DALDY On February 6, 1924, at Hamilton, suddenly, Edith Crush, third daughter of the late W. C. Daldy, aged 74 years. Private interment.
New Zealand Herald Saturday 9th February 1924.

DALTON Died 9th November 1848, John, twin son of John Dalton, mariner, of scarlatina, aged 13 months.

DALTON Died 15th November 1848, William Robert Dalton, nephew of Ann Bickley, of scarlatina, aged 13 months.

DALTON Died 22nd March 1851, David Dalton, of the effects of the mesenteric glands, aged 1 year.

DALTON Died 10th February 1855, William True Dalton, aged 3 weeks.

DALTON Died 9th May 1858 at the provincial Hospital, David Dalton, upholsterer, of gangrene, aged 62 years. Informant - F. T. McGauran, Provincial Surgeon, Auckland.

DALTON Died 7th September 1862, John Dalton, aged 37 years.

DALTON Died 24th February 1862 at Auckland, Jane Dalton, daughter of a labourer, of debility, aged 2½ years. Informant - David Dalton, Onehunga.

DALTON Died 7th August 1875, Amelie Dalton, widow of a button manufacturer, of old age, aged 85 years.

DALTON Died at the Auckland Hospital 6th March 1930, Frank Dalton, of a fractured skull, aged 73 years.

DALTON On Dec. 29, 1937, at her late residence, 32 Williamson Avenue, Margaret Ann, dearly loved wife of Robert A. Dalton, aged 58 years. R. I. P. Private interment.
New Zealand Herald 30th December 1937.

DALTON On July 2, 1941, at the Auckland Infirmary, John Dalton, aged 74 years. The funeral will leave C. Little & Sons, Marble Arch, Hobson Street.

DALTON On July 2, at his residence, 32 Williamson Avenue, Grey Lynn, Robert Alfred, beloved husband of the late Margaret Ann and loved father of Robert, Gordon, Marjorie, Claude, Alfred and Philip, aged 75 years. Service will be held at the above address tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10.45 a.m. the funeral then leaving for Waikumete Cemetery.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 25th May 1948.

DALY Died 6th June 1856 at Onehunga, Jane Daly, of croup, aged 2½ years.
Informant - Eliza Daly, wife of Pensioner Robert Daly, Onehunga

DALY Died 28th August 1862, Robert Daly, Pensioner, of Onehunga, aged 56 years,

DAULTON Died July 11th 1867, Thomas Daulton, Pensioner, of cancer of the neck, aged 57 years. Buried Otahuhu Cemetery.

DAULTON Died March 8th 1877, Ann Daulton, widow of the late Thomas Daulton, aged about 69 years.

DAVERN Died 11th December 1850, Matthew Davern, Pensioner, of consumption, aged 44 years.

DAVERN On October 4, at his residence, Te Kopura, William, the beloved husband of Elizabeth Davern, and late of the 58th Regiment, aged 59 years. Requiescat in pace. Home and Jersey papers please copy.

DAVIES Died 9th October 1852, Thomas John Davies, aged 1 day.

DAVIES Died 25th March 1852, Susannah Davies, aged 12 months.

DAVIS Died 11th September 1849, Margaret Davis,of childbed, wife of Fencible William Davis, of Onehunga, aged 35 years.

DAVIS On Thursday, March 4, Charles Bulmer Davis, aged 58 years. Deeply regretted. Buried All Saints' Cemetery 10th March 1897

DAVIS Died May 26th 1873, Edward Davis, pensioner.

DAVIS Died 28th January 1858 at Onehunga, James Davis, aged 53 years.

DAVIS BURNED TO DEATH - OLD LADY'S TERRIBLE FATE - BEDROOM IN FLAMES - VICTIM DEAD WHEN FOUND - FIRE IN UPPER QUEEN STREET - April 1914. A shocking fatality occurred in the early hours of yesterday morning. As the result of a fire in an old two-storyed five roomed house situated in Upper Queen Street, just below its junction with East Street, an old lady named Annie Davis, aged 70 years, was burned to death. A little after one o'clock the wife of the occupier of the house, whose name is Thomas Allbon, a seaman on the Rarawa, was lying awake, when she heard peculiar sounds in the front room, let to Mrs Davis. Thinking her lodger was ill, Mrs Allbon hastened to ascertain what was the matter, and she was horrified to find flames darting from under the closed door.

A MASS OF FLAMES - Immediately she called her husband. Opening the door, he saw the room was a mass of flames, and that Mrs Davis was lying face downwards beside the bed. She was then evidently dead. Peter Perkins, a storekeeper, whose shop is next door on the corner of East Street, was next on the spot, and he entered the blazing room, and dragged the body to the door. With other assistance, the deceased was then lifted out on to the footpath. Meanwhile more neighbours arrived, and one of them gave the alarm. The brigade arrived promptly, and had little difficulty in confining the flames practically to the front bedroom.

