buried Waikumete Cemetery with her mother, Bridget Jones.

GOLDSMITH Died 8th October 1917 at Auckland, Fanny Clara Goldsmith, aged 76 years. Daughter of William Evans and jane bennett, married to Stephen Goldsmith.

GOLDSMITH Died 15th July 1939 at Auckland, Edward John Goldsmith, aged 72 years. Son of Henry Goldsmith, married to Jane Barbara McDonald.

GOODALL Died 19th August 1848, Ann Goodall, aged 34 years.

GOODFELLOW Died 1st May 1849, Jane Goodfellow, aged 10 months.

GOODFELLOW On July 28, at Fair View, near Otahuhu, William Goodfellow, aged 84 years. 1892?

GOODFELLOW A correspondent sends the following further particulars concerning the late Mr William Goodfellow:- "He was the son of a burgess in the busy town of Hawick, and for some years carried on there the bakery business, in which he had succeeded his father. Hawick is in the country of the Border Scotts After reaching Sydney in the barque Palmyra in 1839 Mr Goodfellow at once went on to Wellington. Landing there he got a whare built near the mouth of the Hutt, where all that there was of a town then stood, got his flour ashore, and started baking. But all the level ground there was then exposed to floods, and Mr Goodfellow visited Auckland in 1840 to attend its first land sale. He bought an acre in Queen Street, near where the National Bank now stands, got a house built by the side of the creek that then flowed there, and as soon as possible started business. Trade was slow at first, for population was scarce and money even scarcer. It was, however, but a few years before Heke's war in the North brought Mr Goodfellow a run of luck; for he got contracts for supplying the soldiers with provisions. He carried out these so as to gain the respect of all he came into contact with; and soon after the war was over made arrangements for settling on his farm at Tamaki (now known as St Heliers). He had bought from natives a run of 500 acres at Wairoa South; but Sir George Grey disallowed the transaction; and gave him about 350 acres at Otara. This Mr Goodfellow reclaimed, and added to, and there Mr and Mrs Goodfellow dispensed hospitality for thirty years. Mr Goodfellow was at one time a member of the Provincial Council."

GOODFELLOW On August 7, 1913, at Otara, James Alexander, beloved husband of Margaret Goodfellow, and youngest son of the late William Goodfellow, aged 58 years. The funeral will leave for the Otara Cemetery, tomorrow (Saturday), at 3 p.m. Friends please accept this intimation. By request, no flowers.

GOODWILL The news of the death, at the Auckland Hospital, of the wife of Mr Arthur Goodwill, only 29 years of age, was received at Otahuhu with deep regret. Universal sympathy is felt for Mr Goodwill, who is left with three young motherless children. The late Mrs Goodwill, in conjunction with her husband, took great interest in social and religious matters. During her short married life, she was intimately associated with the Otahuhu Wesleyan Church.

GOODWIN Died 29th October 1849, Anna Goodwin, aged 34 years.

GOODWIN Died 27th August 1913 at Ngaruawahia, Jane Goodwin, household duties, female, of cirrhosis of the liver, senility and heart failure, aged 83 years. Last seen by Dr H. E. Tait 13th August 1913. Born South Wales, daughter of ..... Boyd, soldier, and ...... ...... Male issue living - 60, 55, 46, 43, 40. Female issue living - 61, 51. Buried Ngaruawahia 29th August 1913.
Informant - John William Tait, undertaker having charge of the funeral.

GOODWIN Died 9th January 1912 at Firewood Creek, Ngaruawahia, William Henry Goodwin, of old age, fractured leg and exhaustion 20 days, aged 86 years. Last seen by Dr Percy Swaseger 8th January 1912. Born Norfolk, England, in New Zealand 64 years. Married at Onehunga at age 22 to Jane Boyd. Male issue living - aged 39, 42, 45, 55, 57. Female issue living - aged 54, 66. Buried Ngaruawahia 10th January 1912.
Informant - W. Vant, undertaker having charge of the funeral.

GOONAN On December 28, 1923, at her mother's residence, Julia, the beloved wife of John Goonan, Waihi, and beloved daughter of Mrs J. Corbett, Hikutaia, aged 38 years. Requiescat in Pace. The funeral will leave her mother's residence, Hikutaia, at 2 p.m. tomorrow (Sunday).
New Zealand Herald Saturday 29th December 1923.

GORBY Died 12th April 1848, Catherine Gorby, aged 28 years.

GORRIE Died 21st September 1848, Margaret Johnstone Gorrie, daughter of William Gorrie, aged 6 years.

GORRIE Died 3rd February 1849, Jessie Gorrie, daughter of William Gorrie, aged 3 years 11 months.

GORRIE On November 30, 1923, at the Auckland Hospital, Margaret Campbell, third eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs T. L. Gorrie, of Tuamoa, aged 21 years. Sadly missed.
New Zealand Herald Saturday 4th December 1923.

GORYCK Died 14th September 1848, William Goryck.

