FAGAN Died 25th June 1849, John Fagan, Pensioner, aged 40 years.

FAGAN On April 14, 1855 at Fielder's Lane, Auckland, William Fagan, Pensioner, husband of Julia Fagan, of dropsy, aged about 55 years.

FAGAN Died 20th October 1863, John Fagan, of Ramarama and Drury, aged about 64 years.

FAGAN Died at Fielder's Lane, Auckland 15th July 1869, William Fagan, Pensioner, of dropsy, aged about 60 years.
Informant - Julia Fagan, widow of deceased. check WHIC IS CORRECT

FAHEY/FAHI FOUND DROWNED - Yesterday at about half past 3 o'clock p.m., the carpenter working on the first T of the right of the Queen Street Wharf found something in contact with the rudder which upon examination turned out to be the body of a man drowned. The man was recognised as one Edward Fahi (sic), a Pensioner of about 50 years of age belonging to the artillery service. In his pockets were found a watch, a sovereign, and about 9 shillings in silver and copper. He is supposed to have fallen off the wharf during the previous night. He was taken to the dead-house to await the Coroner's inquest which is to be holden this day.
[It has been suggested to us that it would not require a very large sum to extend a chain along the edge of the Wharf; and such a precaution would appear necessary for the protection of individuals having accasion to be on the Wharf at night, especially in stormy weather. Notes by Southern Cross Editor]
Southern Cross 2nd July 1862.

FAHEY Died 17th October 1863, Margaret Fahey, wife of John Fahey, aged about 60 years. These people are believed to have been murdered by a Maori war party at their farm.

FAHEY On October 23rd 1869 at Panmure, Michael Fahey, Pensioner, of disease of the heart, aged 75 years.

FAHEY Died 19th April 1902, Mary Fahey, widow of Fencible Michael Fahey, aged 75 years.

FAIRBURN Died 2nd September 1843, Sarah Fairburn, first wife of William Thomas Fairburn née Tugwell, aged 42 years. Buried Anglican Cemetery, Symonds Street.

FAIRBURN Died 14th June 1847, Elizabeth Fairburn, second wife of William Thomas Fairburn, née Newman.

FAIRBURN Died 11th December 1851, Matilda Jane Fairburn, wife of John Fairburn and daughter of Benjamin Lewis, Fencible, Howick, and Jane Kensla, aged 17 years 8 months,.

FAIRBURN Died 10th January 1859, William Thomas Fairburn, aged 64 years.

FAIRBURN On June 5, 1884, at her residence, Ravensbourne, Upper Symonds Street, Jane, relict of the late W. T. Fairburn. Warwick papers please copy.

FAIRBURN Died 21st April 1893, John Fairburn,son of William Thomas Fairburn, aged 69 years. Buried Holy Trinity Cemetery, Otahuhu.

FAIRBURN Died 12th November 1896, Richard Alexander Fairburn, son of William Thomas Fairburn, aged 78 years.

FAIRBURN Died 15th November 1897, Emily Fairburn, third wife of John Fairburn, aged 58 years.

FAIRBURN On July 20, 1907, at Auckland Hospital, Eric Guy, dearly beloved youngest son of the late John nad Emily Fairburn, late of Otahuhu. The funeral will leave the hospital today (Tuesday) for Otahuhu at 1.30 p.m. Friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 23rd July 1907.

FAIRBURN Died 8th February 1921 at 62 Grange Road, Auckland, Louisa Fairburn, widow, aged 85 years. Born England, daughter of James Coney, merchant, married at Auckland at age 16 to Richard Alexander fairburn. 4 male issue living at time of death. 4 female issue living.

FAIRBURN On October 29, at the Public Hospital, F. E. Fairburn, second son of the late R. A. and Louisa Fairburn, aged 78 years. Deeply regretted by his brothers and sisters. Funeral leaves the chapel of Arthur Homes, Abbotsford Street, Newmarket, on Monday November 1, at 1.30 p.m. for Waikumete.
New Zealand Herald 30th October 1937.

FALLON Died 13th June 1850, Peter Fallon, son o f F rancis Fallon,, of consumption, aged 3 years 7 months.
Informant - Francis Fallon, Pensioner, of Onehunga.

FALLON On February 16, 1854, Michael Fallon, Pensioner, of Onehunga, of congestion of the lungs, aged 55 years.

FARMER On April 12, 1895, at his late residence, Pakuranga, Charles Farmer, after a long illness, aged 74 years.

FARN On November 10, 1887, Isabella, the beloved wife of Thomas Farn, aged 61 years.

FARRELL Died 4th February 1887, Michael Farrell, Pensioner, aged 73 years.

FELLOWS Died 12th January 1851, William Fellows, aged 50 years.

FELTUS On May 12, 1864, William John Feltus, carpenter, of perforation of the intestines, aged 18 years.
Informant - Thomas Weaving, stepfather of deceased, carpenter, Auckland.

FELTUS At Woodville, Napier, New Zealand, Georgina Feltus, only daughter of the late Colour-Sergeant George Feltus, H.M. 58th Regiment, and only relative of Richard James Feltus of the city of Auckland, New Zealand, aged 58 years.
New Zealand Herald Wednesday 18th May 1910.

