BACON Died 11th August 1845, Mrs Marianne Bacon.

BACOT Died 9th June 1855 at Howick, John Leslie Bacot, of dysentery, aged 5½ years.
Informant - Alexander Macdonald, Staff Officer, Howick.

BACOT Died at Sydney, NSW, 15th March 1859, Angus William Bacot, infant son of J. T. W. Bacot, M. D, aged 1 month.

BACOT Died 10th October 1888, at Seaton, Devon, England, John Thomas Watson Bacot, M. D., aged 67 years.

BACOT Last Friday, an old ex-colonist of New Zealand passed away in the person of Mrs Anne Bacot, widow of the late Mr. J. T. W. Bacot, Deputy Inspector General, A.M.D. Mrs Bacot, whose death occurred at Lakenham, Bedford, was the eldest daughter of the late Captain Alexander Macdonald, Staff Officer Pensioners, Howick, New Zealand. The deceased was in her 70th year.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 2nd February 1900.

BADLEY An old and much-respected resident of Otahuhu district, in the person of Mr James Badley, passed away on August 25th, and was buried in the Anglican Cemetery, Otahuhu, on Thursday, August 27th. For upwards of forty years the deceased was intimately associated with the business firm of Mr Alfred Buckland. At every horse, cattle and sheep sale conducted by that firm the face of James Badley was familiar. His loyalty to the firm, his obliging manner, and straightforward conduct, together with a thorough knowledge of his work, rendered him a great favourite, and secured him a large circle of friends. He leaves behind him a widow, a grown up family, and numerous grandchildren. The complaint to which the deceased succumbed was dropsy. The death of Mr James Badley tells us that another old identity has joined the great majority. The deceased was for many years a familiar figure in the Haymarket on Fridays, and at the Remuera Cattle Yards on Thursdays. He was a fine specimen of the old English yeoman, and often strongly reminded one of farmers in the old country. Above the average height, with rotund figure, and open ruddy countenance, every feature of which spoke of a kind and genial disposition, and fine carriage, he looked every inch a man. As he entered the dairy pens staff in hand, the very animals seemed to recognise in him a friend who understood them, and the purchaser who sought his advice was sure to receive his sound and honest opinion. It was his nature to give a straight reply to a straight question. The writer has many times asked, "Mr Badley, do you know anything of this horse?" and he would reply, "Yes, he won't suit you," or "Yes, he belongs to so and so, is sold for no fault, and if he suits you, I can recommend him." Such straightforward conduct as this, coming from an acknowledged authority, and whose word could be implicitly relied on, had not a little to do with the popularity of his employer's business, and many will miss a good friend now that he is no more. One day at the Remuera sale, an evidently poor woman bought a dairy cow; perhaps the poor body had been long saving to get enough money together. 'Jim', as he was familiarly called, was quite put about over it, and said to me, "Foolish woman; that cow will do her no good; I wish she had spoken to me, I could have found her a much better one for the same money." Such was his kindly nature. I am sorry to say that such manly unselfishness is getting rare in these days, and when we find it, it is a small justice to pen this humble tribute to his memory. 1895?

BAILEY Died 26th April 1852, George Bailey, aged 34 years.

BAILEY On Sunday, April 23, 1893, at his residence, Penrose, James Bailey, C. B., late Deputy Commissary General, aged 67 years.

BAILEY The funeral of the late Captain James Bailey, of Penrose, took place at Howick on the 26th April, the procession leaving the residence of Mr Every Maclean, Bleak House, at half past two o'clock. The high esteem in which the deceased was held by his fellow settlers, was manifested by the large number which assembled to follow his mortal remains to their last resting place. The city and the country districts were fully represented, as shown by the names of the following gentlemen, who, with many others, joined the procession:- W. Aitken, A. Buckland sen., Colonel de Quincey, J. S. Buckland, F. Lawry M.H.R., R. Williams, E. Hesketh, D. L. Murdoch, G. E. White sen., G.E. White jun., Robert Rose, F. Roberts, R. Udy J.P., A. S. Thompson, R. Millan, W. Caverhill (New Zealand Freezing Company), R. Graham, J. P. A. Philson (Hunter and Nolan), F. Peacocke, J. Roberts, J. Gill, W. Hutchinson, J. Leanan, Bassett, J. Crawford, - Ella, E. Rogers, W. Thorpe, H. Gorrie, J. Monaghan, J. Wilson, J. P. Macaw (Bank New Zealand Assets Company), J. Shipherd C.E., Captain Irvine J.P., T. Woolfield, J. Smith, Monsignor Macdonald, William Hall, H. Watt, W. Lambe J.P., James Wallace, James Russell, James McKerras, Walter Hill, W. S. Lawrie, - Farmer, J. Fortune, - Cooper, J. Kerr, Hatcher, H. Andrews, jun., J. Jones, and many others. The funeral service was impressively conducted by the Rev Mr Boler. The church was crowded to the utmost capacity, a number of ladies being present. The whole congregation joined in singing the hymn, "Lead Kindly Light." The chief mourners were the three sons of the deceased gentleman, and his relative, Mr Every Maclean. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs Winks and Hall.