BODY TERRIBLY BURNED - The attention of Constables D. Millar and Robertson, who were on duty in Karangahape Road, near Pitt Street, was first drawn to the locality by hearing loud screams. It was afterwards learnt that these were uttered by a woman living next door, who had become hysterical. Hastening to the house, they found flames bursting from the front bedroom. On the footpath was the naked body of the deceased, every limb being severely burned. The outbreak having been extinguished by the brigade, the body was placed in one of the motor engines, and removed to the mortuary. Dr Grant pronounced life to be extinct.

DECEASED PROBABLY FAINTED - The origin of the fire is a mystery. The deceased should have been able to have escaped from the burning room without much difficulty, as the footpath is only a couple of steps from the bedroom door, which was unlocked. According to Mrs Allbon, the deceased, who suffered from a weak heart, habitually rose during the night to obtain a drink of water. It is, therefore, presumed that in some way she set a curtain behind the door alight with the candle, and then fainted.

VALUABLES DESTROYED - The deceased was an old age pensioner, and was the widow of the late Mr Charles B. Davis, who was for many years headmaster of the Howick school. The amount of the damage is not known, though the room was supposed to have contained many valuables in the shape of jewellery and mementoes belonging to deceased. These it is believed were worth about £60. The furniture was not insured. Much credit is due to the brigade for its promptness in attending the fire, as there is a long row of closely-built houses adjoining Mr Albon's house. There were also three young children in the house, and they had to be got out by Mr Allbon immediately he discovered the danger. Buried All Saints" Cemetery 8th April 1914 as Eliza Ann Davis.

DAVITT Died 28th April 1852, Sarah Davitt, aged 2 years.

DAY Died 6th February 1848, Ann Day, aged 13 months.

DAY Died 14th June 1848, John Day, aged 14 years.

DAY Died 6th March 1849, William Day, aged 44 years.

DAY Died 9th August 1850, Richard Day, Pensioner, of inflammation of the lungs, aged 50 years.
Informant - Matilda Day, widow of deceased, of Auckland

DAY Died 6th March 1853, William Day, of consumption, aged 44 years.

DEAN Died 5th June 1887, James Dean, Pensioner, of Onehunga. RG 1887/638

DEANE Died 9th October 1871, Mark Deane, of phthisis, aged 37 years.

DEAN PITT On April 3, at her late residence, Alexandra Road, Remuera, Annie Isabella Lloyd, relict of the late Major William Augustus Dean Pitt, aged 80 years. Interred at Purewa on Sunday.
New Zealand Herald Monday 6th April 1908.

DEERY Died3rd October 1858, Michael Deery, drowned while in a state of intoxification, aged about 30 years. Informant - T. M. Philson, M.D. , Coroner.

DEERY Died 5th August 1879, Henry Deery, Pensioner.

DEERY Died 25th September 1880 at Parnell, David Deery, ropemaker, of Pulmonary consumption 7 years, aged 34 years. Last seen by Dr Wright 25th September 1880. Born Fermoy, Ireland, son of Henry Deery, Government messenger, and Catherine Curten, in New Zealand about 30 years.
Informant - C. H. Smith, brother in law, of Parnell.

DEERY Died 8th April 1896 at Parnell, Catherine Deery, female, of senile decay and syncope, aged 78 years. Last seen by Dr Wright 8th April 1896. Born Limerick, Ireland, daughter of David Curten, soldier, and Margaret ....., in New Zealand 48 years. Married Ireland at 16 to Henry Deery. Male issue living - aged 55, 40, 33. Female issue living - aged 61, 47, 36.

DEERY On April 8, 1896, at her residence, Eglington Street, Parnell, Catherine, relict of the late Mr Henry Deery, aged 78 years. R.I.P. The funeral will leave her late residence for Symonds Street Cemetery tomorrow (Friday) at 3 o'clock. Friends are respectfully invited to attend.
New Zealand Herald Thursday 9th April 1896.

DEERY Died 27th June 1919 at Eglington Street, Parnell, Samuel Henry Deery, labourer, aged 79 years. Born Jersey, son of Samuel Henry Deery, soldier,and Catherine ..... (should read Curten), in New Zealand about 70 years. Buried Wikaraka Cemetery with John Augustus Deery who died 24th June 1915. Funeral account to be sent to Mr Deery, 33 Cheshire Street, Parnell.