FERGUS Died 7th June 1906, Samuel Fergus, aged 38 years. Buried Presbyterian Cemetery, Symonds Street.

FERGUS On January 4, 1938, at Auckland, Margaret, wife of the late Sam Fergus, and beloved mother of Bill, Sam, Eileen and Dot, Masonic Hotel, Devonport, in her 69th year. Funeral will leave the Panmure Catholic Church at 3.30 p.m. tomorrow (Thursday) for the Panmure Cemetery.
New Zealand Herald Wednesday 5th January 1938.

FERNANDEZ On June 11, 1903, at her parents' residence, Nugent Street, Ethel Maude, dearly beloved sixth daughter of Andrew and Johanna Fernandez. R. I. P. Her end was peace. The funeral will leave the above address for the Symonds Street Cemetery at 3 p.m. on Sunday.
New Zealand Herald Saturday 13th June 1903.

FERNANDEZ On August 16, at her parents' residence, Nugent Street, Louisa May (Louie), fifth beloved daughter of Andrew and Johanna Fernandez, aged 33 years. R.I.P. The funeral will the above address at 1.45 p.m. tomorrow (Tuesday) for Waikumete Cemetery via St Benedict's Church.
New Zealand Herald Monday 15th August 1913

FERNANDEZ On July 17, at her residence, Oviedo, 19 Nugent Street, Johanna, the dearly beloved wife of Andrew Fernandez, in her 60th year. R.I.P. Interment tomorrow (Sunday). New Zealand Herald Saturday 18th July 1914.

FERNANDEZ Died 11th November 1933, Peter Fernandez, plumber, aged 54 years. Born Auckland, son of Andrew Fernandez, hotel keeper, and Johanna Sarsfield. Buried Waikumete Cemetery.

FERRALL Died 29th July 1897 at his residence, Parkhurst, George Ferrall,, after nine years of suffering, aged 50 years.

FERRALL Died 15th October 1897 at Parkhurst, Sarah Ferrall, beloved sister of Robert and the late George Ferrall.

FERRALL Died 15th February 1916 at Parkhurst, Robert Ferrall.

FIELDING Died 25th July 1849, Alfred James William Fielding, twin son of Joseph Fielding, confectioner, and Catherine Roberts, aged 4 months.

FIELDING Died 21st December 1849, Alice Rebecca Fielding, aged 9 months.

FILMER Died 29th June 1849, Jane Filmer, daughter of Fencible .... Filmer , Onehunga, after amputation of the thigh, aged 17 years.

FILMER Buried 22nd November 1857 at Onehunga, Elizabeth Filmer, aged 24 years.

FILMER Died 14th August 1878 at Onehunga, William Filmer, Pensioner, of haemiplegia 16 days, aged 77 years. Born Ashford, Kent, son of Comfort Filmer, market inspector, in New Zealand 31 years. Married at Portsea at age 26 to Louisa Parr. Buried Onehunga 15th August 1878. 3 male issue living at time of death. 1 female issue living.
Informant - Louisa Skinner, daughter, Onehunga.

FILMER Died 21st July 1889, at the Povincial Hospital, William Edward Augustus Filmer, clicker, of stricture of the pylorus 2 years, aged 31 years. Son of John Filmer, cook, and Eliza Perry, in New Zealand 23 years. Buried Purewa Cemetery, Anglican ceremony.

FILMER Buried Onehunga 4th April 1893, Elizabeth Filmer, aged 36 years.

FILMER Buried 15th August 1895 at Onehunga, Catherine Filmer, née Rehill, aged 62 years.

FILMER Died 14th April 1900, Mary Filmer, wife of John Filmer of Onehunga, of consumption, aged 53 years.

FILMER John James Filmer, settler of Onehunga, died by suicide while temporarily insane 4th March 1901, aged 61 years.

FILMER On Nov. 24, 1908, at Onehunga, William Comfort Filmer, in his 76th year. The funeral will leave his son in law's (Mr A. Turner) residence, Princes Street East, for St Peter's Cemetery this day (Thursday) at 4 p.m. Friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Thursday 26th November 1908.

FILMER On June 22, as the result of an accident, Clinton, dearly beloved second son of John and Sarah Filmer, of 9 Stratford Street, Parnell. Funeral will leave the above address tomorrow (Sunday) at 2 p.m. Friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Saturday 24th June 1933.

FILMER On May 11 (after a long illness), John, beloved husband of Sarah Filmer, of 9 Stratford Street, Parnell, aged 86 years. Sydney and Canterbury papers please copy. The funeral will leave his late residence at 2 p.m. tomorrow (Friday) for Purewa Cemetery.
New Zealand Herald Thursday 13th May 1937.