BAIN Died 23rd April 1851, John Bain, aged 36 years.

BAKER Died 22nd October 1851, Mary Baker, aged 68 years.

BAKER Died 22nd January 1919 at Otahuhu, James Richard Dowers Baker, aged 79 years. Son of William John Baker and Margaret Dowers, married to Anne Callagher.

BALDWIN On January 31, 1883, at Napier, William Baldwin, formerly a Pensioner of Otahuhu, tailor, aged 73 years. Born Waterford, Ireland, in New Zealand 31 years. Married at age 27 to Sarah Shields. 2 Male and 3 female issue living at time of death.
Informant - T. Baldwin, son. RG 1883/152

BALDWIN Died 28th March 1885 at Napier, Sarah Baldwin, widow, aged 66 years. Born County Tipperary, in New Zealand 34 years. Married at Tipperary, Ireland at age 18 or 19 years to William Baldwin. 2 Male issue and 3 female living at time of death
Informant - Mary Baldwin, daughter in law, Napier. RG 1885/173

BALMER Died 23rd April 1860, Susanne Balmer, aged 2 years.

BALMER * Died 22nd January 1852 while bathing in the Lambton Harbour, Wellington, Bandsman John Balmer, of H. M. 65th Regiment, aged 19 years 6 months.
Buried Bolton Street Cemetery in the Garden of Remembrance.

On July 29, 1887, at Howick, John Baker, Pensioner, 62nd Foot, of dyspepsia 3 months and asthenia, aged 84 years. Married Hertfordshire, in New Zealand 37 years.

BALNEAVIS Died 26th August 1876, Henry Colin Balneavis, late Captain H. M. 58th Regiment, aged 58 years. Buried St Stephen's Churchyard Cemetery, Parnell.

BARENS Died 7th January 1887 at 5 York Street, Parnell, Ellen Barens, spinster, aged 24 years. Born Auckland, daughter of John Barens, foreman, and Honora Sarsfield. Buried Waikaraka Cemetery 17th December 1909 alongside Herbert Barens. CHECK DATES!

BARNARD Died 14th June 1857, Mary Julia Barnard, aged 35 years.

BARR Died 19th September 1848, William Barr, mason, of convulsions of the brain, aged 21 years.
Informant - William Davies, M.D., Coroner, Auckland.

BARR Died 19th June 1865, William Barr, Pensioner of Onehunga, of epilepsy, aged 56 years.

BARRETT Died August 5, 1854 at Onehunga, James Barrett, Pensioner of Onehunga, of a ruptured gall bladder, aged 39 years.

BARRETT On Sunday, September 6, 1857, near Onehunga, Sarah Ann Barrett, daughter of the late Pensioner James Barrett, found by her mother drowned in a barrel, aged 2 years 10 months. Mrs Barrett remarried after her husband's death to John Gledhill and lived at Cockmanton about 14 miles from Onehunga. After a family outing, they returned home about 6 p.m., Mrs Gledhill took off her child's bonnet ready to play in the paddock. Soon afterwards when the child could not be seen anywhere, a search was mounted for her and she was discovered with her head submerged in a barrel of water with her little feet sticking out of the top. An inquest was held at the Redan Hotel where the landlord was John McGhee.

BARRETT On July 30, 1884, at Coromandel, Peter Barrett, Pensioner, of penectis 1 year, aged 81 years. Born Bandon, Cork, Ireland, son of Peter Barrett, shoemaker, and Mary Barrett, in New Zealand 37 years. Married in England at age 23 years (Treasury Pension Register says married August 1829) to Sarah Hartley. Male issue living at time of death - aged 43, 38, 33. Female issue living - aged 39, 35.

BARRON Died 6th January 1852, John Barron, Pensioner, of a bilious complaint, aged 44 years.
Informant - Elizabeth Barron, widow. RG 1852/391

BARRON On October 27, 1895, at her residence, Grey Street, Onehunga, Caroline, relict of William Barron, aged 76 years.

BARRON On November 10, 1916, at the Auckland Hospital, Thomas Barron, widower of the late Emily Barron, aged 77 years. The funeral will leave Mr C. Little's Marble Arch, Hobson Street, for the Church of England Cemetery, Howick. RG 1916/2719

BARRON On August 25th 1934, George, dearly beloved husband of Margaret Barron, of Waihi, aged 57 years. Buried Otahuhu Cemetery.

BARRY Died 9th March 1852, William Barry, aged 3 years 8 months.

BARRY Died at Woodend, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia 6th May 1879, William Hawkesworth Barry, formerly Sergeant R.N.Z. Fencibles.