DEERY On April 10, 1921, at his late residence, No. 33 Cheshire Street, Parnell, William Richard Deery, dearly beloved husband of Jane Deery, aged 72 years. Requiem Mass and interment afterwards at Waikaraka Cemetery.
New Zealand Herald Friday 15th April 1921.

DEERY On February 10, 1936, at the Auckland Hospital, Jane, dearly beloved wife of the late William Richard Deery,, of 33 Cheshire Street, Parnell and loved mother of Arthur, samuel, Mrs Edwards and Mrs Wharfe, in her 82nd year. Requiem Mass will be celebrated at St John's Church, Parnell at 9 a.m. Wednesday, funeral leaving after Mass for Waikaraka Cemetery.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 11th February 1936.

DELANEY Died 24th November 1852, William Delaney, Pensioner, of chest disease, aged 48 years.
Informant - C. Ragan, of Onehunga. RG 1852/478

DELANEY On May 18th 1892, James Delaney, Pensioner, of Howick, aged 82 years.

DE MONTALK On May 22, 1937, (suddenly), at his late residence, Tolaga Bay, Henry Potocki, beloved husband of Margaret Louisa de Montalk, father of Eve and Vera and fourth son of the late Professor and Mrs de Montalk, of Mt Eden, aged 61 years.
New Zealand Herald Monday 24th May 1937.

DEMPSEY On September 20, 1869, at Lower Albert Street, William Dempsey, aged 63 years.

DEMPSEY Died 2nd July 1873, at the Provincial Hospital, William Dempsey, Pensioner, of gastro-enteritis, aged 63 years.
Informant - A. Black, undertaker, Auckland.

DEMPSEY On May 17, 1884, at Mill's lane, Julia Dempsey, widow, of old age, aged 75 years. Born Ireland, in New Zealand 35 years, wife of William Dempsey.
Informant - Annie V. Moyle, granddaughter, Mill's Lane.

De QUINCEY On April 16, at Cambridge House, Vincent Street, Lieut.-Colonel Paul Frederick de Quincey, late H.M. 70th Regiment.

De QUINCEY It is with widespread regret that it will be learned that Lieutenant-Colonel P. F. de Quincey, the Sergeant-at-Arms in the New Zealand House of Representatives, died on Sunday, April 15. The deceased gentleman had been many years in India, where he contracted malarial fever. The effects of this never left him. The arduous duties of the last session of Parliament told on him visibly, and he was laid up in Wellington for a little while. On coming to Auckland he became better, and was able to get about. But about a week ago he was compelled to take to his bed at Cambridge House, Vincent Street, where he resided. On Saturday evening he was in a moribund condition. Dr Robertson was called in consultation, but nothing could be done, the patient sinking gradually, dying about a quarter to eight on Sunday morning. There were with him at his death Mr Peacocke, of Park Road, and .... Cousins. Colonel de Quincey married .... Pilling, widow of the late Captain Pilling. Lieut-Colonel Paul Frederick de Quincey, the son of Thomas de Quincey, the famous English writer, was born at Great Westmoreland, on Nov. 26, 1828, and was educated at the High School, Edinburgh, and at the Lasswade School, near that .....

DERRON Died 28th January 1848, James Derron, aged 12 months.

De THIERRY Died 18th March 1856, Baroness Emily de Thierry, aged 65 years.

De THIERRY On November 29, 1933, at her residence, 89 Symonds Street, Mary Jane, widow of the late Baron de Thierry, in her 101st year. The funeral will leave the above address at 2 p.m. today (Thursday), for Symonds Street Cemetery.
New Zealand Herald Thursday 30th November 1933.

De THIERRY Mary Jane De Thierry, widow of Charles de Thierry, born County Down, Ireland, daughter of John Smith, weaver, no details of mother entered, in New Zealand about 70 years. Lived 89 Symonds Street which is about where the Hilton Hotel now stands.

DEVANEY On March 28th 1861, at Panmure, Martin Devaney , Pensioner, of asthma, aged 53 years.

DIBBLE On April 4, 1903, at his late residence, Whitford Park, Francis, the beloved husband of Sarah Ann Dibble, late of Somersetshire, England, in his 65th year. The funeral will leave for the Church of England Cemetery, Otahuhu at 11 a.m. this day (Monday) going by way of papatoitoi, and arriving about 1.15 p.m. Friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Monday 6th April 1905.

DIGNAN Died 18th November 1918, Richard Dignan, nil occupation, usually of Domett Avenue, Epsom, aged 64 years. Son of Patrick Dignan and Mary Derrom. Married at age 60 to Mary Wheeler, no issue. Buried Waikaraka Cemetery.

DILLON Died 13th July 1864 at the Auckland Asylum, James Dillon, of hydrocephalus, aged 35 years.