FINCH It is probable that the death of Mr Tom Finch, of Ohaupo, has brought home the sense of bereavement over as wide an area as any similar event in the locality for a good long time (says our Pirongia correspondent). The last sad ceremony, on Wednesday, attended by a great concourse of people, bore touching evidence of the universal regard that our last friend inspired. Shortly after 2 o'clock the long funeral procession, headed by the Cambridge Band, reached this township from Ohaupo. it was received by the assembled Freemasons, of which body Mr Finch was a distinguished member. The Alexandra Lodge had opened in the first degree before the arrival of the cortege and immediately adjourned. The masons, in full regalia, formed in procession, the band leading and playing the "Dead March in Saul." An impressive sight was presented from the cemetery hill as the apparently endless line wound slowly round into the approach. Some 60 to 70 buggies and other conveyances were counted, long lines of horsemen bringing up the rear. On halting at the cemetery gates the bandsmen formed up in open ranks and eight of the masons, bearing the remains of their dead confrere, moved forward in a solemn hush as the words "I am the Resurrection and the Life." were uttered by Archdeacon Willis, of Cambridge, who officiated. At the graveside the usual Church of England ceremony was supplemented by that of the Freemasons, W. P .M. Colquhoun, of the Alexandra Lodge, conducting in the absence of M Bro. W.W. Dew, District Grand Secretary, who was unable to attend. Quite a number of people present had never witnessed the burial ceremony of the masons, rendered according to their ancient rites, and were impressed not only by its stately solemnity and admirable phrasing but by its quality of humanness and powerful appeal to the emotions. As the ceremony concluded the band commenced the hymn, "Days and moments quickly flying." The procession then re-formed and returned to the lodge, which was closed according to ancient usage. A large number of masons from the Waipa Lodge, Te Awamutu, and other places were present. Deceased was born in Pirongia about 42 years ago. Originally apprenticed to the shipbuilding trade in Auckland, he was afterwards associated with Mr George Miles at the smithy here. Later he joined his brother in the smiths and coachbuilding business at Ohaupo. Intensely fond of music he was at different times a member of the Cambridge and Ohaupo bands, and his skill contributed to the victory scored by the former in the band contest held at Wanganui where the Cambridge men carried off the first prize. The late W.P.M. Tom Finch was for about three years secretary of the Alexandra Masonic Lodge, and apart from the personal grief felt by members at his loss, they suffer the deprivation of a most valuable officer who contributed very largely to the successful working of the Lodge. The deceased leaves a wife and five young children, one an infant of three months. That the widow and relatives of the deceased have our sympathy they know. When time shall have softened somewhat the keenness of their grief the ceremony will have its silver lining as a memory of dignified ritual in a setting of brilliant weather and blue skies.

FINDLAY Died 9th December 1917 at 2 Montagu Street, Newton, Mary Findlay, widow, of senile decay and cardiac degeneration, aged 85 years. Last seen alive by Dr Keller 20th September 1917. Buried Clevedon 11th December 1917.

FINLAY Died 19th November 1851, John Finlay, aged 29 years.

FINLAY Died 2nd November 1853, James Finlay, son of pensioner John Finlay, of whooping cough, aged 9days.

FINLAY Died 5th January 1866, John Finlay, Pensioner.

FINLAY Died 14th December 1878 at Drake Street, Auckland, Amelia Kent Finlay, wife of John Finlay. RG 1878/519

FINLAY On October 21, 1881, at Paparoa (Howick), Matthew Finlay, Pensioner, of chronic bronchitis for 20 years, aged 76 years. Born Thomastown, County Kilkenny, son of John Finlay, weaver, and Ellen power.

FINLAY On October 10, 1914, at his late residence, Federal Street, Frederick Kent, dearly beloved husband of Bridget Finlay, aged 55 years. The funeral will leave St Patrick's Cathedral for Waikumete Cemetery today (Monday). Friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Monday 12th October 1914.

FINLAY On October 11th, at his late residence, Federal Street, Frederick Kent, dearly beloved husband of Bridget Finlay, aged 55 years. R.I.P. Interred today at Waikumete.
Auckland Star Monday 12th October 1914.

FINLAY On October 18, 1914, at the Auckland Hospital, James, the second son of John and Ann Finlay, East Tamaki, late of Howick, aged 47 years. The funeral will leave his late parents' residence, East Tamaki, tomorrow (Wednesday0 at 1 p.m. for the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Howick. Friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 20th October 1914.

FINLAY Died 1919? George Finlay, Imperial Pensioner, aged ... years. Born Bombay, India, son of John Finlay, labourer, and Amelia Kent, in New Zealand 71 years. Buried Waikumete Cemetery. Married Johanna Knox (widow currently aged 64 years). Male issue living at time of death - aged 39, 31. No female issue living. Funeral account to be sent to Mr George Carter, 12 Spring Street, Railway Department.

FINIGAN Died 17th September 1848, John Finigan (sic) , aged 3½ years. (Possibly should have been recorded as Finnigan)

FINN Died 6th February 1851, Patrick Finn, aged 30 years.

FINNAGAN On February 20, 1908, at the Auckland Hospital, Alexander, the dearly beloved husband of Margaret Finnagan, aged 69 years.
New Zealand Herald Saturday 22nd February 1908.

FINNERTY Died 3rd February 1852, Michael Finnerty, Fencible of Panmure, of a rupture of a blood vessel in the left lung, aged 48 years.

FINNERTY Died 20th April 1857 at Panmure, James Finnerty, Pensioner, of consumption, aged about 50 years.

FINNERTY Died 5th March 1914, John Finnerty, aged 67 years.