BARRY Died 22nd April 1881, Annie Barry, spinster, daughter of Richard Nolan Barry and Ann Barry, of consumption, aged 42 years.

BARRY Died 19th June 1881, Richard Nolan Barry, late Sergeant Royal New Zealand Fencible Corps.

BARRY Died at Auckland Infirmary 14th November 1930, Garrett Barry, butcher, usually at 44 Wellpark Avenue, aged 87 years. Born Cork, Ireland, son of Garrett Barry, farmer, and Catherine Kidneif, in New Zealand 67 years. Married at Auckland at age 21 to Catherine Boswell. Male issue living - aged 60, 49, 47, 44,42. Female issue living - aged 58, 53, 38. Buried Waikumete Cemetery. Informant Mrs Hutchinson, 44 Wellpark Avenue, Grey Lynn.
Vol 49, page 19, C. Little records, Auckland Public Library.

BARTLETT On December 10, 1860 at Auckland, George Bartlett, Pensioner, formerly Sergeant in Main Artillery, of inflammation of the lungs, uncle of William Busbridge, labourer, of Onehunga, aged 50 years.

BARTLETT Died 8th October 1907, Ethel May Bartlett, daughter of Walter and Annie Bartlett, aged 21 years. Buried St Matthias Cemetery, Panmure.

BARTLETT On April 18, 1908, at Pakuranga, Elizabeth, beloved wife of George Bartlett, aged 83. The funeral will leave her late residence today (Monday) at two p.m. for the Church of England Cemetery, Howick. Friends please accept this intimation.

BARWELL Died 14th November 1854, Thomas Barwell.

BARWOOD On November 19th, 1903, Eliza Pearson, beloved wife of Mark Barwood, aged 76 years. The funeral will leave her late residence, Pakuranga, for the Howick Presbyterian Cemetery, on Tuesday, at 3 p.m. Friends please accept this intimation. Home papers please copy.

BASKERVILLE Died 5th August 1852, William Baskerville (Baskivil), of tuberculosis, aged 18 years.
Informant - John McCarthy, Panmure.

BASKERVILLE Died 10th June 1872, Annie Marie Baskerville, wife of Walter Baskerville of Panmure, aged 44 years. RG 1872/259

BASKERVILLE Died 26th April 1888, Walter Baskerville, Pensioner, of the 17th Lancers, aged 84 years. RG 1888/529

BASKERVILLE Died 30th January 1905, William Henry Baskerville, husband of Maria Baskerville, aged 82 years.

BASKERVILLE Died at brisbane, Australia, 20th May 1908, Arthur Henry Baskerville, of pneumonia, aged 25 years. Buried Karori Cemetery, Wellington.

BASKERVILLE Died 24th August 1976, Walter John Baskerville, aged 82 years.

BATES Died 8th October 1857, Catherine Bates, aged 37 years.

BATES Died 9th October 1866, William Bates, of Onehunga, aged 65 years.

BATES The present wintry weather is proving fatal to the aged, and among those who have just passed away are two very old and respected settlers in the pensioner settlements, who had been non-commissioned officers in the New Zealand Fencibles. The first is Mr Bates, who died on Saturday last, at the ripe age of 92. He had formerly belonged to the 2nd Queen's Royal Regiment of Foot. These old veterans were much respected and esteemed by their comrades, and during the old days of provincialism exercised a good deal of political influence in their respective circles.

BATES Died 23rd July 1874, Elizabeth Hix Bates, wife of Pensioner John Bates of Onehunga, aged 90 years.

BATES On July 10, 1886, at his residence, Onehunga, John Bates, late corporal of H. M.'s 2nd Queen's Royal Regiment of Foot, in his 92nd year. Home, Australian and Bombay papers please copy. RG 1986/1054

BATES On Tuesday November 28, 1899, at Onehunga, Sophia Ann Bates, aged 86 years. The funeral will leave her late residence, Church Street, Onehunga, for St Peter's Cemetery today (Thursday) 30th at 3 p.m.
New Zealand Herald Thursday 30th November 1899.

BAYLEY Died 25th September 1859 at the Auckland Hospital, Thomas Bayley , Pensioner, labourer, of Howick, of syphilis, aged 57 years.
Informant - William Maguire, head nurse, Provincial Hospital.

BEALES On November 29, 1856, at West Tamaki, William Beales, farmer, (son in law of Pensioner James Kelly) of disease of the heart, aged 29 years.

BEALES Died 29th May 1858, John James, son of the late William Beales, of hydrpcepahus, aged 9 months.
Informant - Letitia Lowick, mother of deceased, of Auckland.

BEATTIE Died 26th August 1880, John Beattie, Pensioner, of Onehunga, aged about 74 years. RG 1880/977

BEAVAN Died 21st December 1848, John Beavan, Private 58th Regiment.

