November 6th 1852

Arrived the barque "Berwick Castle" 341 tons, Lattoo, from London 31st May, Falkland Islands 31st August. Cabin - Captain Reid, Staff Officer of Pensioners, Mrs Reid and 9 children. Staff Surgeon James Jackson, Esq., Mrs Jackson and child. Steerage - 4 sergeants, 4 corporals, 32 privates (pensioners), 38 women, Mary Carroll, James1 Hadden, Robert, Samuel & Ellin Millis, Catherine Broderick, Mary O'Neill, Mary Jarvis, Eliza Duncan, Ellen2 Horscroft, Mary Gallery, 56 children and 12 infants.

The Return of the Arrival at the Port of Hobart Town of the Barque "Berwick Castle" Call sign No. 270 says there were six births during the voyage - five male and one female specified in this Return, presumed to be only the children of the Pensioners on board. Surgeon Jackson's wife also had a son born at sea.

1 Compiler wonders if this should read Robert Haddon?
2 Should this actually read Mary Horscroft or was there another daughter in this family?