FINNERTY Died 18th October 1919 at Panmure, Michael Finnerty, ex constable, aged 64 years. Born Panmure, son of James Finnerty, blacksmith, and Delia Shannon, married at age 30 to Annie Kilkenny. Male issue living at time of death - aged 30, 28, 26, 14. Female issue living - aged 32, 24, 22, 20, 18, 16. Funeral account to be sent to his son, Mr James Finnerty, 19 George Street, Newmarket.

FINNERTY On February 16, Walter Francis, dearly beloved third son of Annie and the late Michael Finnerty, of Panmure, aged 26 years. R.I.P.
New Zealand Herald Wednesday 18th February 1920.

FINNERTY On January 27, 1924, at a private hospital, James, beloved husband of Mary Finnerty, 19 George Street, Parnell, late of the Auckland Police Force, aged 74 years. R.I.P. A Requiem Mass will be held at the Church of St Michael and St George, Remuera at 9 a.m. tomorrow (Tuesday) the funeral leaving immediately for Panmure Cemetery. New Zealand Herald Monday 28th January 1924.

FINNERTY On April 28, 1928, May, the beloved daughter of Mary and the late James Finnerty of 19 George Street, Parnell, aged 45 years. Requiem Mass will be celebrated at the Church of St Michael and St George, Middleton Road, Remuera tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9 a.m. leaving for the Panmure Cemetery immediately afterwards.
New Zealand Herald Monday 30th April 1928.

FINNERTY On November 6, at Waitara, Joseph, beloved husband of Nellie Finnerty, late Panmure and beloved brother of Mrs E. Fitzpatrick, Pakuranga, aged 72 years. R.I.P. New Zealand Herald Saturday 9th November 1929.

FINNERTY Died 8th August 1930 at 19 George Street, Parnell, Mary Finnerty, widow, aged 78 years. Born Roscrea, Ireland, daughter of John Purcell, farmer, and ... Hickey, in New Zealand about 72 years. Married at Auckland at age 27 to James Finnerty. Male issue living at time of death - aged 44, 40. Female issue living - aged 48, 46, 38, 34. Buried Roman Catholic Cemetery, Panmure with her late husband (January 1924).
Vol 49, page 91, C. Little records, Auckland Public Library.

FINNERTY On January 27, 1938, at Waikino (suddenly) James, beloved husband of Ethel Finnerty and second son of the late James and Mary Finnerty, of 19 George Street, Newmarket. R. I. P.
New Zealand Herald Friday 28th January 1938.

FINNERTY On August 17, 1941, at Tauranga, Wilhelmina Bertha, dearly beloved wife of J. W. Finnerty, of Durham Street, in her 60th year.
New Zealand Herald Monday 18th August 1941.

FINNERTY Died 28th June 1946, Thomas Finnerty, aged 66 years.

FINNIGAN Died 17th September 1848, John Finnigan, of scarlatina, aged 3½ years.

FINNIGAN Died 6th January 1857, James Finnigan, Pensioner, of Otahuhu, of apoplexy, aged 76 years.
Informant - John Andrews, Coroner, Auckland.

FINNIGAN Died circa 27th September 1866, Mary Finnigan, widow of Fencible James Finnigan, Otahuhu, murdered by her son in law, aged 50 years.

FINNIGAN Murdered circa 27th September 1866, James Finnigan, son of James and mary Finnigan, aged 17 years, Benjamin Finnigan, aged 15 yea ands. John Finnigan, aged 12 years.

FIRTH On July 4, 1892, at Clifton, Mount Eden, Samuel H. Firth, engineer, aged 35, eldest son of J. C. Firth.

FITZGERALD Died 4th February 1855 at Auckland, John Fitzgerald, Commissiariat Storekeeper, of cholera sporadica, aged 54 years.

FITZGERALD Died 5th September 1899 at Drury, William Fitzgerald, male, settler, of senility and asthenia, aged 95 years. Born Ireland, son of William Fitzgerald, farmer, and Margaret Hamilton, in New Zealand 40 years. Married Ireland at age 45 to Mary Buckley. Male issue living at time of death - aged 50, 48, 45, 40. RG 1899/1991

FITZGERALD On September 5, 1899, at Drury, William Fitzgerald, late of H. M. 18th Regiment, aged 95 years.
New Zealand Herald Thursday 14th September 1899.

FITZPATRICK Died at Howick 13th November 1854, Henry Fitzpatrick, of scarlatina, aged 11 years.
Informant - George Lovat, labourer, godfather, of Howick. RG 1854/802

FITZPATRICK Died August 1870, James Fitzpatrick, Pensioner, aged ?? RG 1870/22?????

FITZPATRICK Died at Thames 6th April 1872, Angus Fitzpatrick, aged 18 years.

FITZPATRICK Died 4th May 1887 at Pakuranga, Patrick Fitzpatrick, of senile decay, aged 80 years. Born Ireland, son of Laurence Fitzpatrick, farmer, and Catherine Troy, in New Zealand 40 years. Married at Lolmoy, County Kilkenny to Ann Haydn. Buried Howick Catholic Cemetery. Male issue living at time of death - aged 40, 34, 30, 23, 20. Female issue living - aged 37, 30, 28. RG 1887/414
Informant - Emily Gill, daughter of deceased.

FITZPATRICK Died 1st April 1889, Ann Haydon Fitzpatrick, widow of the late Pensioner Patrick Fitzpatrick, aged 73 years.