BECK Died 7th October 1852, Mary Beck, aged 30 years.

BEECHER Died 20th January 1858, John Beecher, aged 36 years.

BEECHLEMER Died 27th December 1854, John Beechlemer.

BEECHING On October 26, 1873, at the Auckland Provincial Hospital, John Beeching, Pensioner, of cancer of the stomach, aged 64 years.

BEGGS Died 12th May 1860, William Beggs, aged 22 years.

BELCHER Died 20th July 1844, Anne Belcher, aged 35 years.

BELCHER Died 20th January 1858 at Auckland, John Belcher, aged 36 years.

BELCHER Died 21st February 1884, John Belcher, Pensioner, of Onehunga. RG 1884/57

BELL Died 13th August 1849, Henry Bell, aged 29 years.

BELL Died 8th April 1861, Jane Bell, aged 6 weeks.

BELL On January 19, 1886, at Pakuranga, David Bell, formerly of Perthshire, Scotland, aged 65 years.

BELLINGHAM On March 1, at the residence of her daughter in law, Mrs G. Bellingham, East Tamaki, Maria, relict of the late W. Bellingham, aged 92 years. The funeral will leave for the Wesleyan Cemetery, Flat Bush, today (Tuesday) at 2 p.m. By request of deceased, no mourning.

BENALLACK Accidentally killed 16th June 1889, John Francis Benallack, aged 29 years. Buried Holy Trinity Cemetery, Otahuhu.

BENJAMIN Died 22nd February 1848, Henry Martin Benjamin, aged 27 years.

BENNETT Died 30th April 1845, George Augustus Bennett, Royal Engineers, aged 38 years.

BENNETT Died 27th June 1854, Hugh Bennett, aged 25 years

BENNETT Died 20th March 1859, Jane Ann Bennett, daughter of George Bennett, aged 14 months.

BENNETT Died 20th May 1860, Jane Bennett, aged 9 months.

BENSTEAD Died 27th November 1847, Eliza Louisa Benstead, aged 20 months.

BERREY Died 2nd March 1844, Louisa Campbell Berrey, aged 20 months.

BERREY Died 6th January 1851, Christopher Berrey, aged 51 years.

BERREY Died 26th January 1851, Sarah Berrey, aged 36 years.

BERRY Died 27th March 1851, Harriet Berry, wife of Christopher Christmas Berry, mariner of Fort Street, née Felstead, aged 36 years.

BERRY On June 27, 1892?, at Sydney, after a long and painful illness, Annie Inez, the dearly beloved wife of Henry Berry, and second daughter of George E. White, Hyde Park, Pakuranga, aged 27 years.

BESWICK Died 3rd April 1848, Elizabeth Ann Beswick, of croup, aged 2 years 8 months.
Informant - Charles Beswick, father of deceased.

BESWICK Died 25th June 1854, Richard Beswick, of croup, aged 1½ years.
Informant - Charles Beswick, Pensioner, father of deceased.

BESWICK Died 17th December 1860, Samuel J. Beswick, son of Charles Beswick, of inflammation of the brain, aged 12 years.
Informant - William Filmer, carpenter, Onehunga.

BESWICK Died 21st July 1870 at Onehunga, Charles Jefferson Beswick, Pensioner, of disease of the stomach, aged 66 years.
Informant - Tom Bolland, labourer, Onehunga.

BESWICK Died 14th November 1878, at Moore Street, Auckland, William Beswick, gardener, of phthisis, aged 34 years. Born Lancashire, son of a gardener, in New Zealand 17 years. Married at age 21 to Jessie Keane. 2 Male issue living at time of death 1 female issue living.

BESWICK Died 21st March 1930 at the Auckland hospital, Annie Beswick, aged 74 years.

BESWICK On Aug. 26, 1935, at her residence, 31 Albert Street, Onehunga, Louisa Jane, dearly beloved wife of Benjamin Beswick. R. I. P. The funeral will leave the above address at 3.30 p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday) for Hillsborough Cemetery. friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Tuesday 27th August 1935.

BETHEL Died 16th December 1849, Thomas Bethel, aged 43 years.

BEVAN Died 27th March 1851, John William Bevan, aged 2 years 10 months.

BEZAR Our Wellington correspondent writes:- Mrs. A. Bezar, wife of Mr Edwin Bezar, of Berhampore, died yesterday. The deceased lady, says the Post, was a daughter of Sergeant T. Kearns, of the 65th Regiment, and was born on board the troopship Java as the vessel was sailing up Auckland Harbour sixty years ago. When she was two years old a portion of her father's regiment was ordered to the Wellington district, and for some time it was stationed at Porirua. In 1866 Miss Kearns was married at Wanganui to Colour Sergeant Bezar, of the 57th Regiment, then stationed in that part of the colony, and with the exception of a year spent in Dunedin, she has resided in Wellington provincial district during the whole of her married life. Mrs Bezar has left a family of five sons and five daughters, and there are 16 grandchildren.

