EAGLETON On August 27, 1913, at his daughter's residence (Mrs B. Frater, Junior), Victoria Road, Melrose, Devonport, Captain Alexander Eagleton, beloved husband of M. E. Eagleton, aged 86 years. "His end was peace." Private interment at O'Neill"s Point Cemetery 2.30 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday) August 30.
New Zealand Herald Friday 29th August 1913.

EAGLETON On February 15, 1920, at the residence of her daughter (Mrs H. C. Fitness), Dominion Road, Maria Eagleton, relict of the late A.E. Eagleton, aged 79 years. He giveth his beloved sleep.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 17th February 1920.

EAGLETON On August 4, 1924, (suddenly) at Sydney, N.S.W., Albert, second son of the late A. and M. E. Eagleton, and loved brother of Randolph and Alexander E. Eagleton, of this city, aged 63 years.
New Zealand Herald Friday 22nd August 1924.

EAGLETON On May 31, at her residence, 28 Burnely Terrace, Mount Eden, passed peacefully away, Martha (Mattie), dearly loved wife of Alex E. Eagleton, and darling mother of Al, Min and Alex, aged 70 years. Private interment today (Tuesday) O'Neill's Point Cemetery. Service at the above address at 1.30 p.m.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 1st June 1937.

EAGLETON Died 28th December 1940, Alexander E. Eagleton, the younger, father of Al, Min and Alex, aged 79 years. Buried O'Neill's Point Cemtery.

EARLE On December 20, 1855 at Onehunga, Catherine Earle, wife of Edward Earle, of consumption, aged 20 years.

EARLE Died 2nd February 1864 at Onehunga, Joseph Earle, son of a Pensioner, of dysentery, aged 16 years.
Informant - Edward Palmer, Pensioner, of Onehunga.

EARLE On December 8, 1891, Bridget Earle, wife of Pensioner Edward Earle, aged 70 years.

EARLE On November 21, 1899, at his residence, Onehunga, Edward Earle, in his 79th year. R. I. P. The funeral will leave his late residence, Queen Street, for the St Mary's Cemetery today (Wednesday) 22nd inst at 4 p.m. Friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Wednesday 22nd November 1899.

ECCLES Rebecca Jane, the gentle, affectionate, beloved, and eldest daughter of Catherine Elizabeth and Robert J. Eccles, has fallen asleep in Jesus at six o'clock a.m. on Friday, May 29.

EDGAR Died 22nd June 1868, William Edgar, son of William and Margaret Edgar, aged 8 years 5 months.

EDGAR Died 9th January 1893, William Edgar, born Stranraer, Scotland, aged 54 years.

EDGAR Died 15th October 1916, Margaret Boyd Edgar, wife of the late William Edgar, aged 90 years.

EDGE Died 28th April 1904 at Kaikuhi, Maunu, Harriet Edge, of heart disease and paralytic stroke 4 days, aged 78 years. Last seen alive 18th April 1904 by Dr T. G. Hall. Born Halifax, England, daughter of William Culpan, settler, and Mary Brierly, in New Zealand 67 years. Buried Maunu Cemetery, Northland. Married at the Wesleyan Chapel, Auckland at age 19 to George Edge. Male issue living at time of death - aged 55, 45, 43, 38. Female issue living - aged 57, 47, 40, 36, 34.

EDGERLEY Died 9th June 1849, John Edgerley, aged 35 years.

EDMONDS Died at Karaka Road, Thames 30th April 1911, Ruth Edmonds, domestic duties, of epilepsy and haemoptysis, aged 27 years. Last seen by Dr George Laprach 13th April 1911. Born Thames, daughter of George Snelgar, miner, and Mary Ann Hawkins. Married at Auckland at age 21 to Andrew Clark Edmonds. Female issue living - aged 4 years. Buried Tararu Cemetery Roman Catholic ceremony. Robert Twentyman, undertaker.

EDWARDS Died 8th February 1848, John Edwards, aged 30 years.

EGAN On September 27, 1855 at Onehunga, Cormack Egan, Pensioner, of disease of the liver, aged 46 years.
Informant - James Warner, Pensioner, of Onehunga.

EGAN Died 24th January 1864 at Howick, William Egan, son of a Pensioner, of atrophy from painful dentition, aged 10 months.
Informant - Mary Ann Garretty, widow of a boatman, of Onehunga.

EGAN On July 15, 1869 at Howick, John Egan, Pensioner, of general decay, aged 70 years.

EGAN At her parents' residence, Coromandel, Emma, fourth daughter of Dennis and Kate Egan, aged 2 years.
New Zealand Herald Saturday 30th May 1896.

EGAN On April 8, 1899, at Te Kuru, Coromandel, Kate, beloved wife of Dennis Egan and the second daughter of John and Helen McInerney, of Howick, aged 34 years.
New Zealand Herald Monday 24th April 1899.