FITZPATRICK On April 1, 1889?, at her residence, Pigeon Mountain, Ann Fitzpatrick, relict of the late Patrick Fitzpatrick, aged 74.

FITZPATRICK Died 30th July 1890 at Pollen Street, Thames, Martin Fitzpatrick, male, farmer, died 30th July 1890 at Pollen Street, Thames of Phthisis Pulmonis 2 years and asphyxiation, aged 27 years. Last seen by Dr T. O. Williams 29th July 1890. Born Howick, son of James Fitzpatrick, farmer, and Mary Keogh, unmarried. Buried Shortland Cemetery, Roman Catholic ceremony.

FITZPATRICK On July 30th, at the residence of his brother in law, Pollen Street, Martin Fitzpatrick, aged 27 years. The funeral will leave the residence of Mr Robert Walker, Pollen Street, TOMORROW (Friday) the 1st inst. at 2.30 p.m. en route for Shortland Cemetery. Friends please accept this intimation. James Coombes, undertaker.
Evening Star Wednesday 30th July 1890.

FITZPATRICK Died 1st February 1894 at Thames, Angus James Fitzpatrick, aged 24 days.

FITZPATRICK Buried 20th November 1895, Ann Haydn Fitzpatrick, daughter of E. and B. Fitzpatrick, aged 4 years.

FITZPATRICK Died at Thames 2nd January 1903, Philip Gleeson Fitzpatrick, aged 17 months.

FITZPATRICK Died 23rd November 1911 at the Auckland Hospital, Charles Augustus Fitzpatrick, aged 63 years. RG 1911/2413

FITZPATRICK Died 1st March 1916, William Fitzpatrick, aged 80 years.

FITZPATRICK On December 22, 1922, at her late residence, 85 College Hill, Jane Fitzpatrick, dearly beloved mother of James McConnell, Edward McConnell and Donald Kelleher, aged 82 years. Interred at Otahuhu 23rd December 1922.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 26th December 1922.

FITZPATRICK Died at Thames 18th November 1927, John William Fitzpatrick, aged 62 years.

FITZPATRICK On December 15, 1927, at the residence of her sister, Miss Hattaway, Pakuranga, Maria, wife of Lawrence Fitzpatrick, in her 74th year. Private interment.
New Zealand Herald Friday 16th December 1927.

FITZPATRICK On August 12, at her late residence, Davy Street, Thames, Julia, dearly beloved widow of the late John William Fitzpatrick, aged 65 years. Requiescat in pace. Funeral tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2 p.m.
New Zealand Herald Monday 13th August 1934.

FITZPATRICK On January 28, 1938, at the residence of his daughter (Mrs J. Quaid), 14 Banff Avenue, Epsom, Charles, the dearly beloved husband of Margaret Fitzpatrick, aged 99 years. Requiem Mass will be celebrated at the Church of Our Lady of the Sacred heart, Banff Avenue, at 8 a.m. today (Saturday) the funeral leaving the church at 10 a.m. for the Otahuhu Catholic Cemetery.
New Zealand Herald Saturday 29th January 1938.

FLAHERTY Died 8th April 1892 at Wellington Street, Auckland, Thomas Joseph Flaherty, male, of morbus cordis and dropsy one month, aged 58 years. Born Galway, Ireland, son of Patrick Flaherty, in New Zealand 30 years. Buried Waikomiti Cemetery 10th April 1892. Married at Panmure to Monica Brennan. Male issue living - aged 27, 25, 21, 20. Female issue living - aged 21.

FLAHERTY Died 9th January 1911 at Upper Queen Street, Auckland, Monica Flaherty, widow, of senile decay, aged 79 years. Born Auckland, daughter of ....... Brennan (should read Joseph Brennan and Ann Moore). Buried Waikumeti Cemetery 10th January 1911. Married at Auckland to Thomas Joseph Flaherty (previous marriage to David Connors who died young not mentioned). Male issue living at time of death - aged 48, 44, 42, 40. Female issue living - aged 50, 49, 46.

FLANAGAN Deaths among old identities have been numerous of late. After an illness of short duration, Mr John Flanagan, an old and respected identity of Kawakawa, passed away quietly some few days ago, asthma being the main trouble. Deceased arrived in Auckland, with the Fighting 58th, in 1858, and settled in Kawakawa thirty years ago. His widow and numerous children and grandchildren survive him.

FLATT Died 9th January 1848, John Flatt, aged 16 months.

FLEMING On October 31, 1914, at Pakuranga, John Fleming, in his 83rd year. The funeral will leave his late residence for the Howick Presbyterian Cemetery, today (Monday) at 1.30 p.m. Friends please accept this intimation.

FLETCHER On September 8, 1944, at her residence, 355 Queen Street, Onehunga, Mary Jane, the beloved wife of the late Thomas Steadman Fletcher and much loved mother of William (Onehunga), Alf (Huia), Eve (Mrs W. Barr, Huia), Flora (Mrs G. Smith, Maungaturoto), Muriel (Mrs J. Mclean, Huia), Steve (Ponsonby), John (Te Papapa). A service will be held at C. H. Barker's chapel, Queen Street, Onehunga today (Saturday) at 1 p.m., funeral then leaving for Mangere Public Cemetery.
New Zealand Herald Saturday 9th September 1944.