BICKLEY Died 13th May 1848, William Bickley, aged 27 years.

BIDDLE Died 20th June 1850, Ann Biddle, aged 32 years. RG 1850/268

BISHOP Died 16th March 1849, Harriet Bishop, aged 18 months.

BISHOP Died 24th June 1850, John Bishop, son of John Bishop, timber dealer and Elizabeth McLeod, aged 11 weeks.

BISHOP Died 16th August 1861, John Bishop, aged 25 years.

BISHOP Died 14th February 1858, John Robert Bishop, infant.

BLACK Died 19th February 1919, at 54 Cook Street, Alexander Black, dealer, aged 64 years. Born Onehunga, son of John Black, farmer, and Margaret Monagh, married at Auckland at age 28 to Anna Creighton, and married secondly at age 40 to Agnes McClurg with no issue of either marriage. Buried in the Old Roman Catholic Cemetery at Onehunga with his father who died 48 years ago and his mother who die 17 years ago. Funeral account to be sent to Mr Muller, 54 Cook Street.

BLACKMAN * On September 25th, at the District Hospital, after a long and painful illness, Joseph Blackman, late of the 58th Regiment; also late Captain Auckland City Company Volunteers, aged 60 years.

BLACKMORE Died 28th December 1860, Mary Ann Blackmore, aged 6 months.

BLACKMORE Died 1st January 1861, Fanny Blackmore, aged 1 year 8 months.

BLAIKIE On July 7, at her residence, Tower View, Parnell, Margaret Taylor, relict of the late James Barclay Blaikie. Private interment.
New Zealand Herald 8th July 1913.

BLACKWELL * Died 9th September 1895, Richard Blackwell, late of H. M.'s 58th Regiment, aged 73 years.
Buried St Andrew's Anglican Cemetery, Epsom.

BLACKWOOD Died 25th June 1848, James Blackwood, aged 3 years.

BLEWETT On May 18, 1905 at Onehunga, John, dearly beloved husband of Kate Blewett, of Pakuranga, and third son of Thomas Blewett, of St Columb, Cornwall, England.

BLEWITT Another old and respected settler has just joined the ranks of the great majority, in the person of Mr John Blewitt, of Pakuranga. The deceased was born at St Columb, West Cornwall, and belonged to a very old yeoman family. He came to the colony in the sixties, and settled at Te Awamutu. After bringing an area of virgin sod into cultivation, he sold the Te Awamutu section and resided for a few years in Canterbury. Returning to Auckland, he married a daughter of the late Mr William Clemow, of Penrose, and for years after carried on farming at Flat Bush, East Tamaki, afterwards at Tuakau and Howick, and finally at Pakuranga. Up to yesterday week the late Mr Blewitt enjoyed good health, but he was then attacked with inflammation and congestion of the bowels, and an operation had to be performed. Though the operation was considered successful, the patient gradually sank and expired at a private hospital at Onehunga on Thursday. He leaves a widow, six daughters and one son. His funeral took place at the Howick Anglican Cemetery on Saturday, and was one of the largest known in the district, the settlers thus testifying to the high esteem in which the late Mr Blewitt was held. The chief mourners were his son and Mr J. M. White, of Newton (brother in law), accompanied by Mr F. Lawry, M.H.R., and Mr Stevens. The Rev N. D. Boyes conducted the funeral service. Mrs Blewitt and family have received numerous messages of sympathy and condolence from all parts of the colony.

BLICK Died 26th March 1851, Sarah Jane Blick, daughter of George Blick, mason, and Harriet Brown, aged 17 months.

BOLER On Friday, August 3rd, at Frithwood, Tauhoa, Kaipara, Samuel Boler, grandson of Samuel Boler, Esq., of Wingerworth Hall, Derbyshire, England, aged 77 years.