EGAN On May 10, at the residence of her son in law, T. Liddle, Karangahake, Mary Egan, relict of the late C. Egan of Waiuku, aged 84 years. Home and NSW papers please copy. Interred at Hamilton East May 11th 1920.
New Zealand Herald Saturday 15th May 1920.

ELLIOTT Died 20th June 1849, Sarah Elliott, aged 14 years.

ELLIS Died 18th April 1848, Henry Thomas Ellis, aged 1 year 8 months.

ELLIS Died 10th May 1850, Sarah Ellis, aged 8 years.

ELLISON Died 26th December 1878, George Harold Ellison, aged 11 months.

ELLISON Died 12th March 1882, Mary Ellison, wife of William Robert Ellison, aged 39 years.

ELLISON Died 7th January 1893, William Robert Ellison, aged 59 years. Buried Presbyterian Cemetery, Symonds Street.

ELSWORTH Died 7th October 1919 at Rotorua, Agnes Elizabeth Elsworth, widow, aged 73 years. Born warwick, England, daughter of Philip Owens, baker, and Agnes Vallance. Married at Auckland at age 20 to James Elsworth. Male issue living at time of death - aged 40. Female issue living - aged 39, 49. Burioed Anglican Section, Purewa Cemetery.

ELWOOD On October 27, 1870 at Auckland, John Elwood, Pensioner, found dead with mortal injuries of the head and pelvis after falling over a 50 foot cliff, aged 65 years.
Informant - T. M. Philson, M.D., Coroner.

ENGLISH Died 26th November 1854, Patrick Joseph English, of scarlatina, aged 9 years.
Informant - Joseph English, father of deceased, labourer, of Howick.

ENGLISH On July 1, 1889, at Shelly Beach Road, Ponsonby, Joseph English, Pensioner, of old age and debility, aged 83 years, according to verdict of the Jury. Born Limerick, in New Zealand 42 years, married at Dublin to Sarah Doude. Buried Howick by the Rev Father Walter Macdonald. 1 male issue living at time of death.

ENNIS Died 4th January 1850, Mary Jane Ennis, aged 16 months.

EUSTACE Died 10th August 1867 at Howick, Richard Eustace, Pensioner, of paralysis, aged 67 years.

EVERS Died 9th February 1854, Margaret Evers, of fever, aged 5 years 4 months.
Informant - William Evers, brother of deceased, Police, Auckland.

EVERS Died 27th January 1855, Patrick Thomas Evers, of scarlatina, aged 2 years.
Informant - William Evers, brother of deceased, policeman, Auckland.

EVERS On February 12, 1859 at Howick, Patrick Evers, Pensioner, schoolmaster, of disease of the stomach and liver, aged 50 years.
Informant - Constable William Evers, of Auckland.

EVERS On August 9, 1862, Margaret Evers, widow of Pensioner Patrick Evers, schoolmaster, of apoplexy, aged 54 years.
Informant - William Evers, son of deceased, Sergeant of Armed Police.

EVERS Died 16th January 1888, Elizabeth, wife of William Evers, and daughter of James Maxwell, aged 45 years. Buried Presbyterian Cemetery, Symonds Street.

EVERS On June 1, 1900, at his late residence, Union Street, William Evers, aged 66 years. The funeral will leave for the Symonds Street Cemetery this (Saturday) afternoon at three o'clock. Interment private.
New Zealand Herald Saturday 2nd June 1900.

EVERS Died 17th January 1906, Percy Evers, youngest son of William and Elizabeth Evers, aged 34 years.

EVERS Died 23rd July 1910, Alfred Francis Evers, third son of William and Elizabeth Evers, aged 40 years.

EVERS On September 9, at the residence of his niece, Union Street, John Evers, in his 70th year.
New Zealand Herald 10th September 1913.

EVERS Died 2nd April 1945, William James, eldest son of William and Elizabeth Evers, aged 79 years.

EVITT On March 2, 1889, at his late residence, Karangahape Road, David Evitt, late Armourer H. M.'s 58th Regiment, aged 55 years.

EVITT Another old identity has passed away in the person of Mr David Evitt, gunsmith. He was at the time of his decease 55 years of age, and leaves a widow and family of ten children, the eldest of whom is grown up. The funeral took place on Sunday in the Anglican Cemetery, Symonds Street, and a large number of old colonists were present to pay the last tribute of respect. Deceased arrived in Auckland in 1854 with a draft of troops for the 58th Regiment. He was six years armourer-general to the regiment, and went to England with the old "Black Cuffs" in 1859. There he bought his discharge, receiving on leaving the regiment a flattering testimonial from the officers. He returned to Auckland and started in business at his trade of gun-maker, which he followed till his death. Deceased was a native of Armagh. 1889.

EVITT On May 3, 1913, at her late residence, Hobson Bay Road, Parnell, Isabella, widow of the late David Evitt, in her 66th year. Private interment at 11 a.m. today
New Zealand Herald circa 5th May 1913.

EVITT On December 8, 1916, Charles Murray Evitt, husband of Susanna Evitt, aged 69 years