FLINN On November 12, 1856, at Ramarama, Susan Flinn, wife of Pensioner Roderick Flinn, of consumption, aged 57 years. (Also sometimes spelled Flynn - see husband's death notice)

FLOOD Died 13th December 1872 at the Provincial Hospital, Auckland, James Flood, of general debility, aged 66 years. RG 1872/689

FLORENCE Died 24th November 1850, Editha Florence, aged 3 years 5 months.

FLORENCE Died 3rd December 1850, Christopher Florence, aged 18 months 10 days.

FLOWER Died at the Provincial Hospital 9th January 1862, William Flower, Pensioner, male, of a fracture of the left thigh and the Os Pubis, aged 69 years. RG 1862/2391
Informant - James Nash, messenger, Hospital.

FLOWER Died 12th September 1862 at Auckland, William Phillips Flower, schoolmaster, of Peritonitis, aged 26 years.

FLOYD On June 11, at Waihi, from inflammation of the lungs, James Floyd, aged 24 years, fifth surviving son of George and Mary A. Floyd.

FLOYD On October 9, at Te Awamutu, Hilda Estelle, ninth daughter of George and Mary A. Floyd, aged fifteen months.

FLOYD One of the largest funerals ever held at Te Awamutu took place on Sunday last, when a young man,  the son of one of the oldest and most respected settlers, Mr Floyd, was buried there. Deceased died from gastric fever, a disease with which one after the other of the family have been attacked, and with narrow escapes. The cause has now been traced to the well, to which the drainage from the stockyard found access.

FLOYD At his father's residence, Te Awamutu, on August 18, William Floyd, aged 23 years, eldest surviving son of George and Mary A. Floyd.

FLYNN On July 26, 1869 at the Provincial Hospital, Roderick Flynn, Pensioner, of cancer of the stomach, aged 65 years.

FLYNN Died 11th October 1872 at the Provincial Hospital, Charles Flynn, of heart disease, aged 11 years.

FOGARTY Died 5th July 1871 at the Provincial Hospital, James Fogarty, of pleural pneumonia, aged 34 years.

FOLEY Died 24th September 1853, Michael Foley, Pensioner, aged 45 years. Buried Onehunga Cemetery.

FOLEY Died at Howick 3rd July 1864, Michael Foley, Pensioner, aged 56 years.
Informant - Bridget Kerr, Pensioner's wife, Howick.

FOLEY Died 25th March 1871 at the Provincial Hospital, Patrick Foley, of acute bronchitis, aged 33 years.

FOLEY On May 29, 1900, accidentally drowned at Katkati, Dennis, second son of the late Edmund and Winifred Foley and brother of Thomas Foley, of the Shakespeare Hotel, aged 60 years. The funeral will leave the Shakespeare Hotel, Albert Street, for the Symonds Street Cemetery tomorrow (Sunday) at 3 p.m. Friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Saturday 2nd June 1900.

FOLEY Died 1st August 1922, Michael Foley, aged 67 years.

FOLLAS Died 16th August 1875 at the Provincial Hospital, Thomas Follas, Pensioner, of bronchitis, aged 73 years. RG 1875/700

FOLLAS On January 16, 1899, at the Provincial Hospital, after a short and painful illness, Albert Ernest, the sixth and beloved son of James and Mary Follas, aged 22 years. R. I. P. The funeral will leave the residence of his parents, Grafron Road, tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4 p.m. for the Symonds Street Cemetery. Friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 17th January 1899.

FOLLAS On May 9, at Avondale, James Joseph, the dearly beloved husband of Lillian Follas, of Devonport, , aged 37 years. deeply regretted. The funeral leaves Mr Little's, Hobson Street at 2 p.m. today for the Symonds Street Cemetery. R. I. P.
New Zealand Herald Wednesday 10th May 1905.

FOLLAS Died 20th July 1915 at the Auckland Hospital, Mary Ann Follas, wife of James Follas, of cardiac failure, aged 73 years.

FOLLAS On Sept. 6, at Cracroft Street, Devonport, James, dearly beloved husband of the late M. A. Follas, aged 82 years. R. I. P. The funeral will leave his late residence for O'Neill's Point Cemetery at 2.30 tomorrow (Friday )
New Zealand Herald Thursday 7th September 1916.

FOLLAS Mr James Follas - Another of Auckland's fast diminishing band of pioneers, in the person of Mr James Follas, has passed away. The late Mr Follas, who died at Devonport on Wdnesday, at the age of 82 years, arrived in Auckland 68 years ago. Until the rush to the Thames gold fields, he lived in the Otahuhu district. he owned the first private wooden house in the Thames. Mr Follas lived the last eight years of his life at Devonport and was predeceased by his wife fourteen months ago. He had fourteen children of whom 6 sons and 1 daughter survive him. One of the sons is at present on active service. There are a number of grandchildren and great grandchildren. The sons include Mr. J. Follas of Palmerston North, Mr H. E. Follas of Devonport and Mr W. P. Follas of Whakatane.
New Zealand Herald Friday 8th September 1916, page 7, column 8.

FORBES Died 7th April 1849, Robert Forbes, aged 45 years.

FORD Died 4th October 1848, Ellen Catherine Ford, daughter of Dr Samuel Hayward Ford and ....aged 4 years.