BOLER Our Tauhoa correspondent writes:- Mr Samuel Boler, of Frithwood, Tauhoa, whose serious illness was reported in the Auckland Weekly News, passed peacefully away to his long home on August 3rd. The sad news was circulated round this and the neighbouring settlements and on all sides expressions of grief at the loss sustained and sympathy with the family were heard. Mr Boler was the first settler on the Tauhoa Block. He was a grandson of Samuel Boler, Esq., of Wingerworth Hall, Derbyshire, England and came to this colony with his family by the Shaw, Saville liner Asterope, landing in Auckland on October 8th 1869. He remained in the town for nearly a year after his arrival and then came up to Tauhoa where he has remained ever since. The remains were interred in the churchyard of the Holy Trinity, Tauhoa, on Sunday, the 5th inst., in the presence of a very large gathering of friends and settlers from Tauhoa, Chalmerston, Port Albert, and surrounding districts, who came long distances over dreadful roads to pay the last mark of respect to the first settler in the district. The funeral cortege left Frithwood shortly before eleven, and on reaching the Church the bier was met by Mr C.V. Green, Anglican lay reader, who read the beautiful opening sentences of the burial service. The coffin, which was covered with flowers, sent by friends from far and near, was then placed in front of the chancel, and the Rev R. G. Boler, of Howick, eldest son of the deceased, celebrated holy communion, and afterwards preached a most impressive sermon, the subject being the parting of Elijah and Elisha. After the sermon, the favourite hymn of the deceased, "Rock of Ages'" was sung, and Mr Green resumed the burial service, which he read most feelingly. The committal to the earth and the final collect and blessing were given by the Rev R. G. Boler. The church was crowded to overflowing, many were unable to enter. The coffin was of polished kauri, with silver furniture, the work of Mr Charles Parker, jun., and Mr Levi Fletcher filled the double office of sexton and bellringer. Mrs J. Walker presided at the organ for both burial and communion services. Mr Boler's death will long be remembered in our district. He held office either as church warden or on the vestry ever since the Church of the Holy Trinity was erected, and was always to the fore when any church work required to be done. Mr Boler leaves a widow and four sons and three daughters, all of whom are married, to lament his death. He had attained the age of 77 years.

BOLT Died 1st January 1861, William, aged 3 years.

BOLTON Died 2nd November 1856, William Henry Bolton, infant.

BOND Died 16th June 1849, Sarah Bond, aged 3 months.

BOND Died 21st June 1849, Elizabeth Bond, aged 4 months.

BONSFIELD Died 14th July 1885 at Upper Pitt Street, Charles William Bonsfield, of general debility, aged 8 weeks. Last seen by Dr Kenderdine. Son of Walter Bonsfield, carpenter, and Margaret Willoughby. Buried by the Ven B. T. Dudley, Church of England ceremony, at Auckland.

BOOTH Died 26th August 1847, William John Booth, Pensioner, aged 46 years.

BOURNE Died 8th September 1846, William Bourne, aged 14 years.

BOURNE Died 2nd December 1855, William Bourne, aged 57 years.

BOVAIRD Died 20th February 1851, Susanna Jane Bovaird, daughter of William Bovaird, carter, and Susannah Lyons, daged 4 years 11 months.

BOVAIRD On April 12, at East Tamaki, Susanna, the beloved wife of William Bovaird, aged 67.

BOVAIRD On July 29, 1889, at the District Hospital, William Bovaird, of East Tamaki.

BOWERS Died 17th May 1857 at the Auckland Provincial Hospital, John Bowers, labourer, of general debility, aged 60 years.
Informant - George Ralph, gardener, Provincial Hospital.

BOWMAN Died 7th July 1847, J. Bowman, aged 27 years.

BOYLAN Died 2nd February 1852, Maria Louisa Boylan, aged 3½ months.

BRABAZON Died 23rd February 1861, Susan Brabazon, aged 14 months.

BRADY Died 17th February 1852, Elizabeth Brady, daughter of George Brady, soldie,r and Elizabeth O'Keefe, aged 2 days.

BRADY Died 29th August 1852, George Brady, aged 39 years.

BRADY On January 9, at Howick, Undine Mary, the dearly beloved child of James and Bridget Brady, aged 13 months.

BRADY On September 29, at Otahuhu, James Brady, third son of Mr James Brady, farmer, Otahuhu, aged 22 years.

BRAILEY Died 30th October 1855, John Brailey, New Zealand Fencible, aged 45 years.

BRAINSBURY Died 27th September 1860, William Henry Brainsbury, aged 1 week.

BRAITHWAITE Died 9th April 1855, Brittania Braithwaite, wife of Commissioner Braithwaite, aged 49 years - buried Anglican Cemetery, Symonds Street.

BREAKWELL On June 17, at his late residence, Auburn Street, Edward Breakwell, aged .. years.

BREGMAN Died 14th November 1847, John Bregman, aged 6 years 6 months.

BRENNAN On February 28, 1898, at his parents' residence, Alfred Street, Onehunga, Fenton Gregory, the youngest son of Joseph and Mary Brennan, aged 9 months.

BRERETON Died 3rd March 1861, Erasmus Brereton, aged 60 years.

BREW Died 24th November 1921 at Ohakune, Margaret Brew, married woman, of syncope and heart failure 1 month and apoplexy 1 hour, aged 65 years. Born Auckland, daughter of John Alender Fowler, baker, and Honora Dillon, married firstly at Auckland at age 17 to Charles John Little. Male issue living at time of death - aged 46, 36, 33, 28. Female issue - aged - 41, 38. Married secondly at Auckland at age 51 to Thomas Patrick Brew, no issue.

BREWER Died 5th December 1858, Frances H. Brewer, aged 47 years.