DILLON Died 21st January 1873, at Parnell, John Dillon, Pensioner, farmer, of pulmonis phthisis, aged 80 years.

DILLON Died 19th March 1879, Matthew Dillon, Pensioner, of Aucklanf.

DINGWALL Died 21st July 1852, John Dingwall, aged 7 years.

DINGWALL Died 9th November 1889, Alexander Dingwall, aged 84 years. Buried presbyterian Cemetery, Symonds Street.

DINGWALL Died 24th June 1890, Jean McNair Dingwall, wife of Alexander Dingwall, aged 90 years.

DIVELLE Died 26th October 1850, Mary Ann Divelle, aged 25 years.

DIXON Died 28th February 1849, Frances Dixon, aged 39 years.

DIXON Died 12th March 1849, Thomas Dixon, aged 2½ months.

DIXON Died 6th October 1851, Charles Dixon, aged 28 years.

DIXON Died 23rd February 1852, John Dixon, aged 30 years.

DIXON Died 7th January 1865 at Otahuhu, William Dixon, Pensioner, of delirium tremens, aged 62 years.

DIXON Died 11th September 1934 at Hutton Street, Otahuhu, Mary Ann Dixon, widow. Born Otahuhu, daughter of John Callaghan, military pensioner, and Mary ......, married at age 18 to William John Dixon. Male issue living at time of death - aged 58, 54, 52, 51, 47, 45, 42. Female issue living - aged 38. Buried at Otahuhu.

DOBBIE Died 17th October 1850, Mary Dobbie, aged 36 years.

DOBSON Drowned at Huia 17th May 1883, Thomas George Dobson, aged 20 years.
Auckland Star Friday 18th May 1883.

DOBSON On June 17, 1883, at Onehunga, John Rit Dobson, Pensioner, of bronchitis, aged 77 years. Born at Kirkdale Abbey near Leeds, son of Gilbert Dobson and Hannah Brucebank, in New Zealand 35 years. Married at Belfast at age 35 to Elizabeth née Hannah. Buried at Mangere. Male issue living at time of death - 42, 35, 31, 31, 25. Female issue living - aged 33, 25, 23.

DOBSON On December 17, 1889, at her late residence, Te Aroha, Mary, the beloved wife of J. A. Dobson, aged 38 years, fourth daughter of the late Thomas Robinson, Howick.

DOBSON Died at Onehunga 9th January 1898, Elizabeth Dobson, aged 76 years. Born at Gibraltar 5rth July 1822, daughter of John William hannah, soldier, married John Rit Dobson at Belfast 2nd May 1836, buried Onehunga. male issue living at time of death - aged 43, 41. Female issue living - aged 47, 42, 39.

DOCHERTY Died 26th December 1899, at Hamilton, Matilda Docherty, formerly of Otahuhu.

DOCHERTY Died 24th November 1923, Bridget Docherty, aged 64 years.

DOCHERTY Died 9th November 1924, James Docherty, husband of Bridget Docherty, aged 67 years.

DOLAN Died 9th April 1869, at Onehunga, John Dolan, Pensioner.

DONALD In our obituary column will be found recorded the death of an old settler, Mr W. F. Donald, one of the old "Black Cuffs," who, as a colour sergeant of the 58th, took his discharge in order to settle here. He was at one time captain of the old City Company of Volunteers. (Buried Anglican Cemetery, Symonds Street, Auckland)

DONALD On May 16, at his late residence, West Street, Newton, W. J. F. Donald, late Colour-Sergeant of 58th Regiment, also, late Captain Auckland City Company Volunteers, aged 60 years.

DONALD Died 6th July 1923 at 25 Arcadia Road, Epsom, Ursula May Donald, married woman, aged 35 years. Born Auckland, daughter of Antonio O'Buglien, miner, and Mary Dore, married at age 32 to William Alexander Donald, no issue. Buried at Waikumete Cemetery with two brothers in law.

DONNELL Died 10th February 1851, Frederick Charles Donnell, aged 38 years.

DONNELLEN Died 28th February 1848, Edward Donnellan, aged 16 months. RG 1848/28

DONNELLEN Died 28th February 1849, Thomas Donnellen, aged 6 months, son of Edward Donnellen, tailor, and Jane Gamble. RG 1849/140

DONNELLY Died 19th May 1856 at Howick, James Danley (should read Donnelly compiler believes), pensioner, of dropsy, aged 46 years. (Mary née Hardiman or Mary Corrigan.)
Informant - Maria Danley, widow of deceased, Howick.

DONNELLY Died 13th December 1866, at the Provincial Hospital, James Donnelly, Pensioner, of pulmonary comsumption, aged 51 years. RG 1866/2058

DONNELLY Died 9th June 1868 at Ramarama, James Donnelly, Pensioner, aged 66 years.