FORD Died 7th October 1848, Alfred Ronald Ford, aged 2 years.

FORD Died 12th October 1848, John Wilcox Ford, aged 12 years.

FORD Died 1st November 1848, Samuel Hayward Ford, aged 6 years.

FORD Died 12th November 1851, Mary Ann Ford, aged 42 years.

FORD Died 29th August 1861 at Grafton, NSW, Daniel Ford, son of Pensioner Michael Ford, aged 12 years.

FORD Died 21st August 1882, at King's Plain, near Glen Innes, NSW, Harriet Ford, wife of Pensioner Michael Ford, aged 62 years. According to her death certificate she was the mother of 12 children, of whom 5 males were still living and 2 females, with 5 males deceased.

FORD On the 26th inst., at his residence, Gray Street, Devonport, Ernest George Robert, dearly beloved husband of Isabella Ford, and son of the late Doctor and Martha Ford, Bay of Islands, aged 61 years. He leaves 3 sons and 1 daughter to mourn their loss.

FORTUNE A Pakuranga correspondent writes:- There passed away on September 1 an old settler in this district in the person of Mr John Fortune, who had been in the district for about 40 years. He leaves a widow and a family of four sons and two daughters, all grown up, and doing well in different parts of the colony. He took great interest in everything for the good of the district, especially the public school, he having been one of the most attentive members of the school committee for about 12 years. His funeral, on September 3, was one of the largest in the district, the service being conducted by the Monsignor Macdonald at the Howick Cemetery. (1889)

FOSSETT Died 5th June 1848, Mary Fossett, aged 11 years.

FOSTER Died February 6, 1860 at Auckland, James Foster, son of Charon (should read Keiren) Foster, of general debility, aged 9½ hours.
Informant - Mary Cole, grandmother, of Freeman's Bay.

FOSTER Died 30th July 1891 at Coromandel, Mary Foster, wife oWilliam f Keiren Foster, of cancer, aged 40 years. Daughter of Fencible James Colemoss of Howick.

FOSTER A very old settler, Mr William Kieran Foster, aged 79 years, farmer, Karita (should read Kereta), died at the residence of his son in law, Mr J. G. Morris, Tiki, on Tuesday evening. About a fortnight ago, Mr Foster got an attack of paralysis, and has been during the whole time, unconscious. Mr Foster served with the 58th regiment and with his regiment was in a number of engagements during the Maori war, for which he hoilds the New Zealand Medal. After taking his discharge, he took up land at Karita, and was a true pioneer settler. He leaves five sons, four daughters and 22 grandchildren to mourn his loss.
New Zealand Herald Thursday 8th August 1901 - page 5, column 1.

FOSTER Died 28th November 1904 at 12 a.m. at the Auckland Hospital, Wilhelmina Foster, aged 38 years. Presbyterian, one carriage to call alongside the Empire Hotel, buried Waikaraka Cemetery. Account to Mr Charles White.

FOSTER In loving memory of Gunner H. M. (Harry) Foster, Main Body, killed in action in France 21st June 1917, aged 26 years. Loved nephew of Martha Morris, Auckland.

FOSTER On February 19, 1918, killed in action in France, Thomas George Foster, 6th Reinforcements, eldest son of the late John and Wilhelmina Foster of Coromandel, and dearly loved nephew of Mrs Morris of 8 Macauley Street. R. I. P.
New Zealand Herald Saturday 9th March 1918.

FOSTER On July 11, 1926, at his residence, Kerita, Coromandel, George, the beloved husband of Jeannie Bell Foster, aged 65 years.
New Zealand Herald 14th July 1926.

FOSTER On January 27, 1941, at Ngatea, Rhoda, dearly beloved wife of Charles Foster, of Ngatea, aged 56 years. Funeral at Thames for the Totara Cemetery.

FOSTER On April 6, 1948, at the Thames Public Hospital, Martin, dearly beloved husband of the late Martha Foster, of Kereta, Thames Coast and loving father of James and Mabel (Peg), father in law of of Arthur and Jinnie and loved granddad of Colleen and Laraine, aged 78 years. R. I. P. Interred this day at Totara Cemetery.
Thames Star Monday 8th March 1948.

FOULKES Died 5th July 1853, Robert Foulkes, Pensioner, of continued fever, aged 50 years. RG 1853/558.

FOULKES Died 4th March 1873, Ann Foulkes, widow of Rober Foulkes. Died by hanging while in a disturbed state of mind.

FOULKES Died 28th August 1926, Robert Halford Foulkes, aged 83 years.

FOULNER Died 2nd December 1986, Jane Cook Foulner, aged 74 years. Her husband, William Foulner, died 29th March 1900, aged 77 years. Buried Presbyterian Cemetery, Symonds Street, Auckland.

FOWLER Died 10th July 1854, Elizabeth Fowler, daughter of John and Honora Fowler, aged 10 days.

FOWLER Died 13th April 1864, Eliza Fowler, daughter of John and Honora Fowler, aged 7 months.

FOWLER Died 13th July 1865, John Fowler, son of John and Honora Fowler, aged 8 years.

FOWLER Died 24th March 1873 at the Provincial Hospital, Henry Fowler, of typhoid fever, aged 31 years.

