Southern Cross December 23rd 1856

The Gertrude, brig, left Cape Breton on the 25th June; had a fine passage to the Cape of Good Hope, but, owing to a succession of light variable winds, a very tedious one. She arrived at Simon's Bay on the 10th September and remained there 31 or 32 days, recruiting. Sailed thence on the 11th October, and had a remarkably fine passage eastward, keeping in about lat 39 deg. and 40 deg. The winds generally were favourable till close to the entrance of Bass's Straits, when she experienced a succession of easterly and north-easterly gales, continuing for about 10 days. she cleared Bass's Straits on the 30th ult., and has since had light baffling winds. She made the Three Kings on Saturday night. As will be seen from the shipping list, the Gertrude has on board in all 190 passengers, including the owner and his family. There have been three births and two deaths on the voyage - the latter, a Mrs Buchanan, who died of dropsy on the 8th November, and an infant. There has been little or no sickness on board till within the last fortnight, when symptoms of scurvy appeared, from which a few of the passengers are now suffering. It is fortunate, with so large an arrival of passengers, that they do not come to our shores friendless, but to meet their relatives who arrived by the Gazelle, several of whom went aboard to welcome them.

Captain Rose, with the exception, it may be, of the crew, is the only Englishman on board.