DONNELLY On November 27th 1873, James Donnelly, Pensioner of Panmure, father of John Donnelly, of peritonitis, aged 70 years. Burial Register states that he was of Maguire's Bridge, County Fermanagh.

DONNELLY Died 23rd August 1901, Annie Donnelly, wife of James Donnelly of the 70th Regiment, aged 60 years.

DONNELLY Died 2nd May 1907 at Thames, Sarah Donnelly, aged 68 years.

DONNELLY On April 14, 1912, at District Home, Tararu, Bernard Donnelly, aged 70 years.

DONNELLY On January 4, 1914, at her residence, Upper Queen Street, Mary, the dearly beloved wife of the late Henry Donnelly and youngest daughter of the late Luke McMaster, Belfast, Ireland, in her 78th year. may her soul rest in peace.
New Zealand Herald Monday 5th January 1914.

DONNELLY Died 3rd December 1914, James Donnelly, late of the 70th Regiment, aged 81 years. Buried Shortland Cemetery, Thames.

DONNELLY Died June 21st 1922 at the Costley Home, Auckland, Jane Ann Donnelly, aged 78 years.

DONNELLY On November 1, 1922, at her late residence, Park Road, Rosa Emma Donnelly, aged 58 years.

DONNELLY Died 15th February 1930 at the Auckland Hospital, Mary Donnelly, of chronic endocarditis and arteriosclerosis, aged 87 years.

DONOVAN Died 17th May 1853, Joanne Donovan, of hooping cough, aged 14 months.
Informant - Patrick Whelan, Auckland.

DONOVAN Died 5th June 1853, John Donovan, of convulsions, aged 21 months.
Informant - Eugene Donovan, father of deceased, Auckland

DONOVAN Died 8th March 1855, Denis Donovan, shoemaker of Hobson Street, of excessiver drinking of ardent spirits, aged 54 years.

Informant - Denis Scullen, Burying Ground, Auckland.

DONOVAN Died 5th September 1899, Daniel Donovan, loved husband of Catherine Donovan of otahuhu, aged 66 years.

DONOVAN On October 30, 1898, at Coreen Villa, Onehunga, Patrick Donovan, in his 86th year. R. I. P. The funeral will leave his late residence today (Monday) at 3 p.m. for the Catholic Cemetery. Friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Monday 31st October 1898.

DORAN On December 19, 1873, William Doran, Pensioner, of Edward Street, Auckland.

DORE On February 7th 1864, James Dore, aged 58 years.
Informant - William McCutchin, farmer, of Onehunga.

DORE Died February 16th 1864, Ellen Dore, aged 19 months.

DORE Died 8th July 1877, Edmund Dore, Pensioner of Onehunga, aged 71 years.

DOUGHERTY Died 20th June 1853, Charles Dougherty, son of Hugh Dougherty, Pensioner of Papakura, of hooping cough, aged 2 months.

DOUGHERTY On October 10, 1854, at Howick, John Dougherty, of scarlatina, aged 8 years.
Informant - .J. Dougherty, father of deceased, Pensioner of Howick.

DOUGHERTY Died 25th October 1873, Mary Dougherty, wife of Fencible Hugh Dougherty, aged 59 years.

DOUGHERTY Died at Wanganui 27th February 1885, Hugh Dougherty, Pensioner from Otahuhu, aged 82 years.

DOUGHERTY Died 20th September 1888 at Wanganui, Annie Dougherty, daughter of Hugh and Mary Dougherty, aged 35 years.

DOUGHERTY On November 9, 1924, James Dougherty, aged 67 years.

DOUGLAS Died 24th March 1852, Margaret Douglas, aged 3 days.

DOUGLAS Died 7th December 1853, Jane Douglas, of water on the brain, aged 8 years.
Informant - Ann Douglas, mother of deceased, Onehunga.

DOUGLASS Died 13th April 1871, Elizabeth Douglass, of heart disease, aged 28 years.

DOWD Died 12th October 1851, Sarah Dowd, daughter of Pensioner Patrick Dowd, of consumption, aged 10 years.

DOWD Died 18th June 1858, Charles Dowd, of consumption, aged 15 years.
Informant - Patrick Dowd, father of deceased, labourer, Howick.

DOWD On October 9, 1859, at the Albert Barracks, Rose Ann Dowd, daughter of Peter Dowd, 65th Regiment.

DOWD On April 30, 1862, Peter Dowd, son of Peter Dowd, soldier 65th Regiment.

DOWD On May 20, 1864, at Auckland, Emily Dowd, daughter of Peter Dowd, soldier 65th Regiment, of scarlet fever, aged 1 year.

