The New Zealander December 1852

We announced a few weeks back that tenders had been invited by advertisement in the London Times of March last, for a vessel to proceed to New Zealand with a detachment of Pensioners, to visit the Falkland Islands on her voyage out, there to take on board an officer and his family, and convey them to Van Dieman's Land. The "Berwick Castle" undertook the contract, and sailed from the London Docks on the 29th May, and from the Downs on the 4th June.

She arrived at the Falkland Islands on the 11th August, and sailed again from Port Stanley on the 1st October, when in latitude 46 degrees 3m. 8., longitude 129. E. she was struck on the quarter by a heavy sea, which carried away her rudder, leaving her completely unmanageable at a time when the exercise of much skill was required to secure her safety. After several expedients were resorted to for steering the vessel, a temporary rudder was rigged, with which Captain Latto managed to bring his ship safe into Hobart Town, where she arrived, as we have already announced, on the 6th November.

The necessary repairs have been made, she sailed from Hobart Town on the 30th ult, and made our coast on the 9th day. She was signalled on Sunday evening, and reached her anchorage on Monday morning, 196 days from England.

The Pensioners and their families by this vessel have arrived in good health; the men are of middle age, and the generality of them appear to be active and intelligent. Among their children are several young grown up females, who will no doubt soon procure good situations according to their qualifications, and as they may be found to be deserving of them. There were two men and seven children died, and seven births occurred during the voyage.