GOSSETT Major General Gossett, late of the Indian service, died at his residence, St Stephen's Avenue, Parnell, on Monday night. General Gossett arrived in Auckland after the first Katikati special settlement was established, and since then his figure has been one of the best-known in Auckland. His fine physique and military bearing always attracted attention, and his general manner and happy disposition gained for him hosts of friends everywhere. The immediate cause of death was cancer. He leaves several sons and daughters, all grown up, to mourn his death, one of his daughters being Mrs Goldie, wife of the curator of the Domain. General Gossett, since his arrival in Auckland, has been an active member of the Masonic fraternity, and held office for several years in the Prince of Wales Lodge. It is understood that, by General Gossett's own desire, there will be no demonstration, Masonic, or military, at his funeral.

GRAHAM Died 23rd July 1852, Thomas Graham, aged 57 years.

GRAHAM Died 3rd June 1919 at the Auckland Hospital, Mary Ann Graham, widow, usually C/- of Mrs Ghent, 259 Manukau Road, aged 67 years. Born Auckland, daughter of Robert Kyle, pensioner, and Mary Ann Cobine. Married at Tauranga at age 26 to Henry Graham, with no issue living. Buried Otahuhu.

GRANT Died 16th November 1849, Ann Grant, aged 60 years.

GRAY Died 25th November 1848, Mary Ann Gray, aged 12 years.

GRAY On May 10, at Papatoitoi, suddenly, Margaret, beloved wife of William Gray, aged 54 years.

GREGORY Died 26th March 1851, Henry Mark Gregory, aged 26 years.

GRIFFITH An old and esteemed resident of Auckland passed away on the 15th June in the person of Mr William Griffith, of Franklin Road, at the age of 85, after a brief illness. He came here in the early days with the military, and 30 years ago was manager for Messrs Mears & Co. grain and produce merchants, Queen Street, at that time. He lived in Rutland Street for many years, but subsequently went out to Ponsonby, where he purchased some property, and lived in a quiet and comfortable way. He was a member of the Wesleyan body, and was very useful, being trustee for several trusts. He took a great interest in attending to the poor fund of the church to which he belonged, St John's, Ponsonby, and was of a benevolent disposition. He leaves a widow but no children. His only son died many years ago. Deceased was a native of Armagh, Ireland. The funeral took place on June 17. There was a brief service at the residence conducted by the Rev E. Best, after which the coffin was escorted by a large number of friends to St John's Wesleyan Church, Ponsonby, where the greater part of the mortuary service was held. As the coffin was borne up the aisle to the place assigned in front of the communion rails, Mr Horsley, the organist, played Handel's "Dead March" to "Saul." The church was well-filled, and the choir being in full force sang appropriate hymns. The Rev C. H. Laws read the 15th chapter of Corinthians, and the Rev E. Best delivered an impressive address. At the conclusion of the service the coffin was borne out of the church to the hearse amid the strains of the "Dead March, " the assemblage standing. Notwithstanding the heavy rain a large number of those present paid the last token of respect to the memory of an old colonist by following his remains to the Symonds Street Cemetery, being joined en route by a number of friends when passing Pitt Street Wesleyan Church. The service at the grave was short owing to the rain, and was taken alternately by the Rev C.H. Laws and the Rev S.F. Prior.

GRIGG On April 21, at Whitford, Hanna Victoria, the beloved eldest daughter of Isaac and Hanna Grigg, aged 9 years. The funeral will leave the residence of her grandmother, Mrs Nadin, Whitford, today (Thursday) at 12 noon for the Church of England Cemetery, Howick. Friends please accept this intimation. 1908.

GRIMES On December 19, 1885 at Howick, Mrs Mary Grimes, aged sixty seven years.

GRIMLEY Died 19th January 1850, Amelia Grimley, daughter of James Ggrimley, butcher, Queen Street, Auckland, and Elizaneth Shealy, aged 9 months.

GUEST Died 6th November 1848, Edward Guest, aged 35 years 9 months.

GUILDING Died 11th September 1861, Joseph Guilding, infant.

GUILDING Died 27th March 1853, Mary Ann Guilding, wife of John Guilding, aged 31 years.

GUNN Died 12th June 1850, Robert Gunn, aged 42 years.

GUNNING On Feb. 17, 1921, at the residence of W. H. Blackhurst, Walmsley Road, Mangere, Catherine Gunning, relict of the late Edward Gunning and dearly beloved mother of Mrs F. Blackhurst, Mount Smart Road, Onehunga, in her 70th year. R. I. P. private interment.
New Zealand Herald Friday 18th February 1921.

GUNNING On November 11, 1931, at the Auckland Hospital, Joseph John, beloved husband of the Margaret Faulds Gunning, 5 Short Street, Newmarket, in his 77th year. At rest. Funeral will leave above address today (Friday) for Symonds Street Cemetery at 1.30. By request of deceased, no mourning.
New Zealand Herald Friday 13th November 1931.

GUNSON Died 10th May 1861, George H. Gunson, aged 24 years.