DOWD Died 13th September 1864 at Auckland, Ellen Dowd, wife of Peter Dowd, soldier of the 65th Regiment, of inflammation of the lungs, aged 28 years.
Informant - William Evers, Sergeant Armed Police, Auckland.

DOWD Died 11th April 1871, Hannah Dowd, of a fracture of the neck of the right femur, aged 59 years.

DOWNEY Died 19th November 1887, at her father's residence, Khyber Pass Road, Elizabeth, second daughter of James and Catherine Downey, aged 21 years 6 months. R. I. P.

DOWNEY At Kilkenny, Ireland, John, father of Rev J. Downey, Howick. A Requiem Mass will be celebrated at Star of the Sea Church, Howick tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10 a.m.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 24th November 1931.

DOWNES On April 27, at Otahuhu, of typhoid fever, Lieutenant John Thornton Downs, V.C., 57th Regiment, aged 24 years.

DOYNE Died 20th July 1876 at Howick, John Doyne, Pensioner, of senility, aged 76 years. Born Wexford, Ireland, son of John Doyne, labourer, and Elizabeth Bates, in New Zealand 29 years. Married at Wicklow at age 22 to Elizabeth Lennon. Buried Catholic Cemetery, Howick.
Informant - John White, undertaker, Howick RG 1876/427

DRISCOLL Died at Queen Street, Auckland 19th November 1855, Florence (sometimes called Thomas) Driscoll, Pensioner, of apoplexy, aged 42 years.

Informant - Henry J. Andrews, Coroner.

DRISCOLL Died at Howick 17th May 1890, Elizabeth Driscoll, aged 79 years.

DRISCOLL On February 9, 1908, at the Auckland Hospital, John Driscoll, aged 74 years. Friends are invited to accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 11th February 1908.

DRISCOLL On February 9, 1908, at the Auckland Hospital, John Driscoll, aged 74 years. Friends are invited to accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 11th February 1908.

DROMGOOL On May 13, at the Auckland Hospital, Jessie, dearly beloved wife of Edward Dromgool, of Glenbrook, Waiuku, and eldest surviving daughter of C. Little and the late Luddie Little of Auckland, aged 32 years. Rest in Peace. The funeral will leave her brother's residence, Marble Arch, Hobson Street via St Patrick's Cathedral today (Tuesday) at 1.30 p.m. for Waikaraka Cemetery. Friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 15th May 1923.

DROMGOOL Died 10th October 1930 at Auckland Hospital, Dennis Francis Dromgool, usually of Ranfurly Road, Epsom, aged 7 years. Born Auckland, son of Edward Dromgool, mail contractor, and Jessie Monica Little. Buried with his mother
Vol 49, page 75, C. Little records, Auckland Public Library.

DROMGOOL On September 27 (suddenly) at Waiuku Hospital, Edward, husband of the late Jessie Dromgool, Glenbrook, and beloved father of Glen, Don and Clare (overseas), Noel (prisoner of war), Ted, Jerry and Peggy. Requiem Mass at Waiuku Church at 9.30 a.m. tomorrow (Tuesday) funeral leaving the church at 1.30 p.m. for Waikumete Cemetery.
New Zealand Herald Monday 27th September 1943.

DOUGLAS On December 26, 1889, Samuel, fourth son of Samuel and Jane Douglas, of inflammation, aged 16 years and 3 months.

DOWD Died 12th October 1851, Sarah Dowd, aged 10 years.

DRYDEN Died 25th November 1873, George Dryden, after amputation of the left leg with caries of the ankle, aged 33 years.

DRYLAND Died March 1902, Elizabeth Dryland, aged 39 years.

DRYLAND Died 26th June 1924, Henry Dryland, aged 78 years. Buried Holy Trinity Cemetery, Otahuhu.

DRYLAND Died 26th January 1924, Charlotte Dryland, wife of Henry Dryland, aged 73 years.