BRICKELL On September 28, at Auckland, Robert Bennett Brickell, dearly beloved father of Mrs Mary Roth, 89 Mount Smart Road, aged 82 years. Peace perfect peace. Inserted by his loving daughter.
New Zealand Herald Thursday 3rd October 1929.

BRIDGMAN Died 10th March 1883 at Mount Eden, Elizabeth Bridgman, of chronic bronchitis, aged 34 years. Born Durham, daughter of George Blakey, painter, and Mary Ann Blakey, in New Zealand 25 years. Married at Onehunga to William Rowe Bridgman. Male issue living - aged 12, 9. Female issue living - aged 10, 4.

BRIDGMAN In our obituary columns will be found recorded the death of Mr Wm. Row Bridgman, draper, of Upper Queen Street, who passed away on August 14, at his residence, Mount Eden, at the comparatively early age of 50, having been in indifferent health for three months past. He leaves a widow and five children to mourn their loss. Deceased came to Auckland in 1851, and went up the Waikato farming, and passed through the vicissitudes of the Waikato war of 1863-4. When Mr Richard Hobbs retired from his drapery business, Upper Queen Street, Messrs Rushbrook and Bridgman became his successors. After a time Mr Rushbrook retired, and Mr Bridgman carried on the business from that date single-handed. Mr Bridgman was formerly chairman of the Mount Eden Road Board, but had to resign through his ill-health. He took an active interest in all local affairs. Mr Bridgman was an enthusiastic fruitgrower, and devoted a good deal of his time to vine culture and grape growing under glass. He was a member of the United Free Methodist Church, Mount Eden, and an earnest worker in the Sunday school. deceased was much esteemed for his personal brightness and business integrity. (1892)

BRIDGFORD On November 17, 1914, after a short illness, Alfred, dearly beloved husband of Elizabeth Bridgford. The funeral leaves his late residence, Balmoral Road, on Friday at 3 p.m. for Waikumete Cemetery. Friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Wednesday 18th November 1914.

BRIDSON Died 6th October 1853, Charles Bridson, Asiistant Commissariat General.

BRIERLY On Jan. 9, 1908, at Onehunga, Edward John, the dearly beloved son of John and Martha Brierly, aged 26 years?? The funeral will leave his parents' residence, Symonds Street, for St Peter's Cemetery tomorrow (Sunday) at 3.30 p.m. Friends please accept this intimation.
New Zealand Herald Saturday 11th January 1908.

BRIERLY On October 21, at 5 Nixon Street, Mary, beloved wife of the late William Brierly, in her seventy third year. R.I.P. Requiem Mass will be celebrated at St Joseph's Church, Grey Lynn, at 9 a.m. tomorrow (Saturday). Funeral will leave the church at 2 p.m. for Hillsboro Cemetery.
New Zealand Herald Friday 23rd October 1931.

BRIGHAM Died 14th December 1850, William Brigham, son of John Brigham, commission agent, and Anne McCrea, aged 3 months.

BRIGHT Died 26th November 1852, George Bright, Private 58th Regiment, aged 28 years.

BRIGHT Died 17th September 1860, Ellen Bright, aged 6 years.

BRIGHT Died 26th November 1852, George Bright, aged 28 years.

BRIGHTON Died 4th September 1857, George Brighton, aged 5 years.

BRIMBLECOMBE Died13th November 1882 at Auckland, Julia Ann Brimblecombe, aged 30 years. Daughter of Thomas Knind and Julia Ann Murphy, married to George Frederick Brimblecombe.

BRINDLE In everloving memory of my dear wife, Mary Brindle, who passed away at the Waikato Hospital on September 24, 1920.
I have lost my soul's companion, A life linked with my own,
And day by day I miss her more, As I walk through life alone,
The silent grief that's within my soul, No human eye can trace,
For many a broken heart has hid, Beneath a smiling face.
New Zealand Herald Saturday 24th September 1921.

BRINDLE The death has occurred at Clevedon of Henry Brindle, aged 79 years. He was born at Howick, his father, who had been a bugler in the Imperial Army, being one of the earliest settlers there. As a young man, Mr Brindle was in the Armed Constabulary for some years. At the time of his marriage, about 59 years ago, he took up a farm at cambridge, where he resided until 18 years ago, when he retired. Of late years, he had resided at Howick, Mangere and Clevedon. He took a keen interest in sport and at one time owned several race horses. He is survived by his wife, one daughter and one son.
Auckland Obituary Scrapbooks, page 86. Buried 9th July 1933 All Saints.

BRINDLE On April 7 (suddenly) at the residence of her son in law,W. Hunt, Clevedon South, Eliza, widow of the late Henry Brindle, late of Mangere and Cambridge, in her 77th year. The funeral will leave the above address at 1 p.m. tomorrow (Tuesday) for the Howick Anglican Cemetery.
New Zealand Herald Monday 8th April 1935.