FOWLER Died 29th April 1932, Matthew James Fowler, husband of Mary Ann Fowler, aged 70 years. Buried Waikumete Cemetery.

FOY Died 15th February 1877, Mary Foy, wife of Joseph M. Foy, aged 21 years.

FOY Died May 1st 1883, James Foy, Pensioner.

FOY Died at the Auckland Hospital 2nd May 1887, Robert Foy, labourer, of Kawakawa, in New Zealand 21 years. RG 1887/569

FOY` Died 17th January 1890, at Pollen Street, Thames, Joseph Michael Foy, male, photographer, of apoplexy 1 hour, aged 45 years. Last seen alive 17th January 1890 by Dr P. Callan. Born London, son of James Foy, carpenter, and Mary Ann Daniels, in New Zealand 40 years. Married at Auckland at age 29 to Jane Brady. Buried Shortland Cemetery, Thames, 19th January 1890. Male issue living at time of death - aged 13, 11. Female issue living - aged 14, 10, 8, 5, 3.

FOY On May 17, at Thames Hospital, William Joseph, eldest son of J. M. and Maria Foy, aged 24 years. R.I.P.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 19th May 1908.

FOY On December 6, 1918, at Moerewa, Bay of Islands, James Henry, the dearly beloved husband of Veronica Foy and second beloved son of Mr and Mrs J. M. Foy, 11 Nikau Street, off Mt Eden Road and late of Thames, aged 32 years. R. I. P.

FOY On May 22, at her late residence, Mary Street, Thames, Jane, relict of the late James Joseph Foy, aged 77 years. Requiescat in Pace.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 24th May 1921.

FOY Died 3rd April 1923 at 11 Nikau Street, Mount Eden, Joseph Michael Foy, photographer, Roman Catholic, of old age, aged 76 years. Born England, no parental details entered, in New Zealand 73 years. Married at Thames at age 32 to Maria Woods. Male issue living at time of death - aged 33, 31. Female issue living - aged 42, 35. Buried Waikumete Cemetery.

FOY On August 19, 1926, at the Military Annex, Auckland Hospital, Henry Clarence, eldest son of John and Isobel Foy, of Opotiki and formerly 52nd Battalion, Australian Imperial Forces, aged 32 years. The funeral to the Soldiers' Cemetery at Waikumete.
New Zealand Herald Saturday 21st August 1926.

FOY On November 17, 1929, at her residence, 11 Nikau Street, off My Eden Road, Maria, widow of the late Joseph Michae Foy, aged 70 years. R. I. P. No mourning by request. The funeral will leave the above address at 8.45 a.m. tomorrow (Tuesday) for St Benedict's Church where a Requiem Mass will be celebrated at 9 a.m.., the funeral then leaving afterwards for Waikumete Cemetery. Friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Monday 18th November 1929.

FOY At her daughter's residence, 23 Phillip Street, Mere, dear wife of Robert Foy and loved mother of Mrs J. Brady and Mrs J. Robb. R. I. P.
New Zealand Herald 10th May 1930.

FOY On August 24, 1940, at her residence, Ford Street, Opotiki, Isabella, dearly beloved wife of John Foy, senior, and mother of Mrs McNaught, Mrs G. L..Day, Robbie Foy of Melbourne, Jacko and the late Mrs T. O'Sullivan, Monty and Sonny, aged 68 years.
New Zealand Herald Wednesday 26th August 1940.

FOY Died at the Auckland Hospital 8th April 1941, Patrick Foy, aged 74 years.

FOX Died 12th April 1849, James Fox, Fencible of Otahuhu, of dropsy, aged 48 years.
Informant - Margaret Fox, daughter of deceased, Otahuhu. RG 1849/156

FOX Died 12th October 1900, Ellen Fox, wife of James F. Fox, of dropsy aged 40 years.
Informant - Margaret Fox, daughter of deceased, of Otahuhu.

FRANKLIN Died 25th December 1851, Margaret Franklin, aged 30 years. RG 1851/389

FRATER At Devonport, on November 23, Melbourne, infant son of Mr and Mrs N. M. Frater, aged 2 months. 1889.

FRATER At Whitford Park, on November 24, William Nicol, son of Nicol Milne and Joanna Frater, aged 5 weeks.

FRODSHAM Died 1st June 1851, John Frodsham, aged 45 years.

FROST On Sep. 24, at his residence, Dominion Road, Laurence, husband of Selina Frost, and son of the late Thomas and Mary Ann Frost, Meadowbank, Onehunga. Interred at Purewa yesterday.
New Zealand Herald Monday 26th September 1921.

FROUDE On August 27, at the residence of her son, Mr E. B. Froude, 12 Argyle Street, Ponsonby, David Froude, in his 83rd year. The funeral will leave for the Symonds Street Cemetery at 2.30 p.m. today (Thursday) 1912?

FROUDE On July 27, at her late residence, Church Street, Howick, Priscilla, relict of the late Robert Froude, aged 91 years. The funeral will leave her late residence at 1.30 p.m. tomorrow (Friday) for the Presbyterian Cemetery, Howick.
New Zealand Herald Thursday 28th July 1932.

FURLONG Died 22nd January 1851, Samuel Furlong, aged 25 years.