DUFFY Death of a Crimean Hero - Francis Duffy, an old Crimean veteran, and a twenty years' resident in the vicinity of Helensville, passed away one day last week under what may be described as pitiable circumstances. This hale old soldier has led rather a hard life of late, living in a whare by himself at Maeretahi, near Shelly Beach. The late very inclement weather had told on him with his scanty attire in his miserable and cold dwelling, unable to light a fire through his matches being soaked with the rain, too ill to seek food, the poor old fellow gradually sank and expired alone, and his emaciated condition too truly and too sadly tell the tale as to the cause of death. He was found lying dead across the door of his shanty, clad only in a shirt and one sock, by a rough but kind-hearted gumdigger named Henry McGoldrick, who had been his last earthly friend, and who has told at the inquest held before Mr Sinclair, coroner, at Helensville on June 18, facts concerning the old man's condition. He had latterly found him sick in his bunk, and without food, and he had travelled 14 miles in order to procure some for him several times, but on one occasion was prevented through stress of weather from returning with his boat for nearly ten days. He had recommended the old fellow to try and gain admission to the Home, and had given him a letter to Constable O'Brien, setting forth his condition and wants, but Duffy refused to partake of public charity, and the well-meant letter was found amongst his belongings by the constable. Four days before being found dead he had sought McGoldrick's help in the latter's whare, situate one mile from his own. The visit was made during the night, long before daylight, and during a heavy thunderstorm and downpour of rain. In reply to enquiries he said he had been "marched there by old Tom." His mind was wandering. Refreshments were given him, and he returned home. McGoldrick saw him once again only before his death. There was no doctor present in Helensville to give medical evidence, but the jury, of whom Mr E. Hadrill was chosen foreman, were satisfied that there was no suspicion of foul play, and a verdict was recorded to the effect that deceased had died a natural death, accelerated by the want of proper and common necessities of life. Frank Duffy, - such is the irony of fate - was awarded a pauper's funeral, and interred in the Helensville Cemetery. He joined the British army at the age of eighteen.

DUGGAN Died 23rd April 1860, Mary Ann Duggan, dressmaker, of disease of the heart, aged 18 years.
Informant - Martin May, Pensioner of Onehunga.

DUGGAN On October 4, 1887, John Duggan, late Colour Sergeant 41st Foot Regiment, Pensioner of Onehunga, aged 81 years.

DUGGAN Died 13th February 1916, John Walter Duggan, beloved husband of Jane Duggan, aged 59 years.

DUGGAN Died 25th January 1923, John Bovaird Duggan, beloved husband of May Beatrice Duggan and youngest son of John and Jane Duggan, aged 35 years.

DUGGAN Died 26th July 1948, Jane Duggan, beloved wife of the late John Duggan, aged 88 years.

DUGGAN Died 20th August 1981, May Beatrice Duggan, aged 96 years.

DUNBAR Died 5th August 1850, Thomas Dunbar, son of William Dunbar, Fencible, Howick, and Mary Cahill, aged 3 days.

DUNBAR Died 22nd August 1854 at Howick, Elizabeth Dunbar, of scarlatina, aged 2 years.
Informant - Charles Kenneth, private 58th Regiment.

DINBAR Died 15th January 1860 at Auckland, Elizabeth Dunbar, of phthisis, aged 26 years.
Informant - James Dunbar, settler, husband of deceased, Wellesley Street..

DUNBAR Died 20th April 1872, Mary Dunbar, wife of Pensioner William Dunbar, aged 55 years.

DUNBAR Died 8th March 1875 at Howick, William Dunbar, Pensioner, of anasarca and senility, aged 71 years. Born Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland, married at age 27 to Mary Cahill (sometimes called Burns). 1 male issue living at time of death.

DUNBAR On January 16, 1891, at his residence, Howick, Maurice Dunbar, the dearly beloved husband of Mary Dunbar and third eldest son of William and Mary Dunbar, pensioner, of Howick, aged 37 years. CHECK YEAR

DUNBAR Died 14th January 1892 at Howick, Maurice Dunbar, labourer, of acute cerebritis, aged 37 years. Born Howick, son of William Dunbar, labourer, and Mary Cahill. Married at age 27 to Mary Brown. 1 male issue living at time of death.

DUNBAR On November 10, at the Auckland Hospital, William Dunbar, aged 73 years. The funeral will leave his late residence, Howick, tomorrow (Friday) at 1.30 p.m. for the Church of England Cemetery. Friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Thursday 11th November 1915.

DUNBAR Died at the Auckland Hospital 8th March 1933, Robert Dunbar, of uremia, aged 86 years.

DUNCAN Died 14th September 1870 at the Provincial Hospital, Alexander Duncan, of apoplexy, aged 35 years.

DUNCAN Died 26th July 1882 at Onehunga, George Duncan, Pensioner, of old age and general debility, aged 74 years. Born Edinburgh, son of Andrew Duncan and Isabella ....., in New Zealand 30 years. Married at Dublin at age 24 to Sarah Corcankoran. 1 female issue living at time of death. RG 1882/553
Informant - Rev Father Paul, Catholic priest, Onehunga.

DUNCAN Died November 15th 1889, Sarah Duncan, Onehunga, aged 92 years. RG 1889/1621

DUNN Died 26th October 1848, Agnes Dunn, aged 30 years.

DUNN Died 28th October 1848, Elizabeth Dunn, stepdaughter of Fencible .... Panmure, and daughter of ..... aged 18 years.