BROBERG On Tuesday, May 12, at Lincoln Street, Ponsonby, John, the dearly loved husband of Ellen Broberg, in his 78th year. "Forever with the Lord."
New Zealand Herald Wednesday 13th May 1908.

BROWN Died 11th July 1848, John Brown, aged 25 years.

BROWN Died 1st January 1849, Emanuel Brown, Portguese sailor, aged 32 years.

BROWN Died 9th May 1857, George Brown, son of Benjamin Brown, aged 13 years.

BROWN Died 29th July 1858, John Brown, aged 32 years.

BROWN Died 4th January 1857, Joseph Brown, aged 25 years.

BROWN Died 18th April 1860, Joseph Thomas Brown, aged 25 years.

BROWNELL Died 27th July 1848, Joseph Henry Brownell, Sawyer, aged 30 years.

BRUCE Died 18th February 1848, Alexander Bruce, aged 36 years.

BRUCE Died 11th February 1851, Henry Bruce, aged 22 years.

BRYANT Died 11th June 1860, Mary Bryant, aged 60 years.

BUCKAM Died 17th September 1853, Thomas Woodward Buckam, Bookkeeper, aged 53 years.

BUCKHAM Died 26th December 1849, Joanna Buckham, aged 40 years.
This is probably Beckham, wife of Magistrate Thomas Beckham. The name is spelled both ways in a number of instances

BUCKLAND Died 15th June 1852, Marianne Buckland, aged 1 month.

BUCKLAND On November 3, at his residence, "Taoroa," Epsom, Alfred Buckland, jun., aged 39 years.

BUDDLE On May 13, 1934, at her residence, 26 Victoria Avenue, Remuera, Emma, widow of the late Thomas Buddle, in her 88th year. Private interment. No flowers.
New Zealand Herald 14th May 1934.

BULLER Died 15th September 1852, James Martin Buller, aged 16 years.

BULKELEY Died 23rd February 1861, Cecil Francis Bulkeley, son of Francis Beaumaris Bulkeley and Rosanna M. née Cockroft, aged 8 months.

BULKELEY Died 13th September 1861, William John Grey Bulkeley, ditto parents, aged 8 years 2 months.

BUNFIELD Died 6th September 1850, Mary Bunfield, aged 32 years.

BURCHELL Died 25th February 1855, Jessie Herne Burchell, aged 4 months.

BURGESS Died 24th April 1861, Mary Ann Burgess, aged 36 years.

BURKE Died 11th August 1850, Margaret Burke, daughter of Michael Burke, sawyer, andCatherine Myers, aged 4 weeks.

BURNETT Died 22nd February 1851, Joseph Burnett, aged 17 months.

BURNS On Sept. 20, 1934, at the Auckland Hospital, James Norris Burns, the dear uncle of Mrs A. l. Stokes and family, 165 Hobson Street. The funeral will leave J. Wall's Chapel, Ponsonby 1.30 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday).
New Zealand Herald Friday 21st September 1934.

BURNS On Aug. 13, at Ryde Hospital, Sydney, Elizabeth Burns, mother of Ivy Mills, late of Wilton Street, Grey Lynn and sister of Mrs E. Warnock, New Lynn, Auckland.
New Zealand Herald 5th September 1935.

BURROW On February 2, at Howick, John Burrow, late of the Armed Constabulary, Chairman of the Howick Township Road Board, and also of the Howick School Committee, aged 60 years. Buried 5th February 1899 aged 59 years.

BUSBY On October 18, 1889 at the residence of her daughter, Pakaraka, Bay of Islands, Agnes, widow of the late James Busby, aged 89 years.

BUSHELL On July 11, 1901, at the Auckland Hospital, Henry Bushell, aged 39 years. Friends wishing to attend the funeral are invited to assemble at the Royal Mail Hotel at 1.45 p.m. today.
New Zealand Herald Saturday 13th July 1901.

BUSHELL On July 6, at Green Lane Hospital, Benjamin Valentine, (late waterside worker), beloved husband of Alicia, and loved father of Harry and Benny, aged 75 years. A service will be held at J. Weir's Chapel, 70 Ponsonby Road at 2.45 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday), funeral then leaving for Waikumete Cemetery.
New Zealand Herald 7th July 1944.

BUXTON Died 15th December 1852, George Buxton, aged 30 years.

BYCROFT Died 22nd February 1850, Robert Bycroft, son of John Bycroft, baker, and Mary Jones, aged 6 days.

BYLAND Died 19th January 1851, Martha Jane Byland, daughter of David George Byland,confectioner, and Mary Ann Buxton, aged 16 days.

BYRNE Died 21st May 1848, Patrick Byrne, aged 5 years 11 months.

BYRNE Died 6th July 1848, Catherine Byrne, aged 39 years.