DUNN Died 21st March 1883 at the Provincial Hospital, James Dunn, from Panmure, of gradual senile debility, aged 82 years. Born King's County, ireland, married at Dublin to Mary crowe, in New Zealand 35 years. Male issue living at time of death - aged 38. Female issue living - aged 28.
Informant - James Nash, Messenger, Hospital. RG 1882/337??????

DUNN Died 21st October 1908, Joseph Dunn, aged 70 years.

DUNN Died 15th January 1922, Mary Dunn, beloved wife of Joseph Dunn, aged 66 years.

DUNWOODIE On April 10, at his late residence, Arthur Street, Onehunga, William, the dearly beloved husband of Agnes Dunwoodie, aged 49 years.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 11th April 1933?

DUNWOODIE Another well-known Auckland and Onehunga resident, Mr Andrew Dunwoodie, died at his residence, Queen Street, Onehunga, on the 2nd August, after a prolonged illness extending over a period of nearly two years, the immediate cause of his death being heart disease. Mr Dunwoodie had been in New Zealand for a long time. He arrived in Otago about 27 years ago, but shortly afterwards he came to Auckland, and with his brother, Mr W. Dunwoodie, started business as farming implement manufacturers, in which they were very successful, and ever since constantly resided in Onehunga, where he was greatly esteemed for his many good qualities. He was three times elected to be a member of the Borough Council. He was also a leading member of the Presbyterian Church in that district, and was superintendent of the Presbyterian Sunday school. He was also a member of the Licensing Committee, and generally up to the time his health failed, he took an active part in all local affairs. Mr Dunwoodie, who died at the early age of fifty years, leaves a widow and two sons and two daughters to mourn their loss but the sons and daughters are all grown up.

DURANT Died 24th July, 1851, Anne Durant, wife of Fencible Elish Durant, aged 32 years.

DURBRIDGE The present wintry weather is proving fatal to the aged, and among those who have just passed away is Mr Charles Durbridge, who died on Sunday at his residence, Panmure. In his 79th year, Mr Durbridge came out with the first division of Fencibles, with Colonel Kenny. He was for many years clerk to the Resident Magistrate's Court, Onehunga, and also officer for registration of electors, but had retired on a pension. These old veterans were much respected and esteemed by their comrades, and during the old days of provincialism exercised a good deal of political influence in their respective circles.

DURBRIDGE On July 11, 1886, at his residence, Panmure, Charles Durbridge, Pensionder, of Panmure, in his 79th year. Buried Anglican Cemetery, Panmure.

DURBRIDGE Died 9th April 1888, Ann Durbridge, wife of the late Charles Durbridge, aged 76 years. Buried Catholic Cemetery, Panmure.

DURBRIDGE Died 5th October 1925, Frederick Henry Durbridge, beloved husband of Elizabeth jane Durbridge, aged 81 years.

DURHAM Died at Wairoa 6th August 1860, George Durham, sawyer, of the rupturinhg og a blood vessel with internal haemorrhaging, aged 35 years.
Informant - W. J. Logan, J.P., Wairoa.

DURRANT On July 24, 1851, Anne Durrant, wife of Elisha Durrant, Pensioner of Howick, of an enlarged heart, aged 32 years.
Informant - surgeon, Provincial Hospital, Auckland. This lady was admitted to the Auckland Hospital 27th June 1851 in the last stages of concumption.

DUTHIE On January 10, at the residence of her son, Avon Street, after a long and painful illness, borne with patience and fortitude, Catherine Duthie, the devoted wife of Alexander Duthie, of this city, aged 54 years..

DUTHIE In our obituary column is recorded the death of Mrs Duthie, an old colonist, and wife of Mr Alexander Duthie, formerly in business as a shipbuilder. Mrs Duthie died at her temporary residence in Avon Street, off Symonds Street. Her funeral, which took place on Jan. 11, was largely attended.

DWYER Died 29th July 1854 at Howick, Eliza Dwyer, of general debility, aged 3 hours.
Informant - Thomas Dwyer, father of deceased, Pensioner, Howick

DWYER Died 7th August 1854 at Howick, Peter Dwyer, of scarlet fever, aged 6 years.
Informant - James Keating, Pensioner, of Howick.

DWYER Died at the Provincial Hospital 4th August 1864, Thomas Dwyer, labourer, of pulmonis phthisis, aged 60 years.
Informant - Thomas Bradshaw, messenger, Provincial Hospital.

DWYER On May 3, 1867, John Dwyer, farmer, of suppression of the urine, aged 67 years.

DYKE Died 22nd April 1851, James Dyke, aged 51 years.